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September 15th, 2021
Idle Champions: Trials of Mount Tiamat 
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Tiamat recently escaped to Faerûn and threatens to destroy the whole of reality. It's time for you and your Champions to take part in an epic battle to distract, disrupt, and destroy the Dragon Queen's forces in a last-ditch effort to banish Tiamat back to Avernus and save the world!

We are excited to challenge you and your Champions to the Trials of Mount Tiamat, our co-operative multiplayer campaign! Team up with four other players, battle the Queen of Chromatic Dragons over seven days, and earn epic loot to level up your gear to new heights. Read on to learn the basics and make sure you check out all the details in the full FAQ in the game!

Softcap Increase

Before we get into the Trials of Mount Tiamat, we're excited to announce that the softcap on all of our Champions has been increased! So if you have yet to complete Descent into Avernus, or you've been stuck at your wall for a spell, your Champions will be able to level up even further, with 470 new upgrades split across 87 Champions!

Dungeons & Dragons Trials of Mount Tiamat Logo Clear

What are the Trials of Mount Tiamat?

The Trials of Mount Tiamat is a new asynchronous co-operative multiplayer system that is unlocked once you complete the Descent into Avernus campaign. By playing through the Trials of Mount Tiamat, you can collect Scales of Tiamat, which you can use to upgrade your Epic items into Legendary rarity, imbuing them with new and unique powers!

How do I unlock this feature?

Before you can take part in Trials, you must have battled Tiamat and completed 'Elturel's Last Stand' in the Descent Into Avernus campaign. Then you need to complete the introductory adventure by clicking the Trials of Mount Tiamat campaign button on the campaign map. Once that is done, a new dialog will appear in the game which will let you create and join active Trials of Mount Tiamat campaigns.

How do I create or join a Trials of Mount Tiamat campaign?

On the main Trials of Mount Tiamat dialog screen, you can choose to create or join a campaign. If you're creating the campaign, you pick the campaign difficulty and the currency you will use to start it. Once you have created a campaign, you can select your Trial and nominate your Assault Front Champion. You will also see a campaign code you can give out if you want specific people to join your campaign. Pick a Trial to attempt, nominate your Assault Front Champion in order to "ready-up," and then wait for up to four additional players to join and "ready up" before you start.

If you're joining another campaign, you can view a list of available campaigns started by other players, or input a campaign code to join a specific one. You can filter by the difficulty of the campaign and/or the available Trials. You can only join campaigns that are at most one difficulty higher than the highest difficulty at which you have defeated Tiamat. Once you have joined a campaign you must pick a Trial to attempt and nominate your Assault Front Champion in order to "ready-up".

What are the "Trials" and how do I pick one?

The "Trials" are five unique adventures that take place on, around, or under Mount Tiamat. They focus on distracting, disrupting, and destroying the Dragon Queen's forces so the Assault Front Champions can engage her directly in order to banish her back to Avernus. The monsters and environments you battle in vary from Trial to Trial, and there are rewards for completing each Trial for the first time. Other than that, it doesn't make a difference which Trial you choose on any given week. Only one player can pick each Trial each week and everyone must choose a Trial before the campaign can begin.

What is an "Assault Front Champion" and how do I pick one?

When you join a campaign, you will select one of your roster's Champions to join the Assault Front. The Assault Front is where Champions directly engage Tiamat and attempt to reduce Tiamat's health to zero to force her into the Red Wizard's trap. Choose carefully, as you will be unable to use your chosen Assault Front Champion while the campaign is active! These Assault Front Champions will provide buffs to all players on the campaign based on their roles and their item level, so sending more popular, more powerful Champions to the Assault Front will result in higher buffs to each party.

What happens on my Trial Adventure?

The goal is to reduce Tiamat's health to zero and you do so by increasing your DPS contributions by doing your chosen Trial adventure. You can reset your Trial Adventure multiple times a day, but will always be forced to reset at the end of the day. This is because each day the battle against Tiamat gets harder! You start out on day one with a single, simple restriction on the adventure, such as "Only Champions with STR 10+ can be used." Each day a new restriction is added, making the fight to reach your daily area goal even harder. You will earn Bahamut favor by resetting your Trial Adventure, which can be converted to the permanent favor of your choice after the campaign has ended.

What rewards can I earn from the Trials of Mount Tiamat?

Dungeons & Dragons Trials of Mount Tiamat Scales

Every time you complete a campaign you receive Scales of Tiamat, which can be used to upgrade your epic items into Legendary rarity, imbuing them with new and unique powers! If you manage to bring Tiamat's health to zero and banish her back to Avernus, you will receive a bonus of 50% more Scales. You may also receive one or more Glory of Bahamut chests for defeating Tiamat. The higher the difficulty level of the campaign, the more Scales and Chests you can get!

There are also some one-time rewards you can receive. The first time you defeat Tiamat on each difficulty, your Scales of Tiamat reward will be multiplied by 3. Additionally, the first time you defeat Tiamat after taking part in each Trial, you will receive a special Wyrmspeaker Champion Skin!

Dungeons & Dragons Trials of Mount Tiamat Wyrmspeaker Lineup

Collect each of the Wyrmspeaker skins above by defeating Tiamat on each of the Trials!
  • The Mountain Trial for Wyrmspeaker Torogar
  • The Swamp Trial for Wyrmspeaker Makos
  • The Underground Trial for Wyrmspeaker Jarlaxle
  • The Forest Trial for Wyrmspeaker Krull
  • The Plains Trial for Wyrmspeaker Avren!

Dungeons & Dragons Trials of Mount Tiamat Nayeli and Baby Tiamat

Would you like to outfit more Champions in fantastic Wyrmspeaker garb? There are more Wyrmspeaker skins available in the in-game shop, including Wyrmspeaker Nayeli and her adorable Baby Tiamat Familiar! You can find Wyrmspeaker Nayeli in the Trials Founder’s Pack, which will appear in the shop once you have access to the Trials of Mount Tiamat.

We hope you enjoy this epic battle with one of the Forgotten Realms most iconic characters, and cannot wait to hear all the glorious tales of triumph as you team up with your friends on the Idle Champions Subreddit, on the Steam forums, or on the Official Idle Champions Discord!

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