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October 19th, 2022
Idle Champions: Trials of Mount Tiamat Update 
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We've made some updates to the Trials of Mount Tiamat, our co-operative multiplayer campaign, in order to make things more balanced and fair for everyone playing. Check out the details below, and remember you can always see all the information in the game!

  • The cost of each Trials of Mount Tiamat campaign is now paid by all members who join a trial. The cost of different difficulties has been adjusted accordingly.
  • 25% of the cost to start a Trials of Mount Tiamat campaign will be refunded if the trial is failed, a minimum of 1 vial is refunded. A prismatic vial will be refunded if used.
  • A new checkbox to automatically start the campaign when all 5 trials have been selected by players has been added. This setting defaults to on for all new campaigns but can but toggled off if the host needs tighter control.
  • Players who contribute 0 DPS to a campaign that lasts longer than 3 days will no longer gain access to the next difficulty of Trials of Mount Tiamat.
  • If you fail to complete the Area Goal for any day in the campaign, your Area Goal will remain the same for the next day and your daily restriction will be rerolled. This is to prevent unlucky rolls for early days making the campaign contribution somewhat impossible.
  • Additional notifications pop up to remind you to contribute to your active trial if you haven't for the current day.
Balance Changes:
  • Tiamat's Health at some difficulties has been adjusted.
  • Area goals and bonus dps for some difficulties have been adjusted.
  • Restrictions relating to only using certain types of champions have been adjusted to remove a similar number of champions for each different stat.
  • Restrictions relating to Neutral alignment have been split into separate ones for the the Good/Evil and Lawful/Chaotic axes.
  • The max scales you can get from defeating Tiamat has been increased.
  • The vials found in Glory of Bahamut chests have been improved.
You can find information about the Trials of Mount Tiamat in the game or in our previous blog!
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