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November 28th, 2014
The Mystery of the Restless Ghosts! 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Investigator Kaine needs your help again, Bush Whackers! This time a troupe of restless ghosts are causing trouble in the castle area! In order to start this adventure you must have completed Kaine's caves mystery and reached the kitchen area of the Castle Interior zone. Once those requirements are met, you can start this new adventure by talking to the Town Crier in the Commons. Have fun!

Discuss this update on the forums by clicking here!

This weekend we're also running a special Black Friday sale! Until Monday, December 1st at 11:59:59PM PST, all purchases of 50 Bush Bucks of more will award 30% more Bush Bucks for free! We're also throwing in an exclusive Black Turkey pet with your first purchase of any Bush Bucks or Premium Pet Pack (starter packs included!)
November 28th, 2014
Change Log: Changes released November 28, 2014  
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

New Content:
- Kaine Adventure: Mystery of the Restless Ghosts (Blog here!)
- Black Friday Sale (30% more BB with purchases of 50 Bush Bucks of more, plus a special Black Turkey pet with your first purchase of any BB or pet pack during the sale)

General Updates:
- Fixed a typo in the Jungle Outskirts
- Fixed an issue where a pile of candy persisted in the Castle Interior after Halloween
Chat about these changes here!
November 21st, 2014
Flux Remixed 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

One of the most common requests we have from end-of-game players is a way to revisit old Flux puzzles, followed up by a way to use and recombine old Flux trinkets. With the update today, we are doing both!

As of the update today, players who have reached the current Flux will be able to teleport to previous Fluxes and get trinkets they missed or just complete different puzzles if they get tired of the latest one.

Want to get started? Talk to the "glitch" with the !!! over its head to teleport between Flux's.

Once you arrive in a prior Flux, you'll notice one major change: all the Devs in previous are ghostly and won't say anything (because we didn't keep any of their old dialog, whoops!), but you can watch the "studio " expand with new Devs, as we evolved over time.

The next major change is that instead of receiving 10,000 gold after finding all 8 Flux Trinkets for a given Flux, you will now whack up Flux Dust. Flux Dust can then be used to buy special Custom Items, a custom pet, or to upgrade a special "Super Trinket" that can only be obtained and upgraded in the Flux.

So What is the Super Trinket?

As indicated above, the Super Trinket can only be created in the Flux. This trinket can be upgraded more than 50 times - each time you upgrade it, you can modify a different stat, but each group of stats must be added before the next tier will unlock.

You will need to collect all 8 trinkets from a specific Flux, before they can be traded for Dusts (and clean up the trinket inventory).

Talk to the woman in the blue shirt and bowler hat in the Flux to access the Flux store and Super Trinket upgrades!                         

Tell us what you think of the update here! 

If you didn't catch our update yesterday, please visit the CNE Community Blog for an important note.  
November 21st, 2014
Change Log: Changes released November 21, 2014 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

New Content:
ADDED: - Flux REMIX (Blog here!)

General Updates:
- Issue where Negdry could not be recruited for the Theatre quest. (Fixed Monday)
- Glitch where Big Trout/Squid could be doubled - You'll now only ever receive one.
- Typo in Kaine's Desert Mystery

General Updates:
- Typo in the "Gas Masks for Reggie" quest description
- Typo in the "Saute Sauce for Sanjay" quest description and objective counter
- Typo in Brock the Mason's text when you start the Lumps of Clay quest
- Typo in the description for the "Mushroom Painting" ranch item
- Reveal issues with Reggie and Levi in the Mushroom Core.
- Issue with the final puzzle graphic in the Sporing Forest
- Issue with a premature puzzle reveal before puzzle completion in the Sporing Forest

Chime in about these changes here!
November 20th, 2014
Please Hold for an Important Announcement: 

A Note From Kitty's Scratchpad:
Hey everyone!

I wanted to let everyone know that tomorrow (Fri Nov 21) will be my last day at Codename. I have accepted an opportunity which will be taking me along new (but familiar) directions. I want to thank CNE for allowing me the opportunity to work with them for the last year and for taking a chance on me.

To you, our dear community, I thank you for the honour and privilege of having worked with and served as your voice here at the studio for the last year. I have enjoyed our time together immensely, and I will absolutely miss seeing everyone in chat and on the forums. Probably most surprisingly, I'll miss reading through everyone's thoughts and comments from the event feedback, from pet requests (bunnies!) to suggested improvements, your thoughts and feedback help us shape games that we want to make, and you want to play.

