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March 3rd
COTLI: Sunsetting FAQ 

Recently we announced the sunsetting of Crusaders, and we've been getting some questions related to this announcement. Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.
  • Q: What does sunsetting mean in this context?
    • A: It means the game will no longer receive new content updates. The game servers will be kept running as long as we are able to.

  • Q: How long is long?
    • A: We've had game servers running from 6 to 12 years (Egg Breaker 1) for games out of production so far, so you've got years to keep playing Crusaders.

  • Q: Why are you sunsetting Crusaders?
    • A: Live service games like Crusaders require a fairly large community to support the development of them. While this community is great, sadly the support to provide the resources that Crusaders needs to continue running in a sustainable manner is no longer there, and so we've made the decision to stop live servicing the game.

  • Q: Is there a hail mary situation for keeping the game alive?
    • A: No, now that we've come to this decision, we won't be reversing it.

  • Q: Will you sell the game base?
    • A: No, we will not be entertaining offers of purchasing the game.

  • Q: Will you make an offline version or allow community mods?
    • A: No, this is not something we'll be offering.

  • Q: What will happen with the Golden Epics?
    • A: All non-DLC Golden Epics will be added to the Challenge Token store and the Flash Sale pool lists up to the one released with the April 8th, 2022 weekend promo. Those will be all the Golden Epics that exist in the game.

  • Q: What about the Desert Bus Crusaders?
    • A: The Desert Bus Crusaders were part of donations made to Desert Bus while their campaign was running. We won't be partnering with Desert Bus for Crusaders in future, so what players have, they have. The Crusaders or their recipes won't be offered through other means.

  • Q: What about the Yogscast/Search for Simon event?
    • A: It will not be re-running, and we will be hiding the related achievements for all players.

  • Q: What about the Tier 5 kill 10,000 monster achievements?
    • A: We will be hiding these achievements for all players as part of the final content updates.

  • Q: Will purchases still be available after the last content update?
    • A: Yes, we'll be keeping purchases enabled. Players will be able to purchase flash sales, the packs, the chests and the dungeon pass if they wish to.

  • Q: What is happening with the weekend buffs?
    • A: The final weekend buff will be the weekend of Friday, April 8th, 2022. We won't be rerunning these or randomly choosing 5 Crusaders to be buffed. We'll be changing the Weekend Warrior talent to something else, now that Crusaders won't be buffed.

  • Q: Will codes given in the weekly Champions of Psychology live stream continue to work in Crusaders and award a Runic Chest?
    • A: The chest codes from Champions of Psychology will only continue to work in Crusaders for the episodes airing before the May 4th, 2022 final content update.
February 28th
COTLI: Sunsetting Announcement 

It is with heavy hearts that we are announcing that we will be sunsetting Crusaders of the Lost Idols in May 2022. This was not an easy decision. While we will no longer be adding any additional new content to the game beyond this date, all existing content will remain available and events will continue to run, albeit with no new Crusaders. The last new Tier 7 Crusader will arrive in Nate’s Candy Conundrum, launching on April 7th, and the last endless Season, Season 7: Sunset, will launch on May 4th.

The Codename Entertainment team is very proud of Crusaders of the Lost Idols. It has been an important part of Codename for the last seven years and will continue to have a cherished legacy at the company. We are grateful to everyone who has supported the game, and for the wonderful connections, we have made with the community: from Erika and Kat’s Crusaders Weekly stream to the hundreds of Community Q&As and beautiful coloring sheets shared by you all. Thank you for joining us on this adventure. Many Codename team members have worked on Crusaders at some point during their tenure, and it has a special place in all of our hearts, but most especially the sunsetting team: Erika, Kat, & Wilson.

While we are sad to announce the conclusion of Crusaders, we want to send it off with a bang. All accounts active within the past two years will receive a DLC package that includes over $100 of in-game items. This pack includes:
  • Red Panda taskmaster
  • Sea Slug taskmaster
  • Springy's Golden Epic slot 3
  • Unlock for Springy
  • Unlock for Torakichi
  • Unlock for Shir Brio
  • Unlock for The Alluring Viragallant
  • Unlock for Garnet
  • 5 Tier 7 Christmas chests
  • 5 Torakichi chests
  • 5 Tier 6 Educational chests
  • 5 Tier 6 Gardener's chests
  • 5 Tier 6 Superhero chests
  • 5 Runic Grab Bags
  • 5 Epic Trinket chests
  • All-new 7 day 50% Idol buff card (Endurance Training can apply)

We will be retiring support and discontinuing the creation of new updates for Crusaders of the Lost Idols in a staggered process between April 7th and May 4th. We plan to keep the servers for Crusaders running for as long as we are able. After the sunset, legacy events will turn on at the appropriate time but will not have any new content or Crusaders added. We will also be making some oft-requested quality of life updates before sunset.

