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April 28th, 2021
Idle Champions: The Running 4 
Posted in Idle Champions.

A young elven wizard is on a pilgrimage to the Grandfather Tree, and she has hired the Champions to escort her.

The wizard has foreseen an acorn falling from the tree - an extraordinary and truly rare occurrence - and she hopes to collect the holy relic to take to Silverymoon.

Yet as the party ventures forth, the very forest itself resists them, while elves from the Feywild and the Underdark seek to claim the acorn for themselves...

The Running 4 introduces Shaka, Tiefling Celestial Warlock of Rivals of Waterdeep, and brings back Krydle, the charismatic half-elf rogue of the Heroes of Baldur's Gate, Spurt, the beloved shortlived Kobold. Players have until Monday, May 10th at 12PM Pacific to complete their The Running 4 unlocks and objectives.

For more information about Year 4 Events and how they work, please check out our Year 4 Events Dev Blog.

I. New Champion: Shaka

Dungeons & Dragons Shaka Shareef Jackson

    As a member of Rivals of Waterdeep, Shaka is always looking for the latest adventure and the latest puzzle. His party has encountered mysteries and foes throughout Waterdeep, Candlekeep, Icewind Dale, and Avernus. Their base of operations is located in the Trollskull Manor in Waterdeep where a brain in a jar named Brian stands watch.

Shaka is here to help, using his keen intellect to solve the Celestial Puzzle and bolstering his allies with Celestial Resistance. When you want to add him to your formation, you can swap him with Makos (Slot 9).

II. Shaka’s Stats

Race: Tiefling Alignment: Neutral Good
Class: Warlock (Celestial) Gender: Male
Age: 29 Affiliation: Rivals of Waterdeep

STR: 10 DEX: 16 CON: 15
INT: 16 WIS: 13 CHA: 16

Role: Support & Healing
Eligible for Patrons: Mirt the Moneylender, Vajra Safahr, Strahd von Zarovich, Zariel
Slot: 9 (Makos)

Shaka's Abilities

Shaka is a Support and Healing Champion. He can boost damage with A Celestial Puzzle, provide shielding with Celestial Resistance, and further amplify his abilities through specialization choices.

If more direct action is needed, Shaka can summon a Wall of Light as his Ultimate Ability and choose to Blind or Disintegrate enemies. The Blinding Wall of Light will push enemies away from the formation and cause their attacks to miss, while the Disintegrating Wall of Light will kill or damage those attempting to do his friends harm!

For more information on Shaka and his abilities, check out his Champion Spotlight!

Year Four Variants

  • The Web Was On The Wall — Giant Spiders appear in each area. Whenever a Champion destroys a Giant Spider, they become webbed (stunned) for 3 seconds. Gold Find is reduced by 99%.
  • Reach Area 75.
  • Shaka's Puzzle — Shaka starts in the formation, he can be moved. Only Shaka and the Champions who match the tag for their slot from Shaka's A Celestial Puzzle ability can deal damage; Shaka's A Celestial Puzzle starts out unlocked.
      Getting to know Shaka: Shaka's main ability is A Celestial Puzzle. It will tag 4 random slots with a specific tag. When you solve the puzzle and place a Champion that matches the tag, A Celestial Puzzle buffs the damage of the entire party by 100%. Match all the tags to give your party the biggest boost.
  • Reach Area 125.
  • Lolth's Blessing — A Drow Wizard spawns in each area, with the Blessing of Lolth: 8 armored hit points that must be cleared before they can be killed. While the Drow Wizard is alive, all Drow enemies deal 300% additional damage and move 100% faster.
  • Reach Area 175.
For information on previous years' variants, check out the The Running 3 blog.
April 23rd, 2021
BW2: Creature Collector - Long Mounts! 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Coppers of the Creature Collector

The eccentric Creature Collector has returned to the Commons, this time with a trio of Long (Eastern Dragon) mounts!

Head to the event area and choose one to train. You have until noon on Wednesday March 10th to complete the collector's four daily quests, level up your chosen creature, earn Creature Coppers to spend in their store, and get another page to your Creature Collector's Compendium!

