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April 28th
BW2: Endangered Species Mini Event V! 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Endangered Species - Fifth Encounter

Habitats are changing, and it's endangering many different animal species. Carson Tiva has found that three different endangered species can currently be found in Bushwhackia, as they search for new places to live.

Three Endangered Species

Sumatran Tiger - A small and narrow-striped tiger critically endangered by poaching and habitat loss

Black-Footed Ferret - An adorable flagship species now endangered after losing their prey and its grassland habitat

Blue Whale - The largest known mammal endangered by commercial whaling worldwide

Collect Conservation Data

Like you did during Carson's last visit, apply your bush whacking skills to help them collect Conservation Data on these unique animals for the limited time they're here. To gather data, you just have to give them a whack with your sword or other whacking implement. With said data, Carson Tiva can use it to try and help what's left of these unique animals.

Which species you encounter in the fields will be random, so if you fall behind in finding one of the three animals, you can start one of Carson Tiva's pursuit quests. You can do one pursuit quest every 20 hours.

Earn Rewards

Your efforts will not go unrewarded! Carson Tiva will trade you for this data in their store, plus you'll earn a unique plaque for your contributions! Like event ribbons, this plaque will increase your maximum energy based on your performance.

Collect data, complete the achievements, and earn rewards!

In addition to a new set of species, Bush Buck Bundle, and energy boosting plaque, you can earn a new Roc Nest ranch item reward!

Limited Time Only

Go to the event area of the Commons to get started, and gather as much data as you can before noon on Tuesday May 2nd, PDT!

April 12th
Idle Champions: Greengrass 6 
Posted in Idle Champions.

A great cosmic conflict has spilled out upon the prime material plane.

While celebrations to mark the start of spring begin in the quaint Sword Coast town of Triboar, a Githyanki raiding party descents from above, raining destruction.

It's up to the Champions to defend the innocent and figure out what has drawn the attention of the Gith and their Endless War. It's time for Greengrass 6!

Greengrass 6 introduces Antrius, the Human Bard from Deerstalker Picture's 1 for All, and brings back Gazrick Nomrad, the Gnome Druid from Rivals of Waterdeep and Orkira Illdrex, the Dragonborn Cleric of Heroes of the Planes. Players have until Monday, April 24th at 12PM Pacific to complete their Greengrass 6 unlocks and objectives.

New Champion: Antrius

Antrius is your classic fantasy Bard - he’s a lover, not a fighter. His supportive parents paid his way through Bard College, and now Antrius is out on the road trying to make a name for himself with bravado, showmanship, and a seductive smolder.

Antrius is a Support and Healing Champion who empowers his companions with an Inspiring Song. With this song, he increases the damage of nearby companions and gives them temporary health to push through tough enemies. His tales depend on the stories of your Champions, so he buffs his companions based on the number of feats you have unlocked. Once unlocked, you can find this human bard in Slot 4 with Jarlaxle.

For more information on Antrius and his abilities, check out his Champion Spotlight!

Year Six Variants

Mirror, Mirror: Defend Triboar from a Githyanki invasion with Antrius! Antrius starts in the formation (Slot 3) and can not be removed or swapped out. Two reflections of Antrius take up slots in the formation (slots 4 and 5). These reflections are just that, and don't actually have any of Antrius' abilities.
  • Reach Area 75.

  • A Timely Tune: Defend Triboar from a Githyanki invasion with only 1 hit point left! Antrius starts in the formation (Slot 3) and can not be removed or swapped out. Antrius starts out with Inspiring Song unlocked. After area 5, Champions' health is set to 1 and can not be healed above this. 1-3 Skeleton Archers spawn with each wave.
  • Reach Area 125.

  • Pick Your Poison: Defend Triboar from a Githyanki invasion with Antrius's favorite heroes! Antrius starts in the formation (Slot 3) and can not be removed or swapped out. You can only use Champions who are Bards, or have a total ability score of 78 or lower, or are Chaotic.
  • Reach Area 175.

