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November 18th, 2021
COTLI: Kaines' Dinner of Doom 7 

    Seasons leaves, wilting and falling,
    now's the time: Momma Kaine's calling!
    Cold, gray, dark, wet, and gloom,
    The perfect time, for dinner of doom!

Kaines' Dinner of Doom 7 runs until Tuesday, November 30th at 12:00 PM Pacific Time, introducing Kaala Rigel and bringing back Momma’s Monster, Gemthel, the Gourmet, RoboTurkey, Momma Kaine, Paul the Pilgrim, Petra the Pilgrim, Chef Casey, and 43G1S!

New Tier 7 Crusader: Kaala Rigel

Tags: Event, Support, Female, Good, Supernatural, Magical


Slowly, as your eyes adjust to the surroundings, you notice a faint hint of light seemingly floating above the ground.

Curious, you move closer to the light source, but are puzzled at the cold mist enveloping your legs, and as you're bopped on the head by a stick of some sort.

Two more light sources have joined the faint glow and they illuminate a snout full of teeth.

"No further please," a feminine voice says and then the light vanishes again.

The stick on your head starts to warm up and memories of your comrades standing beside you as you fling items at monsters stream through your head.

"Oooh, throwing things is fun," she says, and you feel the stick removed from your head. "I will join you."

The blackness immediately lightens and you see your new friend asleep on a cloud with a bundle of bamboo nearby. Time for another magical adventure.

Kaala Rigel is a Support Crusader. When you want to add her to your formation, you can find her in slot 36.

New Tier 7 Objectives

  • Recruit Kaala Rigel | Kaala Rigel takes up a slot in the formation. Momma Kaine and RoboTurkey start in the formation, and can't be removed. Crusaders adjacent to Kaala Rigel will be randomly frozen by them. Frozen Crusaders don't deal damage but still buff other Crusaders. Projectile Crusaders can't be used. Note: This will require having cleared the objective Bullet Hell on Ready Player Two to complete. Beat area 650.

  • Roughing it Out | Paul the Pilgrim and Petra the Pilgrim start in the formation, and can't be removed. Your Gold Find is reduced by 100% at the start of each area. Each enemy killed reduces this debuff by 1%. Aside from the locked-in Crusaders, Support Crusaders can't be used. Note: This will require having cleared the objective Washed Up on World's Wake to complete. Beat area 750.

  • Automated Cooking | Chef Casey and 43G1S start in the formation, and can't be removed. Aside from the locked-in Crusaders, only Flora, Animal or Robot Crusaders can be used. Note: This will require having cleared the objective Washed Up on World's Wake to complete. Beat area 800.

  • House Party | Gemthel the Gourmet starts in the formation, and can't be removed. Party crashers randomly spawn, and can only be killed by projectile damage. When killed they count for 5 monsters killed or 5 quest items. Note: This will require having purchased the max level of the Arithmagician Talent to complete. Beat area 850.

  • It Lives! | Momma's Monster starts in the formation, and can't be removed. Momma's Monster is the only one who can do DPS. The formation has been changed. Note: This will require having purchased the max level of the Arithmagician Talent to complete. Beat area 900.

More info

You'll have until Tuesday, November 30th at 12:00 PM Pacific Time to complete Kaines' Dinner of Doom 7!

For more info on previous Kaines' Dinner of Doom Crusaders and objectives check out the Kaines' Dinner of Doom 6 blog post.

Equipment for event Crusaders can be found in Silver and Jeweled Thanksgiving Chests, which you can earn from objectives and the free play or buy in the shop. Each non-recruitment objective will drop a chest for its given tier of Crusaders, and free play will drop All Tier chests. Gear for Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4, Tier 5, Tier 6, and Tier 7 Crusaders will only appear in All Tier chests once you've unlocked the respective Crusaders. You can select the tier of chest you buy in the shop when you go to purchase chests with real money or event currency.