The Compendium Page will be given after the event ends. If you don't have the Creature Collector's Compendium ranch item, you'll get it when you get your first page.

After the event, the collector will be taking their creature back unless you adopt it by purchasing its corresponding mount pack, available starting Monday April 26th.

New this update!
You can now buy level ups for Bush Bucks and Mount Bucks when talkin to Clint in the Commons. The Mount Bucks cost increases with the XP required for the next level. Can only buy one level at a time, due to the mount bonus odds changing each level.

Train hard, Bush Whackers!

The training quests unlock at noon on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Those busy on the weekends can still catch up!

- The VIP "Quest Reset" power does not reset these mini event quests, and they are not affected by the Time Turner and Timey Whimey Watch.
- Swapping your event mount with a higher level mount doesn't count towards event progress.
- These three mounts earn double the experience compared to other mounts for the duration of this mini-event!
- You can buy level ups for Bush Bucks and Mount Bucks when talkin to Clint in the Commons. The Mount Bucks cost increases with the XP required for the next level. Can only buy one level at a time, due to the mount bonus odds changing each level.

Ye Olde Creature Collector's Galleria - Mounts

When you speak to Tanela Tiva in the event area, you can select the "What past mounts are for sale?" chat option.

This will open a new store, which will contain 3 non-event premium mounts you have never owned! They cost Bush Bucks, like in event stores. The selection will change next time Tanela Tiva visits to event area.

We've done this in response to players asking to see old premium mounts they've missed out on, to help you fill out your pet collection. Snag those old-school mounts you're missing out on!

Read the Release Notes!

Chat about this mini-event on the forum!
April 16th, 2021
COTLI: Superhero Spring 6 

No matter how perilous the world becomes, hope still remains.

Emerging from a far corner of space Garnet, Enchantress of Luck embodies power and grace, and she's here to help the Hero League to victory...

Superhero Spring 6 has begun!

Today's update also brings another batch of slot 5 runes.

New Tier 6 Crusader: Garnet, Enchantress of Luck

Tags: Event, Female, Magical, Alien, Superhero, Good

With origin stories too many to count, Garnet, Enchantress of Luck emerges from a far corner of space and reality to join your team. With her alien magic, she hexes the enemies and their bad luck is her Good Luck, as she buffs the Crusaders behind her and prepares to warp reality. When you reset the world, all her good luck becomes fuel for her powers, and she'll be able to spend some of it warping you ahead two areas at a time, as long as she has warp power.

Garnet, Enchantress of Luck is a Support Crusader. When you want to add them to your formation, you can find her in slot 34.

New Tier 6 Objectives

  • Recruit Garnet, Enchantress of Luck | Garnet takes up a slot in the formation. The Bat Billionaire and The Metal Soldierette take up spots in formation and can't be moved. The Jester spawns randomly and fires projectiles. If Garnet is killed, the formation wipes and she applies a 5% DPS debuff, stacking multiplicatively for each death. Note: This will require having cleared the objective To Infinity and Beyond on Ghostbeard's Greed to complete. Reach area 600.

  • Special Webbing | Arachnobuddy and Foresight take up spots in formation and can't be moved. Monsters can only be killed if stunned by Arachnobuddy's webs. Note: This will require having cleared the objective To Infinity and Beyond on Ghostbeard's Greed to complete. Reach area 650.

  • Alternate Reality | Thoonoose takes up a spot in formation and can't be moved. All Crusaders except Gold Finders can be used.The formation has been changed. Monsters spawn in larger waves. Note: This will require having cleared the objective To Infinity and Beyond on Ghostbeard's Greed to complete. Reach area 675.

  • Hard Mode | Deathpuddle takes up a spot in formation and can't be moved. Legendary effects are disabled. Note: This will require having cleared the objective Bullet Hell on Ready Player Two to complete. Reach area 700.

  • Masks On |Adina the Wonderful takes up a spot in formation and can't be moved. Only the Crusader in Adina's column does DPS. Only Crusaders wearing a skin can be used. Note: This will require having cleared the objective Bullet Hell on Ready Player Two to complete. Reach area 725.