  • Much more detail and information can be found in the game! Enjoy!
    April 7th
    BW2: Hoppy Easter Event 2023 
    Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

    Happy Easter Bushwhackers!

    The Easter Bunny is back in town to bring the friendly competition of his egg hunt! That's what Easter is all about, right? The yummy chocolate eggs!

    Help make the eggs with the three turn-in stations! With all the Unpainted Eggs, Dye and Wax, we can make some pretty egg designs!

    Let the Hunt Begin!

    Every 8 hours, you can compete against 4 residents of the Commons in the Easter Egg Hunt! Plus, after your first Hunt of the day, you can hide eggs to set-up for the next hunt and whack monsters to keep the fields safe for the children!

    Having trouble winning? Why not use some bonuses, available from the shady character in the wizard hat in the Event Area. Boosts are available for purchase for Easter Tokens after you complete your first Egg Hunt of the event.

    The Easter Feaster

    Chef Elza will have her bevy of recipes for you to help her prepare to have an awesome Easter feast!

    Speaking of Easter feasts, lambs are so very cute, aren't they? Help Lambchop save her fellow fluffy lambs from ending up on Easter feast tables.

    Treats and Peeps

    Grab Jelly Beans and Peeps every 20 hours for extra Easter progress and tokens! Plus, each of the turn-in station owners will have a bonus quest for you to complete, and you'll get to help the poor confused soul deal with Easter moving around.

    You can help one character make a Chocolate Easter Egg, because who doesn't need more sugar? And you'll be able to make a custom hat! This year, you'll be able to get the hats for both genders for completing the quest for Hyatt the Hat Maker!

    Bilby Protector

    Finally, don't forget to help a bilby evict some invasive bunnies... a lot of them. It starts at noon on Saturday, Pacific Time, to give you time to finish it.

    Bunnegg Eggvolution

    If you haven't hatched a Bunnegg or freed it into Air Bun in previous years, then the Bunnegg Saga continues! Otherwise, you've completed this quest chain for the Easter event.

    World Wide Egg Hunt

    And keep your eyes peeled during the World Wide Egg Hunt starting the second Friday of the event. Not all the eggs are in the same places as last year, so work together to find them all!

    New for 2023

    This year's update includes:

    - 6 tiers of VIP rewards!
    - new costume items in the store!
    - new ranch items in the store!
    - new pet packs!
    - new mount packs!
    - new 2023 holiday 100% reward!

    Holiday Rubber Duckies

    If you can complete the event, you'll earn this awesome 100% reward: The Easter Rubber Ducky! Collect them all to fill out the holiday duck pond, released later this year!

    Hyatt's Hats

    Hyatt's millinery business is booming since last year, and he needs more supplies to keep up with his holiday hat orders!


    There are a total of 21 possible achievements to earn in the Easter 2023 event.

    Returning Achievements

    Winner, Winner! - Win the Easter Egg Hunt. You can do it!
    Greedy! - Win the Easter Egg Hunt with a perfect score.
    Easter Feasting - Help the Chef prepare for the Easter feast!
    Basket Weaving 101 - Complete the Easter Reeds quest 5 times.
    Pro Egg Designer - Help 40 times at each of the Egg Stations.
    Lambs against Lamb - Help Lambchop protest certain feast choices.
    World Wide Hunter - Find 5 eggs during the World Wide Egg Hunt.
    Chocolate Egg Maker - Help Edna make her own chocolate Easter eggs.
    Hyatt's Hats Hustler - Help Hyatt unlock his passion for creating hats!
    Bunny Invasion! - Help save the bilbies by capturing invasive bunnies during the Easter event Egg Eagle Eye - Find all 90 of the eggs during the World Wide Egg Hunt [HARD!Requires most of the Prismatic Passage content finished]

    New Achievements

    Eggcellent Taste - Purchase all the 2023 Easter custom items.*

    Retired Achievements

    We also have 10 achievements from previous years which may be earnable by spending Bush Bucks if you missed getting them the first time around.

