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May 29th, 2015
Summer Sports Event 2015 in BW2 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

It's Summer Time and the Sports Are Easy!

It's time to help the Bushwhackia Pee-Wee league coaches! They need supplies to help whip their various teams into shape and take home the AAA championship trophies! Whack them up in the bushes, starting with soccer balls and water bottles! Plus, the first coach needs some Jerseys!

Claire, the clerk from the Town Hall, needs your help to discover information about a local sports Legend! The stages of this quest will unlock throughout the event. If you completed this quest last year, different quests will replace the original ones, sending you out in the world to find more sporting memorabilia.

It's not just about supplies to keep the kids going: the parents and coaches have quests for you to embark on as well! Look for those interspersed with Claire's quest!

Check back daily for all the fun!

New for 2015

Gnomes! Gnomes everywhere! Make a custom sports gnome for your ranch!

This year, you can make a Codename Entertainment logo jersey for your avatar to wear!

Sports need noise! Find some noisemakers to help cheer on those kiddies!

Event Achievements -- POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT

There are a total of 8 possible achievements to earn in the Summer Sports 2015 event.

Achievements Returning for 2015
Well-Rounded Coach - Help coach all four sports teams.
Semi-Pro Coach - Help a teamget into the AAA league.
Championship Coach - Help a team with the AAA championship.
Greedy Coach - Help all four times win the AAA championship.
Onside Play - Help the coaches and parents with their tasks.
The Hidden Legend - Unravel the history of the Common's Sports Legend!

Added/Changed for 2015
Sporty Shopper - Purchase all the 2015 Sport Event items!
Gaming Gnome - You made your own custom sports gnome!

We also have 2 achievements from previous years which may be earnable by spending Bush Bucks if you missed getting them the first time around.

Sports Lover - Purchase all the 2014 Sport Event items!
Sports Fan - Purchase all the 2013 Sport Event items!

*The Summer Sports mini-golf piece is not required for the Sporty Shopper achievement.

Pet Packs

New 2015 Pet Packs (Available until Monday June 1st at Noon PDT)

Flying Squirrel - Up to a 25% chance to double non-multiplied power wins!
Boxing Roo - Turns up to 25% of your Nothing wins into Gold!
Jogging Cheetah - Turns up to 25% of your Nothing wins into Mana!

Previous Year Pets (Available for Bush Bucks)

Bouncy the Soccer Ball - Up to 30% decreased chance to win Nothings!
Bully the Bulldog - Up to 60% chance to earn dusts when you win Runes!
Honker the Horned Penguin - Up to 25% chance to turn Nothing wins into Mana!
T-Rex - Up to 20% of your Nothing wins turn into Energy!
Sport T-Rex - Up to 20% of your Nothing wins turn into Mana!

Post your summer sport plans on the forums!

The event will run until Friday June 12th at Noon PDT!
May 29th, 2015
Graduate with the EBA Monkeys! 

Hi Breakers!

Find tokens in any stage of any monkey to unlock the Graduation Monkey! Break eggs in his event stage to help the Graduation Monkey finish his schooling in time to graduate!

Event Details

  • Starting with Grade 1, there are 6 subjects to get an A+ in to move onto the next grade, and 12 grades to learn. Once you've graduated High School (all 12 grades), continue to learn to get your Bachelor's (trophy room item), your Masters (trophy room item) and your PhD (trophy room item)!

  • Use the Graduation Monkey's "Cram Session Buff" in his stage to increase your wins of multipliers and textbooks, then use those multipliers to win even more textbooks! (Remember: Textbooks can only be earned in the Graduation Monkey stage)

  • You'll need to finish all fifteen stages of learning, AND win the 12 prizes in order to win the 100% progression trophy! (trophy room item)

  • There are three "Extras" you can find in the Event store under the "Extras" tab.

    • Diploma Hammer: Small increased chance to win multipliers when equipped
      (Cost: 5000 event tokens)

    • Books Hat: 10% Less Nothings
      Cost: 5000 event tokens)

    • And new for this year:
      Golden Pen Hammer: Adds More Stars when equipped!
      (Cost: 5000 Tokens)

  • We've made some tweaks to it for this year, so let us know what you think!
The event will run until Friday June 12th at Noon PDT.

Reminisce about school memories on the forums!
May 27th, 2015
Scholarship Fundraiser in BW2 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Hi Whackers!

The season of high school graduation is almost upon us (well, in some parts of the world it is already happening!) As students graduate their minds fill with questions about their future: What should they do now? Can they get a job that they love? Should they continue their studies? These are important questions.

We know that many students really enjoy video games. In fact, they could be considered experts at playing video games and this expertise can be the start of a career in the video game industry. Obviously, students will need more than the ability to play video games, but the passion for playing games is very common in the video game industry.

We want to help students to get the skills to work in the video game industry. To this end, we have been working with high schools to provide student work experience opportunities for the past year. We are now working with the video game industry in Victoria to set up scholarships to the University of Victoria (Computer Science) and Camosun College (Graphic Arts). The scholarships help inspired students start their journey towards a career in the video game industry.