More info

You'll have until Wednesday, April 28th at 12:00 PM Pacific Time to complete Superhero Spring 6!

For more info on previous Superhero Spring Crusaders and objectives check out the Superhero Spring 5 blog post.

Equipment for event Crusaders can be found in Silver and Jeweled Superhero Chests, which you can earn from objectives and the free play or buy in the shop. Each non-recruitment objective will drop a chest for its given tier of Crusaders, and free play will drop All Tier chests. Gear for Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4, Tier 5, and Tier 6 Crusaders will only appear in All Tier chests once you've unlocked the respective Crusaders. You can select the tier of chest you buy in the shop when you go to purchase chests with real money or event currency.

April 9th, 2021
BW2: Hoppy Easter Event 2021 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Happy Easter Bushwhackers!

The Easter Bunny is back in town to bring the friendly competition of his egg hunt! That's what Easter is all about, right? The yummy chocolate eggs!

Every 8 hours, you can compete against 4 residents of the Commons in the Easter Egg Hunt! Plus, after your first Hunt of the day, you can hide eggs to set-up for the next hunt and whack monsters to keep the fields safe for the children!

Having trouble winning? Why not use some bonuses, available from the shady character in the wizard hat in the Event Area. Boosts are available for purchase for Easter Tokens after you complete your first Egg Hunt of the event.

Help make the eggs with the three turn-in stations! With all the Unpainted Eggs, Dye and Wax, we can make some pretty egg designs!

Chef Elza will have her bevy of recipes for you to help her prepare to have an awesome Easter feast!

Speaking of Easter feasts, lambs are so very cute, aren’t they? Help Lambchop save her fellow fluffy lambs from ending up on Easter feast tables.

Grab Jelly Beans and Peeps every 20 hours for extra Easter progress and tokens! Plus, each of the turn-in station owners will have a bonus quest for you to complete, and you'll get to help the poor confused soul deal with Easter moving around.

You can help one character make a Chocolate Easter Egg, because who doesn't need more sugar? And you'll be able to make a custom hat! This year, you'll be able to get the hats for both genders for completing the quest for Hyatt the Hat Maker!

Finally, don't forget to help a bilby evict some invasive bunnies... a lot of them. It starts at noon on Saturday, Pacific Time, to give you time to finish it.

New for 2021:
If you can complete the event, you'll earn the next Pet Piece! Collect all 2020 holiday pet pieces to craft a unique pet!

Hyatt has a new hat to craft for you, should you bring him the supplies he needs!

There is a new 3 part quest line that unlocks in the last week of the event! Landen has some questions about the Bunnegg you and he hatched last year...

And keep your eyes peeled during the World Wide Egg Hunt starting the second Friday of the event. Not all the eggs are in the same places as last year, so work together to find them all!

Event Achievements -- POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT

There are a total of EIGHTEEN possible achievements to earn in the Easter 2018 event.

Achievements Returning for 2021
Winner, Winner! - Win the Easter Egg Hunt. You can do it!
Greedy! - Win the Easter Egg Hunt with a perfect score.
Easter Feasting - Help the Chef prepare for the Easter feast!
Basket Weaving 101 - Complete the Easter Reeds quest 5 times.
Pro Egg Designer - Help 40 times at each of the Egg Stations.
Lambs against Lamb - Help Lambchop protest certain feast choices.
World Wide Hunter - Find 5 eggs during the World Wide Egg Hunt.
Chocolate Egg Maker - Help Edna make her own chocolate Easter eggs.
Hyatt's Hats Hustler - Help Hyatt unlock his passion for creating hats!
Bunny Invasion! - Help save the bilbies by capturing invasive bunnies during the Easter event Egg Eagle Eye - Find all 90 of the eggs during the World Wide Egg Hunt [HARD!Requires most of the Salt Desert content finished]

Added/Changed for 2021
Pastel Purchases - Purchase all the 2021 Easter custom items.*

We also have 9 achievements from previous years which may be earnable by spending Bush Bucks if you missed getting them the first time around.

