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November 3rd
Idle Champions: Wild Beyond the Witchlight, Part 2 
Posted in Idle Champions.

Jenks & Squiddly are missing from the Witchlight Carnival! While searching for them we find our way into the Feywild, but it's not what we expected.

Note: you will need to have completed the previous two Wild Beyond the Witchlight Adventures, Tall Tales and The Witchlight Carnival, in order to access these new Adventures.

Thieves of the Coven

Dive deeper into the mysteries of the Witchlight Carnival while you continue to look for Jenks & Squiddly.
Reach area 250.
  • Variant: Sticky Fingers — Dive deeper into the mysteries of the Witchlight Carnival while a thief steals your gold!
  • Sowpig appears in each boss area. You must defeat her to progress.
  • Gold Find is reduced by 99%.
  • Reach area 200.

Hither of the Feywild

Venture into the Feywild, learning about this mysterious plane while you search for your lost friends.
Complete area 300.
  • Variant: Don't Breathe the Marsh Gas Venture into the Feywild, avoiding the effects of the marsh gas.
    • Additional Marsh Gas Bubbles appear in each area. They don't drop gold, nor do they count towards quest progress.
    • Only Champions with a ranged or Magical base attack can be used.
    • Complete area 350.


Named by the Idle Champions players and featured in Idle Champions Presents: The Trials of Mount Tiamat, Puff has arrived to help you through your adventures! The Puff the Myconid Sprout Familiar Pack includes Puff, the Myconid Sprout Familiar, 2 Epic Potions of Speed, 2 Epic Potions of Giant's Strength, and 2 Epic Potions of Clairvoyance.

We would love to hear about your experiences in the Feywild on the Idle Champions Subreddit, on the Steam forums, or on the Official Idle Champions Discord!

September 22nd
Idle Champions: Wild Beyond the Witchlight Campaign 
Posted in Idle Champions.

Once every eight years a very special event brings joy to one settlement after the next. This magical extravaganza is filled with delight, whimsy, and a wicked bit of danger...welcome to the Witchlight Carnival!

Our latest update for Idle Champions launches our adventure from The Wild Beyond the Witchlight, including first tier of Blessings for the campaign!

New Campaign

The Wild Beyond the Witchlight campaign is a fantastic romp into the Plane of Faerie, which is just as dangerous as it is beautiful.

To unlock The Wild Beyond the Witchlight campaign, you must have completed 75 adventures or variants in other campaigns. Additionally, the target areas are higher than normal, reflecting the challenges of the Feywild. The target for our first adventure Tall Tales is area 150. From there, each new adventure's target goes up by 50 areas from the previous adventure, and the variants are each 50 areas higher than the base adventure, or the variant before it.

Grab your tickets, it's time to get on the ride...

New Blessings

When the Champions begin their romp through the Carnival, they'll be working to amuse and entertain Corellon Larethian in order to earn their favor. Tier 1 Blessings for The Wild Beyond the Witchlight campaign will go live with today's update, with three local Blessings to help the Champions in the Feywild, and one global Blessing to bring the magic of the Carnival wherever you go.

Tall Tales

What better way to enjoy a carnival than with a trio of excited kids? The Champions are chaperoning Nat, Jenks and Squiddly to enjoy the wonders of the Witchlight Carnival, and before bed one night the children enjoy telling stories to Sgt Knox about all their previous adventures. But kids like to embellish. A lot.
Reach area 150.
  • Variant: Nightmare Rats! — Learn about the history of the Champions with Jenks & Squiddly at your side as they join the formation. Meanwhile Burning Rats appear in each area, but they don't drop gold or count towards quest progress.
  • Reach area 200.

The Witchlight Carnival

Too excited to listen to the Champions, Jenks & Squiddly have snuck away to get into the Carnival early. It'd be easier to find the kids if there wasn't other chaos to deal with!
Reach area 200.
  • Variant: A Monarch Among Us — Uncover the mysteries of the Witchlight Carnival with the help of Nat in your formation.
    • Enemies move 100% faster & deal 100% additional damage.
    • Gold Find is reduced by 99%.
    • Reach area 250.

Fantastic New Outfits

Some of the Champions are already dressed for the Carnival! Witchlight Delina delights in bright pinks, purples and greens with a gorgeous set of butterfly wings, and can be collected during our Fourth Anniversary Celebration!

There are also two new Feywild inspired skins available in the store; Witchlight Calliope is ready to join the bards in the big top as part of the Founders Pack IV, while Orkira is enamored with painted wings and sweet treats in her own Witchlight Orkira Theme Pack. Finally, you can collect a code to unlock Witchlight Spurt by tuning into our two days of streaming on The CNE Twitch Channel!

We hope you enjoy this new Feywild infused campaign, and would love to hear about your experiences with the Witchlight Carnival on the Idle Champions Subreddit, on the Steam forums, or on the Official Idle Champions Discord!

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