Codename Entertainment Conduct Guidelines
At Codename Entertainment we strive to foster a fun, relaxed, and respectful environment for our community of enthusiastic players. To that end, here are our guidelines for expected behavior in the Codename forums and chats. Specific rules follow the general guidelines listed below. Ignorance of any of these guidelines will not be accepted as a defense of a player's actions.

General Chat and Forum Conduct Guidelines:
  • Use the Golden Rule - Treat people as you wish to be treated. This means don't set out to purposely disrupt our forums and in-game chat. Things may not always go as you would like, but don't intentionally be a jerk.

  • Don't harass others - If you find yourself harassing another user based on race, sexuality, religion, or nationality, just stop. No matter what you believe or what has happened to you, it's never okay to insult others. Self-defense does not justify harassing others.

  • Keep post and comments family friendly - Given that everyone playing our games is 13 or older, the chat and forum discussions should be approximately PG-13. Our chat filter will automatically censor most profanity, but please don't take that to mean you can swear indiscriminately. Both swearing and overly-sexual language may get you silenced, no matter if it's caught by the filter.

  • Don't feed the trolls - If someone is trolling, don't engage them. Instead, report the player in the game, mute them in chat and leave the situation to a Moderator or CNE employee. Remember, if someone is saying something that you don't want to hear, it is easiest to just mute them and then you never have to hear from them again. We don't expect everyone to get along, but we do expect that you will take responsibility for YOUR actions.

  • Talk about the games - In general, the forums and chats exist to talk about our games and game worlds. We recognize that players like to chat about other subjects, and we're okay with that, but keep it in moderation.

    Do not spam or link inappropriate material. Accidental double (or more) postings do occasionally occur, but please click "Post"/hit "Enter" only once. If your post does not immediately appear on the forums, please give it a few moments before refreshing and checking to see if it did successfully post. Spamming in chat will result in a removal of chatting privileges for a period of time, and will escalate with repeat behaviour.

  • Your account is your responsibility - Don't share your password or let other people use your account. Codename employees and Moderators will NEVER ask for your password. If something happens with your account, you are responsible.

  • Don't hack our games - Hacking the game is cheating and unfair. If you hack the game, you risk having your account reset or made permanently inaccessible. If you have found an exploit for the game, we would appreciate it if you could share it with us. We may even give you a treat if you do.

In sum, the following prohibited behaviour will result in a chat/forum ban as appropriate:
  • Do not use profanity;
  • Do not use indecent or inappropriate language or emoticons;
  • Do not attempt to bypass language filters;
  • Do not spam the same message, or variations of the same message;
  • Do not use language that promotes discrimination or hatred towards individuals or groups due to ethnicity, nationality, gender, orientation, or disability,
  • Do not share or ask for personal information, including ages, addresses, and phone numbers,
  • Do not link to or promote illegal activity;
  • Do not harass, advocate harassment, or make false accusations of another person or entity;
  • Do not impersonate Moderators or Developers
  • Do not impersonate another player in a harmful manner.

If a player is found in violation of these guidelines, there are consequences. Codename follows the "3 strikes" rule:
For the first issue, there will be a warning.
For the second, a temporary ban.
For the third transgression, the ban is made permanent.
Codename reserves the right to skip any of these steps should a player's actions warrant it.

It is up to the discretion of the Moderators and Codename team working together to interpret and enforce the guidelines above. We do not take action on anything we cannot verify , and we do not accept screenshots as evidence because they can easily be altered. Codename employees may not always make decisions that you agree with. However, arguing with or being abusive to them is unlikely to change the decision. We are people, too, so please treat us as kindly as you would treat anyone else.