Eggspressionism - Purchase all the 2020 Easter custom items.
Easter Earner - Purchase all the 2019 Easter custom items.
Eggregious Purchases - Purchase all the 2018 Easter custom items.
Easter Item Exodus - Purchase all the 2017 Easter custom items.
Easter Decorator - Purchase all the 2016 Easter custom items.
Gone Egg Crazy - Purchase all the 2015 Easter custom items.
Easter Token Finder - Purchase all of the 2014 Easter custom items.
Eggtacular - Purchase all the 2013 Easter custom items.
That's Not Fair! - Win the Egg Hunt while dressed as the Easter Bunny (2013 customization items: Rabbit Hat, Rabbit Nose and Bunny Cape)

*The Easter mini-golf piece is not included in the Pastel Purchases achievement.

Mount Sale:

New 2021 Mount:

The Enbarr is a firy green steed of an Irish sea mythos! It increases your speed by 55% and it's starting bonus increase your Energy wins by 5%!

Get this mount free with the purchase of 100 Bush Bucks or more during the weekend sale running until Monday March 15th @ Noon PDT!

Pet Packs:

New 2021 Pet Packs:

COMING SOON! Keep an eye out for the sale pop-up!

The event will run until Friday April 23rd 2021 @ 12pm PDT.

Plan your attack for finding all the Easter eggs here!


How do I participate in the Easter Egg Hunt?
Talk to the NPC under the Easter Egg Hunt banner to be teleported to the hunting zone.

What do I do in the Easter Egg Hunt zone?
Click on all the crates, barrels, rocks and bushes trying to find as many eggs as you can. There are only 20 eggs hidden in all the doodads.

How do I get a perfect score in the Easter Egg Hunt?
You need to collect all 20 eggs - basically not letting any of the other hunters find any.

I’m too slow at the Hunt. How can I be better?
The NPC with the wizard hat in the event area of the Commons sells boosts for Easter Tokens. Speed up your character and distract the other hunters with his wares. Also, travel in a circle, starting in the area closest to where everyone else is being distracted. And don't click on the searchable items themselves, click beside them. Clicking on the item causes you to walk slower.

When will the last quest unlock?
All quests will be unlocked by the 10th day of the event.

What contributes to my 100% progress?
Turning in the Unpainted Eggs, the Dye and the Wax as well as completing the Easter Egg Hunt and the quests for the folks in the event area.

Why do I want to ask friends for help?
It increases the amount of progress you get from doing a turn-in.

Do I have to do the achievements?
No. Completing the goals for the achievements is totally optional. You get either a large energy pack or a title for your character from them, no event progress.

Where can I see the achievements available and how to get them?
Either on the holiday dialog, the achievements dialog, or on the blog.

When can I do the World Wide Easter Egg Hunt?
The World Wide Easter Egg Hunt starts on Good Friday - April 16th - and lasts for the rest of the event.

Where do I find World Wide Easter Egg Hunt Eggs?
Once the hunt has started, you can find eggs by clicking them in many of the zones in the world. Eggs are hidden behind rocks and trees and in tricky to access locations in normal zones, secret areas, and adventure zones all over the world. Not every area has an egg hidden in it. There are 90 eggs hidden throughout the world in total, but you'll need to be done most of the content in the game to find them all.
April 7th, 2021
Idle Champions: Greengrass 4 
Posted in Idle Champions.

A great cosmic conflict has spilled out upon the prime material plane.

While celebrations to mark the start of spring begin in the quaint Sword Coast town of Triboar, a Githyanki raiding party descents from above, raining destruction.

It's up to the Champions to defend the innocent and figure out what has drawn the attention of the Gith and their Endless War. It's time for Greengrass 4!

Greengrass 4 introduces Orkira Illdrex, the Dragonborn Cleric of Heroes of the Planes, and brings back Melf, the legendary Elf Fighter and Wizard and Aila, Wild Elf Barbarian of the Heroes of Aerois. Players have until Monday, April 19th at 12PM Pacific to complete their Greengrass 4 unlocks and objectives.

For more information about Year 4 Events and how they work, please check out our Year 4 Events Dev Blog.

