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November 5th, 2021
Idle Champions: Speed Champions 
Posted in Idle Champions.

Up to this point, Idle Champions has had five official role tags: Tanking, DPS, Healing, Support, and Gold Find. However, there’s always been an unofficial sixth tag - the 'Speed' tag - and it's about time we made that tag official.

There’s been some debate within the community about what constitutes a Speed Champion. We’re here to put the debate to rest and introduce an official ‘Speed’ tag. Champions can receive the Speed tag for any ability that helps a player clear an area faster. This can occur in a number of ways; for example by progressing the rate of the game (Shandie), increasing the rate at which enemies spawn (Deekin), decreasing the area requirements needed to complete the area (Sentry), or skipping an area altogether (Briv), to name a few possibilities.

Widdle will be the first Champion released with a 'Speed' tag, and with the same update we will be retroactively adding the tag to the following Champions: Briv, Deekin, Havilar, Hew Maan, Melf, Minsc, Sentry, Shandie, and Xander.

With this in mind, we thought it would be prudent to list all Speed Champions and highlight which of their abilities qualifies them for the tag.

  • Briv — Unnatural Haste — Briv has a 25% chance of sprinting forward quickly on steel-springs after completing a new area, skipping the next area entirely. This action consumes 4% of his Sprint stacks and requires at least 50 stacks to occur. When you reset the adventure, all stacks of Steelbones that Briv has gained convert into stacks of Sprint, which persist between resets until they are used by this ability. If the chance of springing forward surpasses 100%, you will have a 100% chance to skip 1 area, with the overflow counting towards your chance to skip 2 areas. If you skip a boss area in this way, the gems, chests, red jewels, etc. from it are collected automatically.
  • Deekin — Confidence in The Boss — When Deekin's excitement levels are low (<5 stacks), he causes monsters to spawn 50% faster.
  • Havilar — Demon Sickness: Dembo — Demons have a 50% chance of dropping two quest items or counting for two kills when killed.
  • Hew Maan — Teamwork: Zrang — Enemies have a 25% chance to drop double quest items or count for double quest progress.
  • Melf — Melf's Speedy Supplement — Melf provides one of the following effects at random. A new effect is chosen at random every 50 areas.
    • Increase the chance to spawn an additional enemy with each wave by 25%
    • Increase enemy spawn speed by 25%
    • Increase the chance of double quest drops by 25%
  • Minsc — Boastful — Whenever a non-boss enemy spawns there is a 10% chance a second enemy will spawn and a 2% chance two additional enemies will spawn. Not active in boss areas.
  • Sentry — Create Echo: Echo Resolution — If Sentry wasn't attacked at any time in the current area, and the current area is your highest area unlocked when you transition to the next area there is a 30% chance that the quest requirements in that area will be reduced by 20%.
  • Shandie — Dash — When the formation has not come under attack for 60 seconds, Shandie speeds up the formation by 25%.
  • Xander — Lucky Shot — Whenever Xander lands a killing blow on an enemy, or an enemy affected by Distraction is killed, there is a 10% chance that the enemy awards double quest progress.
  • Widdle — Widdle has three speed abilities:
    • Hurry Up Now — Champions affected by Widdle's Vampiric Gaze have a 25% chance to immediately reset their base attack cooldown after they attack.
    • Tasty Friends — Champions affected by Widdle's Vampiric Gaze look extra tasty to the enemies. Each affected Champion increases the monster spawn speed by 10%, stacking additively.
    • Only As Slow As The Fastest Link — Champions affected by Widdle's Vampiric Gaze have a basic attack cooldown equal to the quickest of the affected Champions.

    We would love to hear about your feedback about our Speed Champions on the Idle Champions Subreddit, on the Steam forums, or on the Official Idle Champions Discord!

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