To that end, we have a special quest for you to do!

Talk to Misha in the Commons and help them get ready for University! For every player who completes Misha's quest-line before Friday at noon, we'll increase our contribution to the scholarships!

If you want to help out more, you can buy the adorable Grad Kitten for only $5! Its has an increased chance to find puzzle pieces bonus!

The quest and the sale will run until Friday May 29th at Noon PDT.

Talk about it on the forums!
May 20th, 2015
Bachelorette Event in EBA 

Greetings Breakers!

Mr. Monkey recently revealed he is a fan of the Bachelorette, so the monkeys of the islands are throwing a mini-event to celebrate the current season!

For the duration of the event, special challenge eggs will temporarily replace all normal challenge eggs, and the eggs will appear at a higher than usual rate. Players can earn 12 event prizes of various Bachelorette themed items from cashing in Event Tokens. Plus, for the toughest of tough challenges, there are 3 awesome prizes! You can get a Veil which adds a chance your last Egg broken was free and 10% less Nothings, a Rose Hammer which adds less Nothings, and a Champagne Bucket to place in any trophy room!

Talk about it on the forums!

The event will run until Tuesday May 26th at Noon PDT!

To kick off the event, we're having a 24-hour Hammer sale! For only $5, get 2200 Non-Expiring Hammers! And you can buy it up to 5 times! This sale runs until Thursday May 21 at Noon PDT!

Also, over the weekend, keep your eye out for two hats on sale!
May 14th, 2015
Victoria Day Burst Event in EBA 

Hi Breakers!

The monkeys of the islands have invited the Challenge Fairy to visit with an all-new Victoria Day burst event!

For the duration of the event, special challenge eggs will temporarily replace normal challenge eggs. Players can earn tokens to purchase 12 event prizes of flags from the Commonwealth, with three additional rare prizes for the toughest of the tough challenges: an Orb for your trophy room, a Sceptre Hammer and an awesome Crown hat.

The event will run until Tuesday May 19th at Noon PDT!

Share your holiday plans and comment on the event on the forums!
May 11th, 2015
Spring Event in EB1 
Posted in Legacy Games.

The Spring event is now live in Egg Breaker! Find Spring Tokens and use them to grow plants for your scene. Plus you can post animals to your wall so your friends can get them.

The event will run until Friday May 29th @ 11:59 PM PDT.
May 7th, 2015
Mother's Day Burst Event 

Hi Breakers!

Moms are great. To celebrate their moms, the monkeys of the islands have invited the Challenge Fairy to visit with an all-new Mother's Day burst event!

For the duration of the event, special challenge eggs will temporarily appear alongside normal challenge eggs. The Mother's Day challenges will be obviously different from the normal challenges. Players can earn tokens to purchase 12 event prizes of scenes honouring moms, with three additional rare prizes for the toughest of the tough challenges: a Box of Chocolates for your trophy room, a Mom Hammer which adds more Star wins, and a cool Cardboard Happy Mother's Day Hat which adds more Stars!

Don't want to play? We've introduced a deactivate button. If you go into the Challenge Fairy monkey, you can turn off the event eggs appearing. Plus because there are so many monkeys now, there is a new island! If you can't find a monkey, just keep scrolling left!

To go along with this event, we're having a sale! Get 30% more Monkey Bucks on purchases of 50 Monkey Bucks or more! Plus on your first purchase of any amount of Monkey Bucks this weekend, get a free hat!

From today until Saturday May 9th @ Noon PDT, you can get a Pink Floppy Hat, which adds 10% more Hammer wins and 10% more Gold.

From Saturday through Monday May 11th @ Noon PDT, your first purchase of Monkey Bucks will get you the Yellow Bonnet, which adds a small chance your win is doubled and 10% more Crates!

The event will run until Monday May 11th at Noon PDT!

Talk about the event on the forums!

And don't forget to think of your mom!
May 4th, 2015
2015 Gorgeous Garden Photo Contest 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Hi Whackers!

The Gorgeous Garden Contest starts today!

We want to see YOUR talented, artistic skills at gardening/art. It's super easy to get started, just start growing plants. When you've got enough, you can begin to lay out your designs in the event area. Once you've managed to get at least a D from each of the judges, you're golden for entering the contest!

How the Contest Works

When you're ready, talk to the photographer (he's got a yellow ! above his head) and have him take a picture of your fantasy garden. You can submit as many times as you would like, but only your most recent submission will get the votes. Each time you do submit a screenshot, your votes will reset, so plan carefully! Submissions will be accepted until *Friday, May 15th, 2015, - Noon PDT.*

You Get to Vote!

YOU get to vote too! The coveted 'User's Choice' award is picked by the Bush Whacker Community, and has a prize of 50 Bush Bucks! You can vote for as many submissions as you like, and at the end of the event the top submission as voted by YOU the players will be awarded the prize.

Changes from Last Year:
  • Asking to visit the contest or the voting page no longer takes you outside the game; it simply loads the contest/voting page over top it! Finished voting? You can easily return to the event area by clicking "Back to Game" at the bottom of the screen. Easy as pie!