New Champion: Orkira Illdrex

    Orkira Illdrex is a gold dragonborn from the Nentir Vale, where she grew up nurturing a love of healing and fire. Between a strange life filled with monsters, Gods, time and multiplanar travel, death, the destruction of worlds and the saving of others, Orkira has survived and adapted to deal with any situation with a motto of 'One problem at a time.'

Orkira is a Healing and Support Champion who continuously heals non-adjacent damaged Champions with Lesser Restoration, and will Self-Sacrifice if she can prevent the death of one of her companions. She also boosts DPS with Elemental Fire. When you want to add Orkira to your formation, you can swap her with Bruenor (Slot 1).

II. Orkira's Stats

Race: Dragonborn (Gold) Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Cleric (Phoenix Domain) Gender: Female
Age: 34 Affiliation: Heroes of the Planes

STR: 13 DEX: 14 CON: 16
INT: 8 WIS: 20 CHA: 18

Role: Healing, Support

Eligible for Patrons: Mirt the Moneylender, Vajra Safahr, Zariel

Slot: 1, (Bruenor)

Orkira's Abilities

Orkira heals and buffs the party, she continuously heals nonadjacent Champions with Lesser Restoration, she aids the party by damaging enemies with Elemental Fire. This is boosted by her Healing Flame. Noble and kind of heart, she will Self-Sacrifice to swap places with a non-adjacent ally when they are about to receive a killing blow. The Phoenix has played a large role in Orkira's life, and her bond with the Phoenix is explored with her Specializations Breath of the Pheonix to increase damage and Tailfeather of the Phoenix to increase healing.

For more information on Orkira and her abilities, check out her Champion Spotlight!

Year Four Variants

  • Wise Warriors Wait — Only Champions with a WIS score of 13 or higher can be used. Enemies move 100% faster. Every 25 areas, that speed boost is increased by 100% (additively).
  • Reach Area 75.
  • Volo's Guide to Orkira — Orkira starts in the formation and can't be moved or removed (save for her ultimate, of course). Volo joins the formation and catalogues Orkira's unique capabilities. - Volo forgot to mention that he angered a swarm of spined devils before joining us. They appear in each area and deal 300% additional damage.
  • Reach Area 125.
  • Flayer Whispers — Armored Mind Flayer Guards appear in each area. The Elder Brain slowly drives your Champions mad. When a Champion gets a killing blow, they gain 5-10 stacks of a "Whispers" debuff. When they reach 100+ stacks, they are stunned for 15 seconds. Mind Flayers and the Elder Brain all deal 100% additional damage.
  • Reach Area 175.
For information on previous years' variants, check out the Greengrass 3 blog.
April 2nd, 2021
BW2: Endangered Species Mini Event! 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Endangered Species - Third Encounter

Habitats are changing, and it's endangering many different animal species. Carson Tiva has found that three different endangered species can currently be found in Bushwhackia, as they search for new places to live.

They are:

The Bawean Deer - A critically endangered deer, or 'hog deer', hunted for its antlers and pelt.

The Eskimo Curlew - A critically endangered shorebird that may already be extinct.

The Black Rhino - A critically endangered hook-lipped rhino poached for its prized horns.

Like you did during Carson's last visit, apply your bush whacking skills to help them collect Conservation Data on these unique animals for the limited time they're here. To gather data, you just have to give them a whack with your sword or other whacking implement. With said data, Carson Tiva can use it to try and help what's left of these unique animals.

Which species you encounter in the fields will be random, so if you fall behind in finding one of the three animals, you can start one of Carson Tiva's pursuit quests. You can do one pursuit quest every 20 hours.

Your efforts will not go unrewarded! Carson Tiva will trade you for this data in their store, plus you'll earn a unique plaque for your contributions! Like event ribbons, this plaque will increase your maximum energy based on your performance.

Collect data, complete the achievements, and earn rewards!

In addition to a new set of species, Bush Buck Bundle, and energy boosting plaque, you can earn a new Sleeping Elephant ranch item reward!

Go to the event area of the Commons to get started, and gather as much data as you can before noon on Tuesday April 6th, PDT!