Be patient with who comes next (it could be you - we're hiring!). They will do things differently. But I am confident that whomever they are, they will serve you with the passion and dedication that everyone at Codename does.

See you online!

*Sandstorm intensifies as Kittychix poofs*

First off, we want to congratulate Chloe on her new role. She has brought a lot to our community and studio. She will be missed! However, our sadness is lessened by the knowledge that she is going to an exciting new opportunity. We wish her all the best.

Community is incredibly important to us here at Codename - it is one of the four pillars of our studio model! So while we search for that next 'great fit', we want to explain how best to get your issues and feedback heard.

Bush Whacker 2 & Egg Breaker Adventures:
  • Blog updates for BW2 and EBA will continue as normal - got a question? Check these first! They often include the information you're looking for

  • Found a bug or an issue? Open a support ticket! We will still check the CNE forums and game chats as time/resources permits, but the most direct way to get support is via the in-game Help/Support Ticket system

  • Not sure about a quest unlock during an event? Facebook updates will still be created, so you can always see what's been unlocked in a BW2 or EBA event!

  • Have a suggestion for Events or for BW2 or EBA in general? Include them in the Event Feedback Surveys! This are read after each event, and we make changes *directly* because of this feedback. Don't like something? Let us know! Like something? Let us know that too! We love making games, but we love to make games that YOU love to play. Share your thoughts with us and YOU can help US make these games better!

Shards of Titan:
  • Got feedback or found a bug? Keep posting to the forums! We are reading your feedback daily while we work, so your posts are being read, if not always directly replied to

  • Having issues with your account? Open a support ticket directly from the top of the game window!

  • As we settle into more regular updates and add more content, we will begin producing formal updates for both content and change logs. Keep your eyes peeled for more information on both of these!

And now we return you to your regularly scheduled gaming!
November 20th, 2014
Celebrate Thanksgiving in Egg Breaker 1! 
Posted in Legacy Games.

Give thanks in the game that started it all! The Thanksgiving event in Egg Breaker 1 will run until December 3, 2014!
November 19th, 2014
Here Turkey Turkey! Where are you Turkey?? 

Are you ready to stuff yourself full of tryptophan?!

The Pilgrim Monkey is on hand to ensure that the bounty of the fall is harvested, to prepare an epic feast for all the Monkey's to enjoy. Help him prepare the Thanksgiving meal by decorating the table and filling it with delicious food stuffs. Collect wild turkeys and earn trophy room items, or check out the available Extras in the Pilgrim Monkey's store!

Note: We are closely monitoring your event feedback after each holiday event, and are making ongoing improvements to the balance of event gameplay. Want your opinion heard? Make sure you send us your thoughts at the end of the event!

General Event details:

- Collect 18 different types of supplies to prepare for a feast, of ever increasing amounts.
Note: IF you need 50 remaining items, and you multiply a single egg and receive "100," only the first 50 will count. (i.e., you have 199 950 peas, you multiply for 100 peas, but you only keep 50. The remaining 50 are 'overstock' and are discarded by the system)

Why do you not get to roll them forward? Because each item you are collecting is different, and eggs can contain only one type of item. Yams are not gravy boats are not peas are not candle sticks. If you are getting close to the end of an item, use your multipliers carefully!
- You'll need to find…
…4 preparation items to advance from the Bronze stage to the Silver stage, (Place settings, candles, yams and gravy boats)
…4 preparation items to advance from the Silver stage to the Gold stage,
…12 preparation items at the Gold stage, as well as having won all 12 prizes to earn the Thanksgiving Event Trophy!

How the Event works:

The multiplier buff we introduced back in September has been exceptionally well received in event feedback so we are continuing its use! Here's the low-down on how the buff works:
  • The original Thanksgiving buff has been removed and in its place is an daily upgradable multiplier buff which increases each time you feed the Pilgrim Monkey Thanksgiving Event Tokens, up to a buff of 8x:
    • Feed the monkey once, increase the buff to 2x,
    • Feed the monkey twice, increase the buff to 4x,
    • Feed the monkey three times, the buff increases to 8x - additional feedings past this will not increase the multiplier any further, it will remain capped at 8x
    • If you merely activate the monkey, but do not feed him, the buff will not increase. You must feed the Pilgrim Monkey for the buff to increase.
  • The permanent Base x2 buff only applies to preparation item wins.
    • The graphic for the buff itself will not change, by placing your cursor over the buff icon on the right side of the breaking screen, you can see your buff has leveled up to.
    • All normal buffs are available.
  • The base multiplier will reset every day at Midnight PST.