November 12th, 2021
BW2: Thankful Thanksgiving Event 2021 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Thanksgiving Time!

The residents of The Commons are preparing for a massive feast to celebrate the end of harvest season, and of course they need your expertise at finding things in bushes!

First and foremost, it's all about helping the chefs fill their food stations to the brim - and beyond. There's three of them for three types of meals, so you'll be collecting Meat, Veggies and of course Desserts to feed the hungry masses of Bushwhackia! Can you make all the Pristine Food? Keep doing turn-ins to achieve it!

On the subject of food - four of the guests have promised they would bring a dish to share, but they've forgotten ingredients.

And then, there's the problem of the Turkeys. Apparently, they need to be rescued in some fashion, so you'll need to get on that. You have the whole event to complete it.

Once again we're celebrating other harvest festivals around the world and hosting an inflatable surprise. They'll unlock as the event goes on. And tune later in the event for a parade!

Of course, it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without the Black Friday questline introduced in a previous year, and a fridge to store all those leftovers!

If you can complete the event with 100%, you'll earn the Thanksgiving Mannequin Base!

Event Achievements - POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT!!

Achievements Returning in 2021:
  • Special Order - You helped all of the people prepare their special dishes.
  • Master of the Ways - You have helped cook each dish excellently for the pristine table.
  • Short Order Cook - You've helped prepare one of each dish.
  • Turkey Lover - You saved enough turkeys to guarantee survival. This year.
  • Historical Detective - You helped Bob the Historian investigate the Pilgrims.
  • Family Matters - You brought all of Brock's family together for Thanksgiving.
  • Parade Enthusiast - You watched the Thanksgiving Day Parade.
  • Fridge Fix-Up - You helped Fatima fix an old fridge and move it your ranch.
  • Thorough Taste Testing - You helped out Miss Mei enough to try all the different daily side dish samples.
  • Fattened Feathered Friend - Help Nate fatten up his turkey.
Added/Changed for 2021:
  • Gainful Gathering - You purchased all the Thanksgiving 2021 items.*
We have 10 achievements from previous years' events, which may be earned by spending some Bush Bucks if a player was not present during the original years:
  • Thankful Decorator - You bought all the house items from the 2012 Thanksgiving Event.
  • Thankful Dresser - You bought all the player items from the 2012 Thanksgiving Event.
  • Thankful Shopper - You bought all the 2013 Turkey Day items.
  • Black Friday - You bought all the 2014 Thanksgiving items.
  • Thanks For The Stuff - You purchased all the Thanksgiving 2015 items.
  • Grateful Expenditure - You purchased all the Thanksgiving 2016 items.
  • Feastful Frittering - You purchased all the Thanksgiving 2017 items.
  • Banquet Blowout - You purchased all the Thanksgiving 2018 items.
  • Stuffed Shopper - You purchased all the Thanksgiving 2019 items.
  • Harvest Haul - You purchased all the Thanksgiving 2020 items.
* The Mini Golf piece is NOT included in the Gainful Gathering achievement, and therefore it is not required to purchase it.

Grab a new harvest companion!

New 2021 Mounts!

To kick off the event, we're having a sale! Get 30% more on purchase of 50 Bush Bucks or more! Plus, all new mounts are available this weekend, from November 13th to 16th!

The Winged Tiger mount comes free with your first purchase of 100 Bush Bucks or more!

The Waning Winged Tiger and Rising Winged Tiger are in packs containing 100 Bush Bucks, 10 Pristine Feed Vouchers, and a VIP Voucher! These two mounts produce their own unique sparkly particles when you ride them!

Pet Packs: 2021 Pets -- Available in Packs! COMING SOON!

The event will run until Friday November 26th at Noon PST!

Give thanks and feedback here!
November 10th, 2021
Idle Champions: Feast of the Moon 5 
Posted in Idle Champions.

