May 27th, 2015
Scholarship Fundraiser in BW2 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Hi Whackers!

The season of high school graduation is almost upon us (well, in some parts of the world it is already happening!) As students graduate their minds fill with questions about their future: What should they do now? Can they get a job that they love? Should they continue their studies? These are important questions.

We know that many students really enjoy video games. In fact, they could be considered experts at playing video games and this expertise can be the start of a career in the video game industry. Obviously, students will need more than the ability to play video games, but the passion for playing games is very common in the video game industry.

We want to help students to get the skills to work in the video game industry. To this end, we have been working with high schools to provide student work experience opportunities for the past year. We are now working with the video game industry in Victoria to set up scholarships to the University of Victoria (Computer Science) and Camosun College (Graphic Arts). The scholarships help inspired students start their journey towards a career in the video game industry.

To that end, we have a special quest for you to do!

Talk to Misha in the Commons and help them get ready for University! For every player who completes Misha's quest-line before Friday at noon, we'll increase our contribution to the scholarships!

If you want to help out more, you can buy the adorable Grad Kitten for only $5! Its has an increased chance to find puzzle pieces bonus!

The quest and the sale will run until Friday May 29th at Noon PDT.

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