Let's break down the Pilgrim Monkey's special event stage:

From the Pilgrim Monkey's Special Event Screen, you can:
  • Track how much time is left until the event ends,
  • Visually watch the feast table become crowded with tasty goodness!
  • See your progress towards your current preparation items,
  • See the current cost of the items which you are working towards,
  • Keep count of your Wild Turkey Achievement progression!
  • Easily track your progress towards preparation completed, Prizes collected (Click the Prize button to see which ones you've earned/are missing), Progression Ribbons and the Thanksgiving Trophy!

Rewards and Extras!:

3 successive ribbons for progression, which permanently add additional +5, +10 or +15 hammers respectively.

Trophy: Can be displayed in a Trophy Room.
Ribbon and Trophy (if earned) are awarded after the event finishes on December 3, 2014. The highest ribbon earned will be awarded.

Wild Turkey Achievement:

As you break eggs, wild turkeys appear and wander around the screen. Gently tap the turkey before it's gone! The turkey will try to escape, but one painless tap and magically you have a fragrant, perfectly cooked turkey!

At the 1st, 50th and 250th turkey found, you will unlock special decorations for your trophy room. Turkeys will continue to appear after you have earned the last achievement, but you can continue to hit them. Hitting additional turkeys will not grant additional benefits.

Stretch Goal: Can be displayed in a Trophy Room

Unlimited Turkeys! After you have earned the Thanksgiving Trophy, you can continue to earn Turkeys, which can fill up your Trophy room - some plucking may be required, if you're hungry.

Available in the Pilgrim Monkey's Store:

Consumables Tab:
Thanksgiving Crate Costs 250 Thanksgiving Tokens
- Contains a random selection of hammers, multipliers and star pieces
- Must be used by 11:59:59 PM PDT on 2014-12-4!
(We encourage you to use them by the end of the day on December 3rd, just in case!)

Extras Tab:

Available for Event Tokens:
2014 Event Hat - Pumpkin Pie hat - 10% more Event Tokens
2013 Event Hammer - Drumstick Hammer - Slightly more stars

Available for Monkey Bucks:
2013 Pilgrim Hat: Increases Holiday/Event Token wins and Star wins by 10%
2013 Turkey Hat: Increases Holiday/Event Token wins and Multiplayer wins by 10%

Hat Packs for 2014:

Chef's Hat:
- Chance your last Egg Broken was Free
- 10% More Gold

Football Helmet:
- Small chance of Bonus Hammer Win
- 10% more Event Tokens

Each Hat Pack also comes with:
  • 500 Hammers
  • 1000x Multiplier
  • 75 Stars

The Thanksgiving Event will run until Wednesday December 3, 2014 - Noon PST.

Tell us what you think of the update here! 
November 19th, 2014
Give Thanks in Egg Breaker 2! 
Posted in Legacy Games.

The leaves are changing color and the crops are coming up ready for harvest. It is the time to give thanks and feed the hungry people! This event will run until December 3, 2014!
November 18th, 2014
Chase the Turkeys in Bush Whacker 1! 
Posted in Legacy Games.

It's Turkey Wranglin' time again! Jebediah the Turkey Wrangler has appeared once more in Southeast Haven and is looking for intrepid bush whackers to help collect turkeys! You have up until December 2nd at noon to collect as many turkeys as you can. If you collect 200 turkeys, you'll get a special turkey pet! Players who participated in this event last year can partake again to earn another turkey ribbon, which will stack with any ribbons they won last year! Good luck!
November 14th, 2014
Change Log: Changes released November 14, 2014 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

New Content:
ADDED - Thanksgiving Event 2014 (blog here)

General Updates:
ADDED - You can now ask the Amicus Isle robot guy to shoo and stop getting all up in your face

...Where Mrs. Robinson has the wrong text in the school room.
...Typo in Misty's "Hatching" quest description.
...Typo in the description of the Canary quest item.
...Typo in the description of the "Chainsaws for Chiana" quest.
...Typo in the description of the "Pizza for Peter" quest.
...Typo in the description of the "Mushroom Paint for Pete" quest.
...Typo in the introduction text for the "Glowing Mushrooms for Geoff" quest.

Chime in on the changes here!