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March 27th
Idle Champions: Turn of Fortune's Wheel Part 4 
Posted in Idle Champions.

This week the Turn of Fortune's Wheel continues! Explore the Outlands in Welcome to the Outlands and defeat Dragonborn Glitch Strongheart in Crystalwork. After that, put your formations to the test with new Adventure Variants! Read on to learn more!

Note: You will need to have completed the previous two Turn of Fortune's Wheel adventures, The Fortune's Wheel and A Glitch in the Mortuary, in order to access these new adventures.

Dungeons & Dragons Turn of Fortune's Wheel Variants

Welcome to the Outlands

Begin to explore the Outlands, and find a walking castle!

Dungeons & Dragons Welcome to the Outlands

With the help of Mrs. Fox, you set off into the Outlands in search of information about the lost modron R04M! The Outlands is a disk-shaped plane home to the gate towns that connect to each of the Outer Planes. At the center of the Outlands sits the Spire, with Sigil floating above it. Near the Spire is where Mrs. Fox drops you off and it's time to start exploring from there. But, what's that in the distance? It looks like... a castle? Better check it out!


    We've Got Swords and Flames - Begin to explore the Outlands, and find a walking castle and running enemies!
    • You may not use Champions with ranged (normal) attacks.
    • Each enemy wave that spawns increases the speed and damage of all enemies by 100%, stacking additively and reset with each area change.
    • Complete area 650


Explore more of the Walking Castle and help get it moving again!

Dungeons & Dragons Dragonborn Glitch Strongheart

Another glitched Champion has appeared! Like our group of Champions, Strongheart has no memory of who he is - but he does have a sense of what he thinks is right! Unfortunately, that's not good news for the Champions and their new friend. In his new, shining, gold dragonborn form, Strongheart is threatening to undo the only lead you have for finding R04M - stop him before it's too late!


    Lawfulwork - Explore more of the Walking Castle with some lawful Champions in a hurry.
    • You may only use Lawful Champions.
    • Champions' normal attack cooldown is increased by 2 seconds.
    • Complete area 700

We would love to hear about your experiences in the Outlands! Join our community and start a conversation:
March 6th
Idle Champions: Festival of Fools 7 
Posted in Idle Champions.

How far would you go to celebrate foolishness?

Festival of Fools is a time-honored tradition in Sword Coast communities. Townsfolk engage in the usual gluttonous consumption of food and drink during the festivities, but they also play pranks on each other.

Unfortunately, one prankster has decided to play a practical joke on a Frost Giant nearby...

Festival of Fools 7 is our first Events 2.0! It introduces The Dark Urge, the Dragonborn Sorcerer from the 2023 Game of the Year - Baldur's Gate 3. This DPS Champion is ready to spread evil across the Forgotten Realms with the rest of the Absolute Adversaries. It also reintroduces Dhadius, the Human Wizard from the Betrayal at Baldur's Gate board game. You can learn more about the rework to Dhadius below. Also, you can choose three of eight previous Champions to unlock over the course of Festival of Fools 7!

Note: Going forward, Adventure Variants information will now be found in the corresponding Champion's Spotlight. This change is being made so that all information about a Champion and their adventures can be found in one place.

Table of Contents

The Dark Urge

    The Dark Urge remembers nothing but a path paved with blood. Unimaginable cruelty whispers from within. Can he escape it? Would he even want to?

The Dark Urge is a DPS Champion who counts the number of enemies he has slain. Like the other Absolute Adversaries, he has a mind flayer tadpole in his head, and his damage increases as more Champions with tadpoles are added to the formation. Will you choose to embrace his murderous urges, or fight against them? That choice will be made once you unlock them in seat 11 opposite Jamiliah.

Learn more about The Dark Urge in our Champion Spotlight!


Dungeons & Dragons Dhadius

    Dhadius is a mage of legendary status and least, in his own mind. Being an egomaniac, he seeks out esoteric lore and rare magical secrets so he may know things that the 'common fools' do not. Dhadius hails from Luskan in the north, where he is a member of the Arcane Brotherhood, an infamous group of wizards, and is determined to let it be known far and wide that he is a wizard to be respected and feared.

Dhadius has been reworked to modernize his kit and give him some additional formation niches that he may be able to slot into. We've buffed up his abilities and altered his equipment so that his powerful magic is better utilized and encourages more experimentation. This glass cannon can be unlocked in seat 5 opposite Calliope.

Learn more about the changes coming to Dhadius in our Reintroduction Spotlight!

Flex Champions

Flex Slots allow players to unlock additional Champions and earn chests during events, choosing from a pool of retired Champions associated with the event. This pool of retired Champions includes the Champions from previous years of the event as well as some Champions whose events have been retired. This events Flex Slot pool includes:

  • K'thriss (Seat 1)
  • Regis (Seat 2)
  • Briv (Seat 5)
  • Alyndra (Seat 6)

  • Tatyana (Seat 8)
  • Rosie (Seat 10)
  • Strix (Seat 11)
  • Miria (Seat 12)

Events 2.0

Event Changes

Events 2.0 is a significant update to the events system in Idle Champions. Because players will now be able to unlock more Champions, content, and rewards through Events 2.0, we are increasing the duration of events from 12 days to 21 days. Events will typically begin on the first Wednesday of each month and run for three weeks. Content updates for Idle Champions will occur on the Wednesdays outside events.

Along with the Event duration change we are reducing the number of annual events, shifting from 17 annual events down to 12. Long term, we plan to retire the Midwinter, Greengrass, The Running, Midsummer, and Brightswords events. However, as we transition over to the new Event 2.0 schedule, there will be a Greengrass event in April 2024.

Quality of Life Updates

As part of the Events 2.0 update, we are also making several quality of life updates:
  • Bounty Contracts used outside of events will award Event Tokens for the next event.
  • Event adventures, variants, and free plays no longer cost Event Tokens to start.
  • Event Tokens are now only used to purchase Event Chests directly (free plays no longer need to be grinded to obtain extra chests).
  • Event Tokens left over once an event ends will automatically be converted to Champion chests.
  • Retired Champions may come out of retirement.
  • Event Boons are granted to players who purchase specially marked event-related DLC during an event. There are four tiers of Event Boons that offer buffs to Champion Damage, Gold Find, Champion Health, Click Damage, and Speed. These buffs increase with each tier of Event Boon. Additionally, the first purchase that grants an Event Boon will also unlock the Supporter Slot.

To learn more about what is changing with Events 2.0 check out our Blog Post! Join our amazing community with any of the links below: