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January 1st, 2020
Idle Champions: Tomb of Annihilation, Part 9 
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The time has finally come to wrap up your unfinished business in Chult. Five new challenging variants await the most stalwart of adventurers, with the reward of unlocking Dragonbait, the Saurial Paladin with their completion.

Good luck!

Note: you will need to have completed the base adventures and at least 17 additional adventures in the Tomb of Annihilation campaign in order to unlock the first of these variants.

New Champion: Dragonbait

    Dragonbait is a champion of good and a saurial—a race that originated on a distant world and whose members have long lives. Very few saurials dwell in the Forgotten Realms, and no saurial communities are believed to exist anywhere in the world. The saurial's language is a combination of clicks and whistles beyond the human range of hearing, so Dragonbait relies on 'shouting' scents to communicate emotions. Dragonbait's known scents include: brimstone (confusion), roses (sadness), lemon (pleasure or joy), baked bread (anger), violets (danger or fear), honeysuckle (tenderness or concern), wood smoke (devotion or piety), tar (victory or celebration), and ham (nervousness or worry).

Dragonbait is a Tank and Support Champion. His Shen-state formation ability offers a variety of scent-based positional formation buffs. When you wish to add Dragonbait to the formation, you can swap him with Jamilah (Slot 11).

For more information about our latest Evergreen Champion, check out the Idle Champion Spotlight: Dragonbait dev blog!

Tomb of Annihilation Variants

  • Exploring Port Nyanzaru Variant 3: Patience is Key — Only Champions with a base attack cooldown of 5 seconds or more can be used.
    Reach area 300.
  • Running of the Saurs Variant 3: Relay Race — Each Champion can only be used for 150 unique areas. Once a Champion has been in the formation for 150 unique areas, they are no longer allowed to be used until the adventure is reset.
    Reach area 325.
  • The Templar's Camp Variant 3: Overwhelming Force — All monsters deal 50% more damage and move 20% faster for each enemy alive.
    Reach area 350.
  • Rescue in the Jungle Variant 3: Starving in the Jungle — Gold drops are reduced by 2% per area (stacking multiplicatively). Your Champions take 4% unavoidable damage every second in non-boss areas.
    Reach area 375.
  • The Lost Love Variant 2: A Saurial's Resolve — Dragonbait takes up a slot at the very front of your formation, and cannot be moved or swapped out.

    While alive, Dragonbait will buff your formation. Each time you encounter Valindra Shadowmantle (the Area 50 Boss), she respawns after she is killed, gaining increased health and damage for each resurrection.

    Valindra will respawn once for every 50 areas you've unlocked (so once on area 50, twice on area 100, three times on area 150, etc). Whenever she respawns, Dragonbait increases his resolve, gaining buffs to his tanking and buffing abilities.
    Reach area 400.

Completing A Saurial's Resolve rewards you with Dragonbait - the latest Evergreen Champion

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