November 21st, 2014
Flux Remixed 
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One of the most common requests we have from end-of-game players is a way to revisit old Flux puzzles, followed up by a way to use and recombine old Flux trinkets. With the update today, we are doing both!

As of the update today, players who have reached the current Flux will be able to teleport to previous Fluxes and get trinkets they missed or just complete different puzzles if they get tired of the latest one.

Want to get started? Talk to the "glitch" with the !!! over its head to teleport between Flux's.

Once you arrive in a prior Flux, you'll notice one major change: all the Devs in previous are ghostly and won't say anything (because we didn't keep any of their old dialog, whoops!), but you can watch the "studio " expand with new Devs, as we evolved over time.

The next major change is that instead of receiving 10,000 gold after finding all 8 Flux Trinkets for a given Flux, you will now whack up Flux Dust. Flux Dust can then be used to buy special Custom Items, a custom pet, or to upgrade a special "Super Trinket" that can only be obtained and upgraded in the Flux.

So What is the Super Trinket?

As indicated above, the Super Trinket can only be created in the Flux. This trinket can be upgraded more than 50 times - each time you upgrade it, you can modify a different stat, but each group of stats must be added before the next tier will unlock.

You will need to collect all 8 trinkets from a specific Flux, before they can be traded for Dusts (and clean up the trinket inventory).

Talk to the woman in the blue shirt and bowler hat in the Flux to access the Flux store and Super Trinket upgrades!                         

Tell us what you think of the update here! 

If you didn't catch our update yesterday, please visit the CNE Community Blog for an important note.  
November 21st, 2014
Change Log: Changes released November 21, 2014 
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New Content:
ADDED: - Flux REMIX (Blog here!)

General Updates:
- Issue where Negdry could not be recruited for the Theatre quest. (Fixed Monday)
- Glitch where Big Trout/Squid could be doubled - You'll now only ever receive one.
- Typo in Kaine's Desert Mystery

General Updates:
- Typo in the "Gas Masks for Reggie" quest description
- Typo in the "Saute Sauce for Sanjay" quest description and objective counter
- Typo in Brock the Mason's text when you start the Lumps of Clay quest
- Typo in the description for the "Mushroom Painting" ranch item
- Reveal issues with Reggie and Levi in the Mushroom Core.
- Issue with the final puzzle graphic in the Sporing Forest
- Issue with a premature puzzle reveal before puzzle completion in the Sporing Forest

Chime in about these changes here!