  • Weekend Promos: Friday, April 8th will see the last weekend promo and newsletter and accompanying weekend chest.
  • Events: Nate’s Candy Conundrum Tier 7 will be the final event to have new content added, e.g. new objectives and a new Crusader. Nate’s Candy Conundrum Tier 7 will run from April 7th-19th.
  • Seasons: Season 6: The Clocktower is set to end on Thursday, April 28th. Crusaders of the Lost Idols will have an ultimate endless season; Season 7: Sunset, launching on Wednesday, May 4th. This season will have endless rewards for those who choose to continue playing.
  • Support: The in-game ticket page will close as of April 14th. Tickets will be answered until then. After April 15th, if you have issues with the game please email We will be checking this intermittently to address major issues.

We would like to encourage our Crusaders community to try our other formation strategy management game: Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms. You can use the following code in Idle Champions to unlock the Celeste Starter Pack. You can find more info on entering codes in Idle Champions here.


Additionally, all existing Crusaders of the Lost Idols players who have been active within the past two years will find another code that you can enter in Idle Champions with the same Steam or CNEGames account. That code will unlock a collection of Champions, Champion Chests, Familiars, and Potions to help speed your progress. You can find that code by loading up your Crusaders game. The code includes:
  • Unlocks for the following Champions: Spurt (Slot 3), Krull (Slot 6), Black Viper (Slot 7), Hew Maan (Slot 8), and Nova V'Ger (Slot 11)
  • Spurt Chests: 16 Gold Spurt Chests with 2 guaranteed Shiny equipment cards
  • Krull Chests: 16 Gold Krull Chests with 2 guaranteed Shiny equipment cards
  • Black Viper Chests: 16 Gold Black Viper Chests with 2 guaranteed Shiny equipment cards
  • Hew Maan Chests: 16 Gold Hew Maan Chests with 2 guaranteed Shiny equipment cards
  • Nova Chests: 16 Gold Nova Chests with 2 guaranteed Shiny equipment cards
  • Two Familiars: Baby Spurt & Iris the Beholder
  • Two Week-Long Buff Potions to increase your gem drops by 50% and your gold find by 100%.
We are proud of all of the work that went into Crusaders of the Lost Idols, and for the amazing community that developed from the game. We appreciate all of your support through the years, and we hope to welcome you to the Idle Champions Community!

Thank you for this adventure,

Codename Entertainment

To address some of the questions, we've made a Sunsetting FAQ for you to read.
May 17th, 2016
All Good Things.....Egg Breaker Adventures 

All Good Things

Hi Breakers,

It weighs heavy on our hearts to share that the Egg Breaker series is no longer receiving enough interest to continually develop new content. After seven and a half years of egg breaking fun and over 70 billion eggs broken, we are releasing our final new content monkey: the Sunset Puzzle Monkey.

Along with the Sunset Puzzle Monkey, we will be giving all players a very special free Sunset Hat with a powerful buff. Please accept this gift as a token of our appreciation for your support over the years.

After this final release of content, we will no longer be developing new content for the Egg Breaker series. The volunteer chat mod program will be suspended and Erika will no longer be in chat on Thursdays.

However, the existing Egg Breaker Adventures game will stay on indefinitely and your progress will not be lost. We will keep the game and the chat live, so you can come still break eggs and chat with your friends. Existing events will continue to repeat each year.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you. Many of you have been with us from the very beginning and it has been an amazing adventure we have gone on together.

We cannot thank you enough for all the years of egg breaking!

P.S. This news is only applicable to the Egg Breaker series. We continue to provide updates and new content for Bush Whacker 2 and Crusaders of the Lost Idols.

Happy Smashing!

Codename Entertainment