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May 5th
Idle Champions: Dismantle Champion System Overview 
Posted in Idle Champions.

We have been working on a way for our players to have the option to redistribute equipment levels, items and feats from Champions after a significant balance change. This system provides this new option, as well as an upgrade to the way Potions of Polish work!

The Dismantle Champion System should go live soon, and was talked about on the most recent Developer Insights. You can find all the details below, and they will be available in the In Game Changelog once the system is live.

After a specific Champion has had a significant balance change, and we choose to allow it to be dismantled, the Dismantle Champion System will become available for that Champion for 6 weeks. You can only dismantle a Champion once during this time period, and only the Champion we have selected. You will find the button to start the process in the Champion's character sheet, near their portrait.

Dismantling a Champion has the following effects:
  • All equipment item levels are set to level 1.
    • Equipment item levels are returned in the form of Blacksmithing Contracts with a total value equal to the item levels.
    • Collected equipment is retained, and your max rarity of each equipment slot is retained. If you're fully epic, you'll remain fully epic, just at a level of 1.
  • Golden Epic items are reverted to normal epic items.
    • A new Epic Golden Potion is awarded for each. The Epic Golden Potion turns the item of a player's choice (the player chooses both the Champion and the equipment slot) into a golden item, provided it is a valid GE in the system (i.e. we have released that item as a GE previously). If the item is not already epic, this potion makes it epic as well.
  • Shiny items are reverted to the non-shiny version of themselves.
    • A Potion of Polish is awarded for each.
    • The Potion of Polish has been upgraded to be targetable, just like the Epic Golden Potion. All existing Potions of Polish will gain this ability.
  • Legendary items are reverted to epic rarity.
    • A Legendary Potion - Level # is awarded for each. The potion has a level that is equal to the level of the legendary that was removed. It can be used on epic or legendary equipment of a player's choice to make it a legendary item of that level.
    • If used on an item that is already legendary, the equipment will be set to the level of the potion and another potion of the previous level will be awarded. A Legendary Potion can not be used on an item that is already of an equal or higher legendary level
  • Feats that can be purchased for gems are removed
    • Gems equivalent to the total purchase price are awarded.
    • Refunded feats will be available to purchase again for gems.
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