    Pastel Purchases - Purchase all the 2021 Easter custom items.
    Eggspressionism - Purchase all the 2020 Easter custom items.
    Easter Earner - Purchase all the 2019 Easter custom items.
    Eggregious Purchases - Purchase all the 2018 Easter custom items.
    Easter Item Exodus - Purchase all the 2017 Easter custom items.
    Easter Decorator - Purchase all the 2016 Easter custom items.
    Gone Egg Crazy - Purchase all the 2015 Easter custom items.
    Easter Token Finder - Purchase all of the 2014 Easter custom items.
    Eggtacular - Purchase all the 2013 Easter custom items.
    That's Not Fair! - Win the Egg Hunt while dressed as the Easter Bunny (2013 customization items: Rabbit Hat, Rabbit Nose and Bunny Cape)

    *The Easter mini-golf piece is not included in the Eggcellent Taste achievement.

    A Hoppy New Friend!

    Mount Packs

    To kick off the event, we're having a sale! Get 30% more on purchase of 50 Bush Bucks or more! Plus, all new mounts are available this weekend, from March 7th to 10th!

    The Jackalope mount comes free with your first purchase of 100 Bush Bucks or more!

    The Shadow Jackalope and Easter Jackalope are in packs containing 100 Bush Bucks, 10 Pristine Feed Vouchers, and a VIP Voucher! These two mounts produce their own unique sparkly particles when you ride them!

    Pet Packs

    Three new pets can be picked up April 14th to 17th in Pet Packs bursting with goodies! Want them all? Grab them all for less in the bundle! From left-to-right they are the Bat Bunny, Easter Phoenix, and Easter Lamb!

    This event runs until Friday April 21st @ Noon PDT.

    Post your comments and questions here on the forum!

    Change Log


    How do I participate in the Easter Egg Hunt?
    Talk to the NPC under the Easter Egg Hunt banner to be teleported to the hunting zone.

    What do I do in the Easter Egg Hunt zone?
    Click on all the crates, barrels, rocks and bushes trying to find as many eggs as you can. There are only 20 eggs hidden in all the doodads.

    How do I get a perfect score in the Easter Egg Hunt?
    You need to collect all 20 eggs - basically not letting any of the other hunters find any.

    I’m too slow at the Hunt. How can I be better?
    The NPC with the wizard hat in the event area of the Commons sells boosts for Easter Tokens. Speed up your character and distract the other hunters with his wares. Also, travel in a circle, starting in the area closest to where everyone else is being distracted. And don't click on the searchable items themselves, click beside them. Clicking on the item causes you to walk slower.

    When will the last quest unlock?
    All quests will be unlocked by the 10th day of the event.

    What contributes to my 100% progress?
    Turning in the Unpainted Eggs, the Dye and the Wax as well as completing the Easter Egg Hunt and the quests for the folks in the event area.

    Why do I want to ask friends for help?
    It increases the amount of progress you get from doing a turn-in.

    Do I have to do the achievements?
    No. Completing the goals for the achievements is totally optional. You get either a large energy pack or a title for your character from them, no event progress.

    Where can I see the achievements available and how to get them?
    Either on the holiday dialog, the achievements dialog, or on the blog.

    When can I do the World Wide Easter Egg Hunt?
    The World Wide Easter Egg Hunt starts on the second Friday of the event - April 14th - and lasts for the rest of the event.

    Where do I find World Wide Easter Egg Hunt Eggs?
    Once the hunt has started, you can find eggs by clicking them in many of the zones in the world. Eggs are hidden behind rocks and trees and in tricky to access locations in normal zones, secret areas, and adventure zones all over the world. Not every area has an egg hidden in it. There are 90 eggs hidden throughout the world in total, but you'll need to be done most of the content in the game to find them all.