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September 7th
Idle Champions: Fifth Anniversary Celebration 
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September 7th is our Fifth Anniversary, and what better way to celebrate 5 amazing years of Idle Champions than with a new campaign, giveaways, livestreams, and updates to the game! It's time for our Fifth Anniversary Celebration!

Fifth Anniversary Celebration

It's been another fantastic year for Idle Champions! We saw our 100th Champion, began our journey through the Wild Beyond the Witchlight, supercharged our modron cores, added new evergreen Champions, thrilled at the stories of the Court of the Raven Queen and the Black Pits, watched A Familiar Quest, and much more. So we're excited to celebrate our anniversary with more content, more updates, and more fun!

Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Anniversary Daily Rewards

Daily Rewards

Every day during the Fifth Anniversary Celebration you can log in and open a new Birthday chest, but each chest is only available for 24 hours! Each chest contains 5 awesome items, hand-picked by the team here at Codename Entertainment to help you in your adventures. If you get goodies in those chests for content you have not yet unlocked, then your account will retain those items and save them for you to enjoy when you have unlocked those systems in the game.

Once you have claimed at least four daily Birthday chests, you unlock Viconia as well as an exclusive Vecna Cultist Viconia skin, an epic Viconia feat, and 3 gold Viconia chests!

Vecna Lives!

This week we launch an update to the Grand Tour of the Sword Coast with a new fork in the road. Do you continue along the traveled path to Longsaddle and the Mists of Ravenloft? Or will you brave a trip to Candlekeep and face off against The Whispered One himself...VECNA!

  • Vecna Lives! - Explore the emergency in Candlekeep and discover a new threat to Faer?n.
    • Variant 1: Overwhelmed with Knowledge - Explore the emergency in Candlekeep with Champions that are amazed by the library.
    • Only Champions with an INT of 15 or higher may be used.
    • The Overwhelm for all Champions is set to 1.
    • Complete area 325.
  • Vecna Loots! - Stop the assault on Candlekeep before Vecna can achieve his goal!
    • Variant 1: Well Equipped - Stop the assault on Candlekeep with your best equipped Champions!
    • Only Champions with Rare or better equipment in every equipment slot may be used.
    • A wizard student joins the formation. They just get in the way.
    • Complete area 325.

Idle Champions Presents: Vecna Lives!

Dungeons & Dragons Idle Champions Presents Vecna Lives

A motely crew of Champions have been rallied, at VERY short notice, to defend one of the biggest cities on the Sword Coast from The Whispered One! Erin M. Evans is the Dungeon Master for this intense one shot with players Vee Mus'e as Voronika, Noura Ibrahim as Nahara, Masood Haque as Gazrick, and Lauren Urban as Orkira.

Watch live on Wednesday, September 7th at 12pm Pacific on our Twitch Channel! And join us all day for our Fifth Anniversary Day of Streaming to collect the Vecna Cultist Korth Skin, and unlock Korth along with 3 Gold Korth Chests!

Bardic Inspiration Vol 3 In-Game Soundtrack Update!

Bardic Inspiration Soundtrack Update

The bard and the scribe from Bardic Inspiration have been hard at work turning ten of the most recently crafted tunes into fully produced songs! All will be added to the Jukebox for you to rock out to while crafting your formations. The track list includes:
  • 1. Ballad of the Black Rose (Lord Soth, Episode 63)
  • 2. Beware the Purple Worm (Purple Worms, Episode 41)
  • 3. Cry for Justice (Bahamut, Episode 47)
  • 4. Displaced Displacer (Displacer Beasts, Episode 46)
  • 5. Hate Makes You Cold (Zorbu, Episode 12)
  • 6. Judged by Kelemvor (Kelemvor, Episode 43)
  • 7. Kobolds are Number One (Kobolds, Episode 52)
  • 8. Lord of Secrets, The Whispered One (Vecna, Episode 66)
  • 9. My Sweet Raven Queen (Orcus & The Raven Queen, Episode 53)
  • 10. The Lorekeeper's Legacy (Alyndra Sarrbarand, Episode 27)

Founder's Pack V, New Gem Shop Skins, and an Anniversary Sale!

A new year brings a new Founder's Pack, filled with awesome goodies to help you complete your adventures! Full details can be found in the in-game shop, but take a look at what's in store:

  • Founder's Pack V - It's time for Bruenor to go to space! This exclusive Spelljammer Bruenor skin shows that he's ready for whatever wildspace is going to throw at the formation. Also included in this pack is an exclusive Space Mollymawk familiar, a Golden Epic Potion, an Epic Potion of the Gem Hunter, and a bevy of gold chests, gems, blacksmithing contracts, bounty contracts, and potions!

We've also added the following skins to the gem shop, which become visible and available once you've unlocked the corresponding Champion:
  • Gladiator Tatyana
  • Special Guest Star Catti-brie

Finally, we have an anniversary sale going on in-game across most of our platforms starting today. Collect some starter packs at our biggest discount yet, or pick up a few packs you've been waiting to grab!

Feedback Wanted!

Tell us all about your experience playing Idle Champions over the last five years on the Idle Champions Subreddit, on the Steam forums, or on the Official Idle Champions Discord!

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