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February 17th
Idle Champions: Icewind Dale, Part 4 
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Our Champions are having A Time. A night of things repeatedly going wrong. The Chardalyn Dragon has been loosed. Will they manage to defeat the dragon in time to save Ten-Towns?

Note: you will need to have completed the previous two Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden Adventures, Dwarven Rumors and Sunblight, in order to access these new Adventures.

The Radiant Nightmare

Nighttime Adventure - The Chardalyn Dragon has been loosed on Ten-Towns! Will our Champions find a way to defeat the dragon in Caer-Konig and save the region?
  • Variant: Quick Thinking — Chase down Xardorok's Chardalyn Dragon with your cleverest Champions! Only Champions with INT 12 or higher and WIS 14 or higher can be used.
  • Reach area 350.

Waiting on Sunrise

The nighttime nightmare continues. After travelling quickly, we arrive in Termalaine just as the first attack begins...
  • Variant: Frontline Fighters — Race to save Termalaine with your heartiest Champions! Only Champions with STR 15 or higher and CON 16 or higher can be used.
  • Reach area 375.

See the in-game Change Log for more information, including a full list of changes and fixes included in this update.
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