During Feast of the Moon, residents of the Sword Coast pay homage to the deeds of legendary heroes by visiting their crypts and graves.

When the Champions arrive at The Crypt of Legends, they find hordes of undead crawling up from the depths. Something is making the dead heroes rise, and the answer will require a descent into the depths to discover the cause...

Feast of the Moon 5 introduces Widdle, the Dhampir Gnome Wizard, played by Meagan Kenreck who you can see as Widdle on Idle Champions Presents the Trials of Mount Tiamat, airing Mondays at 4PM Pacific on the CNEGames Twitch. You can also catch her as Widdle on Heroes of the Planes Tuesdays at 6PM Pacific on the Demiplane Twitch.

This event also brings back Penelope "Half-Pint", Circle of the Moon Druid and Warlock from Heroes of the Planes, and brings back Sentry, the Warforged Paladin (Oath of the Ancients) from High Rollers: Aerois. Players have until Monday, November 22nd at 12PM Pacific to complete your Feast of the Moon 5 unlocks and objectives.

New Champion: Widdle

    Widdle's life goal is the destruction of Strahd, but with 423 years of gnomish wisdom, she realized she still needed more time. Becoming a dhampir seemed like the best option, and now she uses her enhanced speed and fearsome fangs to help her friends and show that being a dhampir does not make you a monster. With a big personality and an even bigger blunderbuss, she's ready to deal with any challenge!

Widdle is a Support, Healing and Speed Champion who's vampiric charms can buff the damage of her allies while encouraging them to attack faster. But all this battle can make a dhampir hungry, and those she buffs look extra tasty to oncoming enemies, making them spawn faster. When you want to add Widdle to your formation you can swap her with Celeste (Slot 2).

II. Widdle's Stats

Race: Dhampir Gnome Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class: Wizard Gender: Female
Age: 423 Affiliation: Heroes of the Planes

STR: 18 DEX: 15 CON: 13
INT: 17 WIS: 12 CHA: 11

Role: Healing, Support, Speed

Eligible for Patrons: Strahd

Slot: 2, (Celeste)

III. Widdle's Design

We've been adding the Heroes of the Planes to our Champion roster for quite a while, and it's a wonderful joy to have Meagan Kenreck honor us by bringing the final member to the party! Meagan is a Twitch streamer, graphic designer, photoshop enthusiast, and advocate for inclusivity. She's also known as Sofieus on Silver and Steel, the co-host of "Todd and Meagan talk D&D", and also plays as Widdle in "The Adventures of Widdle and Rend", a D&D one on one show with her Husband, Todd, who plays as Rend.

Widdle always seems to be grinning as she leads the charge into adventure or battle. She focuses on increasing the damage and speed of her friends, boosting adjacent Champion damage with Vampiric Gaze while reducing their base attack cooldowns by encouraging them to Hurry Up Now. Her Specializations boost her damage buff based on specific ability scores, and her Vampiric Bite Ultimate attack not only does enormous damage to a random enemy, but heals herself and her friends.

For more information on Widdle and her abilities, check out her Champion Spotlight!

Year Five Variants

  • Variant 1: Dhampiric Nature — Widdle begins in the formation. She can't be moved or removed. Undead Enemies deal 200% additional damage and move 200% faster. Gold Find is reduced by 99%.
    Getting to know Widdle: Widdle charms her adjacent allies with her Vampiric Gaze, increasing their damage. However, as a Speed Champion, she also increases enemy spawn speed with each adjacent ally! Fill in your formation quickly, Widdle's at the wheel!
    Complete Area 75.

  • Variant 2: Strahd's Test — Widdle may have a vendetta against Strahd, but she's also eligible for his Patron variants. As such, the dark lord has set up a test for our latest Champion. At each boss level, an additional undead boss appears:
    • Area 5: Lich
    • Area 10: Zombie Adventurer
    • Area 15: Powerful Will-o' Wisp
    • Area 20: Zombie Kobold King
    • Area 25: Armored Ranged Skeleton
    • Area 30: Weakened Vampire
    • Area 35: Revenant
    • Area 40: Mummy
    • Area 45: Bone Naga
    • Area 50: Strahd on Horseback
    Complete Area 125.