  • Can't decide between two layouts? That’s ok! You now have a way to say "Next Please," and two new images will be loaded up for you!

  • Tired of seeing the same layouts previously? We've improved the system, you should see the same layouts repeated far more infrequently now.

You can vote until *Monday, May 18, 2015 @ Noon PDT.*

And the CNE winners are...

At the end of the event, the entire Codename Entertainment Studio will review the submissions and choose their favourites, with 3 lucky players per platform being awarded prizes of 250, 200, and 150 Bush Bucks for first, second and third. All winners will be published in the blog when we've made our decision.

Start Growing!

Post questions and comments here!
May 1st, 2015
4th Annual Spring Garden Event in BW2 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Grow Grow Power Whackers!

The FOURTH annual Grow-A-Thon has returned to the Commons! Whack the bushes and gather their children so that you can plant flowers and trees in the Event area to make yourself a gorgeous garden. Impress the judges every 20 hours to earn Spring tokens to buy this year’s Custom Items. You need to impress the previous judge to get a rating from the next one.

Plus, fill your magnificent garden with critters! There are 5 to get throughout the event, starting with the Squirrel today! On platforms with friends, you can send out requests for a free one. On platforms without, you get a free one when the animal unlocks.

Also returning is the Gorgeous Garden contest! Check back in a couple days for more details!

George has such a terrible green thumb, he’ll be looking for you to help him out trying to grow a plant for the first time.

New for 2015
Spring usually means spring cleaning, right? Freddy needs some help cleaning up his house. It’s gotten a little bit spooky.

Timmy wants to wake his turtle up from its hibernation after that long, cold winter. Aid him in finding things to tempt it back to consciousness.

Event Achievements -- POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT

There are a total of NINE possible achievements to earn in the Spring Garden 2015 event.

Achievements Returning for 2015
Flower Master- You’ve grown 1 of each common plant in the Spring Event!
Beast Master- You’ve gotten every animal in the Spring Event.
Spring Decorator- You’ve bought 3 of each planter and 1 Watering Can.
Impressive- You impressed all of the Gardening Judges in the Spring Event.
Most Impressive- You got the highest mark from the final Gardening Judge in the Spring Event!

Added/Changed for 2015
Garage Sale Connoisseur - Purchase all the 2015 Spring Event items!
Five Days at Freddy's - Complete all of Freddy's Spring Daily Quests!

We also have 2 achievements from previous years which may be earnable by spending Bush Bucks if you missed getting them the first time around.

Spring Spender- Purchase all the 2014 Spring Event items!
Fresh Year Round- Purchase all the 2013 Spring Event items!

*The Spring mini-golf piece is not required for the Garage Sale Connoisseur achievement.

Pet Packs

New 2015 Pet Packs (Available until Monday May 4th at Noon PDT)

Pink Flower - Turns up to 25% of your Nothing wins into Mana!
Pet Rock - Turns up to 25% of your Nothing wins into Power!
Grasshopper - Turns up to 25% of your Nothing wins into Gold!

Previous Year Pets (Available for Bush Bucks)

Fennec Fox - Turns some of your Nothing wins into Chocolate (random energy, mana, and power.)
Pig in Boots - Turns some of your Nothing wins into Mud (random energy, mana, and power.)
Ladybug - Turns some of your Nothing wins into Leaves (random energy, mana, and power.)
Spring Chicken - Adds to your max Power, up to 15 points at level 40.
Singed Raccoon - Adds to your max Mana, up to 20 points at level 40.

Post your green thumb adventures and questions on the forum!

The event will run until Friday May 15th at Noon PDT!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I find the seeds?
    Just keep whacking. The Holiday Item runes and pets will help attract them as well.

  • How do I grow plants?
    There are the planters outside the garden to grow flowers in. If you click on them, you can see the plant store. Each plant has a different cost and grow time to get you your event progress points. You start with 4 free planters.

  • Is it good to buy extra planters?
    If you have the seeds to spare and prefer to plant long-growing plants, then yes, it’s worth it.

  • How do I get the Decorator achievement?
    If you go into the gardening area, the store button ($) has a selection of garden decorating items, where you can find the planter styles and watering can. These items also cost seeds.

  • What are the possible seed combinations for Farmer MacDonald’s quest?
    You can choose seeds that grow either Energy or Gold, and then choose between 20, 15, 4, and 3 hours of growth time.

  • Why don’t my custom seeds last longer?
    Because they're OP! Enjoy them while they last. :)

  • How do I please the judges?
    Just keep growing plants. As your event progress increases, you will impress the judges more and more.

  • Does the Timey-Wimey watch or Time Turner affect the judges?
    No, judges do not have quest cooldowns, so trinket effects that work for quests will not apply to them.

  • What adds to my event progress?
    Growing plants worth points and completing the side quests.

  • Do I have to do the achievements?
    No. Completing the goals for the achievements is totally optional. You get either a large energy pack or a title for your character from them, no event progress.

  • Where can I see all the achievements available and how to get them?
    Either on the holiday dialog, the achievements dialog, or on the blog.