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November 24th, 2021
Idle Champions: November 2021 Adventure Variants 
Posted in Idle Champions.

Warning: There be Dragons ahead!

Today's update brings 11 new adventure variants across 5 campaigns! Each campaign has one or more variants themed around different chromatic dragons, these new adventure variants will test the mettle of your formations!

Also joining us today in the fight against dragons is Idle Champions Presents: The Trials of Mount Tiamat Party 2's favorite little ally, Red the Squirrel!

Dungeons & Dragons Idle Champions Grand Tour of the Sword Coast Variants

Grand Tour of the Sword Coast Adventure Variants

  • Leemooggoogoon Rises: Volo's Guide to Kuo-toa
  • Help the Kuo-toa while Volo and his friend chat you up.
    • Volo and a Kuo-toa join the formation, chatting up your team.
    • Champions adjacent to Volo and/or the Kuo-toa have their base attack cooldown increased by 1 second; it does not stack.
    • Complete area 400.

  • Neutral No More: Crimson Perception
  • Head to Mantol-Derith, while a young red dragon causes havoc.
    • In each boss area a young red dragon appears. You must defeat this additional boss to advance.
    • Only Champions with WIS of 14 or higher can be used.
    • Complete area 450.

  • Encroaching Madness: Maroon Madness
  • Explore Mantol-Derith while you deal with some wyrmlings who shouldn't be there.
    • Red Wyrmlings appear in each area. They don't drop gold, nor do they count towards quest progress.
    • Red Wyrmlings should not be in Mantol-Derith. When a Champion kills a Red Wyrmling, they are stunned for 4 seconds as they try to understand what's happening.
    • Only Champions with WIS 12 or lower can be used
    • Complete area 450.

    Dungeons & Dragons Idle Champions Waterdeep: Dragon Heist Variants

    Waterdeep: Dragon Heist Adventure Variants

    • A Botched Kidnapping: This Quest Stinks!
    • Help Volothamp Geddarm with a small task while dealing with a stinky foe.
      • Two skunks accompany the formation, but don't worry: Volo vouched for them!
      • Champions adjacent to the skunk deal no damage (but their formation abilities still work).
      • Black Dragon Wyrmlings appear in each area. They drop no gold, nor do they count towards quest progress.
      • Complete area 225.

    • Trollskull Manor: Home Not So Alone
    • An annoying goblin has taken up residence in Trollskull Manor and put up defenses!
      • Each boss fight, a Blockade and a Goblin appear. The boss is invulnerable until the Blockade and Goblin are taken out. When the Goblin is defeated, they run off the screen instead of disappearing.
      • Gold Find is reduced by 99%.
      • Complete area 250.

    Dungeons & Dragons Idle Champions Baldur's Gate Descent into Avernus Variants

    Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus Adventure Variants

    • The Wandering Emporium: When the Going Gets Tough
    • Hold back indestructible stone golems with your toughest champions!
      • Each wave spawns one invulnerable Stone Golem.
      • Only Champions with CON of 15 or higher can be used.
      • Complete area 450.

    • Tiamat's Army: Fight Dragons with Dragons
    • A terrible curse slows down any champion that isn’t a Dragonborn!
      • Non-Dragonborn champions attack cooldown is tripled, making them attack less often.
      • Blue Dragon Wyrmlings appear in each area. They drop no gold, nor do they count towards quest progress.
      • Complete area 475.

    Dungeons & Dragons Idle Champions Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden

    Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden Adventure Variants

    • The Radiant Nightmare: Tough Acting
    • Chase down Xardorok's Chardalyn Dragon with your toughest champions!
      • Only Champions with STR of 14 or higher and CON of 15 or higher can be used.
      • Complete area 400.

    • Waiting on Sunrise: A Chilling Encounter
    • Race to save Termalaine with a White Dragon on your tail!
      • Every 5 seconds, a random champion is Stunned for 5 seconds due to the freezing cold.
      • With each boss, an extra white Dragon Wyrmling boss with 25 armored HP appears. The main boss is invulnerable until the white dragon is defeated.
      • Complete area 425.

    Dungeons & Dragons Idle Champions Wild Beyond the Witchlight Variants

    Wild Beyond the Witchlight Adventure Variants

    • Tall Tales: An Unexpected Geist
    • Learn about the history of the Champions by listening to creepy Ghost stories!
      • One Specter appears in each wave. They drop no gold, nor do they count towards quest progress. When they are killed, they respawn in the same location after 5 seconds. The Specters move 200% faster.
      • Complete area 250.

    • The Witchlight Carnival: A Dragon Against Us
    • Uncover the mysteries of the Witchlight Carnival while evading dragons.
      • Green Dragon Wyrmlings appear in each area. They drop no gold, nor do they count towards quest progress.
      • Only Champions with DEX of 15 or higher can be used.
      • Complete area 300.

    New DLC

    Dungeons & Dragons Red the Squirrel

    Red the Squirrel, the delightful ally of Party 2 of Idle Champions Presents: The Trials of Mount Tiamat, arrives as a familiar who can join your adventures!! The Red the Squirrel Familiar Pack includes Red, the Squirrel Familiar, 6 Epic Potions of Speed, 6 Epic Potions of Giant's Strength, 6 Epic Potions of Clairvoyance, 6 Epic Potions of Fire Breath, and 1 Potion of Polish.

    See the in-game Change Log for more information!