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April 14th
Idle Champions Presents: A Fool's Errand Synopsis 
Posted in Idle Champions.

Find the full synopsis and links to each episode below! Warning, here be spoilers!

Our Champions have concluded their Idle Champions Presents: A Fool's Errand adventure. If you're looking for a quick recap of the adventure with links to each episode, look no further!

Idle Champions Presents: A Fool's Errand starring B Dave Walters as the Dungeon Master and Freely, Krystina Arielle as Orisha, Erin M Evans as Havilar , Mark Meer as Baeloth Barrityl Jen Kretchmer as Alyndra Saarbarand, and Adam Bradford as Briv Steelmarrow. Our adventure saw the Champions starting in the village of Hornfirth during the Festival of Fools.

We are proud to present Fool's Errand encounter, written by Scott Fitzgerald Grey for you to download and play here.

Find the full synopsis and links to each episode below! Warning, here be spoilers!

Idle Champions Presents: The Unfair Seas B Dave Walters Erin M Evans Krystina Arielle Mark Meer Jen Kretchmer Adam Bradford

Episode 1

Disembarking from their Drow submarine ride are Freely, Orisha, Baeloth, and Havilar. They’ve arrived in the village of Hornfirth during the colorful Festival of Fools, and Orisha is once again overcome with a cryptic vision and warning that she imparts to the group. Revelry with the party and the bar patrons ensues.

A sudden ruckus nearby, including the sounds of Freely calling out in distress, cause the group to dash outside. In a nearby alley, they find the halfling protecting a red panda from a pack of wild dogs. No one wants to hurt the dogs, and between some illusions, fire, and snacks they are able to convince the dogs to run away. Freely is happy to see his old friends, and introduces the red panda as Cinnamon.

Another cry of terror rings out, and running back out of the alley the heroes find a tipsy conjurer using a spell scroll to summon fiends! Spined devils, quasits, and a nightmare appear as well as a drunken group of angry party goers who want to join the fight. Our heroes are quick to dispatch the spined devils and quasits, convince the intoxicated revelers to stand down, and persuade the nightmare to a truce. The fake Halister Blackcloak is killed, and several scrolls are found on his body. Briv makes a connection with the nightmare, who agrees to come four times when he calls, before disappearing.

Link to the full episode here

Episode 2

Just as one problem is solved another commotion starts up from Heiley, a distraught festival reveler crying for help. Her husband Beirn and his friends have gone into the mountains to play a prank on the frost giant Wrerdor and his ogre servants. Normally the frost giant is a good neighbor, but the townsfolk are terrified that Wrerdor will be infuriated and attack the village. Iris the friendly beholder shows up to offer some advice on the situation and agrees to help with any plans the heroes come up with, as well as offer a new title for both Alyndra and Briv.

The group head up the mountain to try and find the pranksters before they can strike. Their way is blocked and their trip is hampered by a Sneeze Breeze trap and then a pack of angry owlbears. The creatures are quickly killed, but Orisha’s deva rewinds time to save the owlbear’s life. After casting speak with animals they discover she’s just protecting her cubs hiding in a nearby tree, so Briv casts revivify to bring the other back to life. Continuing up the mountainside, they are distracted by the sight of a flaming mountain with a massive creature flying over it that brings Havilar infernal vibes. But it’s too far away to do much about.

Eventually, they find a tunnel entrance with a sign indicating it leads to Wrerdor, and running out of the cave is a screaming woman - a member of Beirn’s crew. She relays the group put itching powder in Wrerdor’s underclothing, but the giant did not appreciate the prank and attacked. After a stern talking about the stupidity of their actions, she is sent out into the cold to head back to town while the group head into the caves to try and rescue the other eight townsfolk. After getting lost for a while they finally find the cavern with ice mephits tormenting the captured townsfolk. They defeat the creatures and free the prisoners but are informed that Wrerdor and his ogres are heading for the town to extract revenge!

Link to the full episode here

Episode 3

Beirn informs everyone that he knows a quick way to get back to town, so after a few healing words they rush off. He leads them to a log flume that can be used to get down the mountain quickly as long as they can put together a raft. Havilar’s strength and Briv’s liquid metal are put to good use in crafting the raft, Alyndra oversees the building, and Baeloth and Orisha terrify and inspire the townsfolk to help. The heroes jump on the raft and head down the flume, narrowly avoiding several potential disasters including an otter dam they manage to dodge while saving the otters. With a frantic leap, they manage to exit the raft just before hitting the lake, taking a variety of cuts and scrapes but no major injuries. While the trip was dangerous, it did manage to get them in front of Wrerdor!

Bubbles the Hollyphant appears and offers to help them scare off the giant, transforming them all into were-red pandas before disappearing again. The group prepares to try and stop Wrerdor and his three ogres, putting up a wall of fire and preparing a massive pond full of bubbles. The ogres charge into battle, but some persuasive words from Havilar and Orisha, a joke from Briv, and a command to parlay from Alyndra convinces Wrerdor to talk first. The giant admits that he’s not mad, he’s just upset he was left out of the festivities. After some discussion and calming down, Wrerdor is convinced to throw his own party! They’re going to have a foam party, with drinks and snacks, and Baeloth agrees to sing for entertainment. Orisha coordinates the decorations, Briv takes over food prep, Alyndra leads some on some calming meditation, and Freely gathers up the townsfolk to join the festivities.

The party is a success! The Festival of Fools is finished with a fantastic festival of foam!

Link to the full episode here