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November 25th, 2022
Idle Champion Spotlight: Warduke 
Posted in Idle Champions.

“I speak with the flames and razor-sharp edges of my sword. They beat words to hell.”

No one knows what Warduke looks like under his dread helm. He never removes that helmet to reveal his face to others, only showing his piercing, red, glowing eyes. This Simril he dons that signature helmet again to take his place in the Idle Champions roster!

I. Warduke

    Warduke's services as a remorseless killer-for-hire can be easily bought. The evil swordsman isn't terribly bright, which is why he leaves the plotting and scheming to others. He just likes to hit things with his sword.

This deadly warrior is a Tanking and DPS Champion who grows more powerful the more he swings his sword, all while inverting the positional formation abilities of the other Champions. Once you have unlocked his services, you can swap Warduke with Delina in Slot 8.

II. Warduke's Stats

Race: Human Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Gender: Male Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 39 Class: Fighter

STR: 19 DEX: 11 CON: 17
INT: 9 WIS: 11 CHA: 11

Role: Tanking, DPS

Eligible for Patrons: Mirt & Vajra

Slot: 8 (Delina)

Dungeons & Dragons Warduke Marketing Gif

III. Warduke's Design

Fans of D&D will recognize Warduke from his most recent appearance in The Wild Beyond the Witchlight, working for the League of Malevolence as they try to acquire a powerful staff. But this imposing warrior has been in the D&D world for over 40 years, including appearing alongside Dungeon Master in the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon, and becoming an action figure produced in the 1980s! He's even a foe our players have already encountered in Idle Champions, so it's fun to be able to secure his services to help the Champions instead!

Warduke is A Trained Killer who relishes in battle, becoming more powerful every time he attacks or takes damage. He's often seen serving The League of Malevolence, as the odious assemblage of villains provides a convenient arrangement for achieving his goals. As a Bodyguard for the Highest Bidder he'll make sure his employers stay alive long enough to pay him, increasing the health of all Champions in the formation. However if a better offer were to come along, he would have no qualms about changing his allegiances. Those chaotic tendencies affect the rest of the Champions as well. Warduke inspires a Chaotic Inversion of positional formation abilities. This means when Champions in the formation have an ability that only affects certain slots, he will invert it so it affects the opposite slots instead! He's also Drawn to Power as his damage is increased for each positional formation ability affecting him.

This evil swordsman will work for anyone who has the coin, but Specializes in a few specific formations. If Chaos Reigns then Warduke will increase his damage for every fellow chaotic Champion in the formation. Or he can draw power from other evil Champions as if surrounded by the League of Malevolence. But if getting paid is all that matters, this Mercenary for Hire will hit harder the more gold find Champions there are! With his epic sword Nightwind in hand, Warduke is a deadly foe as he leaps forward to slash through multiple enemies. And when it's time to turn up the heat, Nightwind ignites into a Flame Tongue Sword so Warduke can deal the ultimate amount of damage possible!

IV. Warduke's Abilities

Basic Attack

  • Nightwind - Warduke moves up to the closest enemy and swings his sword, dealing one hit to all nearby enemies with a melee attack.

Formation Abilities

  • A Trained Killer - Each time Warduke attacks or is damaged, he gains a Remorseless stack. Warduke increases his damage by 100% for each Remorseless stack he has, stacking additively. Stacks are reset when traveling to a new area.
  • Bodyguard for the Highest Bidder - Increase the health of all Champions by 25% of Warduke's max health.
  • Chaotic Inversion - Most positional formation abilities' targets are inverted. Affected abilities will have "(Inverted)" appended to the ability name everywhere it is used.
  • Drawn to Power - Warduke's damage is increased by 100% for each positional formation ability affecting him, stacking multiplicatively. Buffs apply to the pre-stack multiplier.


  • Chaos Reigns - Warduke's damage is increased by 100% for each chaotic Champion in the formation, stacking multiplicatively.
  • Mercenary for Hire - Warduke's damage is increased by 300% for each gold find Champion in the formation, stacking multiplicatively.
  • League of Malevolence - Warduke's damage is increased by 500% for each evil Champion in the formation, stacking multiplicatively.

Ultimate Ability

  • Flame Tongue Sword - Warduke's sword Nightwind ignites in flames for 30 seconds. For the duration, Warduke deals an additional 1000% damage with his normal attacks and he takes half damage from all sources.

V. Warduke's Epic Equipment

Slot 1: Self DPS
Slot 2: A Trained Killer
Slot 3: Drawn to Power
Slot 4: Specializations
Slot 5: Heath Increase
Slot 6: Ultimate Cooldown

VI. Conclusion

Are you ready to hire this terrifying swordsman? We think he will be an epic addition to your formation! Let us know how deadly Warduke is in a Community Q&A or Champion feedback post on the Idle Champions Subreddit, on the Steam forums, or on the Official Idle Champions Discord!

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