  • Variant 3: A Widdle of This, A Widdle of That — Widdle begins in the formation. She can't be moved or removed. The Base attack cooldown of all Champions is increased by 5 seconds. This increase does not affect Heroes of the Planes Champions. A Giant Rat accompanies the formation, intent on becoming friends with Widdle's pet rat Gerard. Widdle said not to hurt it.
    Getting to know Widdle: Widdle's Hurry Up Now ability grants a chance for adjacent allies to have their base attack cooldown reset after attacking. Level her up quickly to gain access to this necessary skill for this variant.
    Complete Area 175.


Dungeons & Dragons Widdle

Also launching with Widdle is the Ascendant Widdle Theme Pack! This pack includes an unlock for Widdle, the new Ascendant Widdle Skin, the Rat #59 AKA Gerard familiar, Widdle's Epic First into the Fray Feat, which increases Tasty Friends by 80%, 1 Epic Potion of the Gold Hunter, and 16 Gold Widdle Chests with 2 Guaranteed Shiny Equipment Cards.

Dungeons & Dragons Widdle

Also launching with Feast of the Moon 5 is the Ascendant Penelope Skin & Feat Pack! This pack includes an unlock for Penelope, the new Ascendant Penelope Skin, Penelope's Epic Friendly Tales Feat, which increases Have You Met My Friends by 80%, and 7 Gold Penelope Chests with 1 Guaranteed Shiny Equipment Card.

Dungeons & Dragons Widdle

Last but not least, launching as well with Feast of the Moon 5 is the Ascendant D'hani Skin & Feat Pack! This pack includes an unlock for D'hani, the new Ascendant D'hani Skin, Dhani's Chromatic Foe Epic Feat, which increases Paint Them Red by 80%, and 7 Gold D'hani Chests with 1 Guaranteed Shiny Equipment Card.

For information on previous years' variants, check out the Feast of the Moon 4 blog. And if you have feedback, let us know in a Community Q&A or Champion feedback post on the Idle Champions Subreddit, on the Steam forums, or on the Official Idle Champions Discord!
November 5th, 2021
BW2: Creature Collector - Unisus mounts! 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Coppers of the Creature Collector

The eccentric Creature Collector has returned to the Commons, this time with a trio of unisus mounts!

Head to the event area and choose one to train. You have until noon on Wednesday November 10th to complete the collector's four daily quests, level up your chosen creature, earn Creature Coppers to spend in their store, and get another page to your Creature Collector's Compendium!

The Compendium Page will be given after the event ends. If you don't have the Creature Collector's Compendium ranch item, you'll get it when you get your first page.

After the event, the collector will be taking their creature back unless you adopt it by purchasing its corresponding mount pack, available starting Monday November 8th.

Train hard, Bush Whackers!

The training quests unlock at noon on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Those busy on the weekends can still catch up!

- The VIP "Quest Reset" power does not reset these mini event quests, and they are not affected by the Time Turner and Timey Whimey Watch.
- Swapping your event mount with a higher level mount doesn't count towards event progress.
- These three mounts earn double the experience compared to other mounts for the duration of this mini-event!
- Expiring mounts cannot have their bonuses swapped.

Ye Olde Creature Collector's Galleria - Mounts

When you speak to Tanela Tiva in the event area, you can select the "What past mounts are for sale?" chat option.

This will open a new store, which will contain 3 non-event premium mounts you have never owned! They cost Bush Bucks, like in event stores. The selection will change next time Tanela Tiva visits to event area.

We've done this in response to players asking to see old premium mounts they've missed out on, to help you fill out your pet collection. Snag those old-school mounts you're missing out on!

Read the Release Notes!