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August 30th, 2023
Idle Champions: Wild Beyond the Witchlight Part 10 
Posted in Idle Champions.

This week's update concludes The Wild Beyond the Witchlight campaign with two new adventures and adventure variants. It's time to return to the Feywild and free Prismeer!

We entered the Palace of Heart's desire and rescued Strongheart from stasis. We also faced Bavlorna for the final time and Hiss helped us make a new friend in the form of the Jabberwock!

Our time is running out in the Palace. We still have two more hags to face, the curse to lift, and Squiddly and Jenks to save!

Keep in mind that you will need to have completed the previous two Wild Beyond the Witchlight Adventures, The Court of Storms and Beware the Jabberwock, in order to access these new Adventures.

Legends and Lore

Skabatha is ready for revenge, clear the way to Squiddly and Jenks!
  • Variant: Unearthed Arcana - Skabatha is ready for revenge against your best arcane scholars.
    • You may only use Champions with the Wizard, Sorcerer, Warlock, or Bard class.
    • A Lesser Earth Elemental with 4 armored health spawns with each wave.
    • Complete area 1100

The End

Time to deal with Endelyn, save some children, and destroy a cauldron!
  • Adventure Variant: All's Well That Ends Well - Time to deal with Endelyn in a comedy of errors.
    • You may only use Champions with an ability score total of 78 or less.
    • A bard joins the formation. They distract adjacent Champions by talking about a play, increasing their base attack cooldowns by 3 seconds.
    • Complete area 1050
All the details are available in the game! And we'd love to hear about your adventures in the Feywild! Leave messages on the Idle Champions Subreddit, on the Steam forums, or on the Official Idle Champions Discord!

August 30th, 2023
Idle Champions: Season 5 Overview 
Posted in Idle Champions.

Season 5 focuses on five Champions from the Acquisitions Incorporated affiliation: Omin (Seat 3), Evelyn (Seat 6), Jim (Seat 7), Strix (Seat 11), and Vi(Seat 12). Read below to learn more about these Champions, and the details you need to know about Season 5!

The focus of Season 5 was to look at the affiliation as a whole and make them work better together, synergizing AI Champions with Gold Find Champions & Polymorph/Transformation based Champions.

The changes outlined below are live as of Wednesday, August 30th, when Season 5: Acquisitions Incorporated kicks off!

Season 5 officially starts at 12:00PM PT on Wednesday, August 30, 2023.

Table of Contents

Season 5: Acquisitions Incorporated

Champion Overview

Omin (Seat 3)

Omin has received a major rework, with nearly all of his abilities updated or changed. Champion of Tymora is now spread in a simpler way -- by other Acquisitions Incorporated or "C" Team Champions spread throughout the formation. He also now heals and increases your gold find steadily throughout the adventure.

Omin's main ability is Champion of Tymora, which buffs himself and all adjacent Champions. This can be spread to non-adjacent Champions via his Known Associates ability, which causes Acquisitions Incorporated and "C" Team Champions to become Champions of Tymora and spread the buff to Champions adjacent to them. His Light of Tymora ability causes all Champions of Tymora to be healed each second. Omin's Adventuring Capital ability increases the party's gold find every time any Champion attacks an enemy, with the buff persisting throughout the adventure and with no hard cap. Finally, his Well Funded ability increases the buff of Champion of Tymora based on the amount of gold you've found in the current adventure. Omin and his affiliation allies should be placed so that his Champion of Tymora ability spreads to as many Champions as possible.

Specializations: Omin's first two specializations increase the buff from Champion of Tymora based on which other Champions are in the formation. His third specialization, intended for long, deep runs, increases the buff based on the number of Adventuring Capital stacks he has obtained.

Evelyn (Seat 6)

Evelyn has received a minor rework. Her new ability is an attempt to give her solid utility as a late-game tank.

Evelyn's main ability is Divine Prayer, which buffs all Champions in the formation behind her. Most of her other abilities buff Divine Prayer. The first is Channel Divinity, which increases the effect when she attacks an enemy. Steadfast Might increases it based on how many enemies Evelyn has tanked in the area. Conduit of the Light also buffs Divine Prayer and triggers whenever an ally heals Evelyn. Her final ability, Lathander's Grace, provides other Champions in the formation a reason to level up beyond their normal soft caps. Evelyn's ultimate ability, Find Steed, stuns any enemies it doesn't kill. Keep Evelyn at the front of your formation and you'll do great.

Specializations: You can choose between two additional ways to buff Divine Prayer or increase the effect of Lathander's Grace if you're doing a deep run and have enough gold to buy the bonus upgrades.

Jim (Seat 7)

Jim has received a moderate rework in order to have his support and DPS abilities both work better (similar to Catti-brie in Season 4). He also has more of a focus on polymorphs and transformation for both thematic and synergistic purposes.

Jim's Fan Club ability buffs himself and those in the columns immediately in front of and behind him based on the number of Champions affected. Fan Club is buffed by Magical Mystery Tour whenever a Champion, Enemy, or Champion's Item polymorphs or otherwise transforms (for example, when Strix's staff polymorphs via her ultimate ability, or when Walnut polymorphs into a wolf, or when Jim's own Wand of Wonder ability polymorphs an enemy. A full list of triggering abilities can be found below). Jim's final ability is Fashion Week, which increases the effect of Fan Club for each Champion in the formation who has a non-default skin equipped. Jim should be placed in a location that maximizes the number of Champions affected by Fan Club, and he works great with Champions that can polymorph enemies or themselves.

Specializations: Jim has two different specializations that increase the effect of Fan Club, and a third option that makes Jim work great in formations with lots of other magic attackers.

Strix (Seat 11)

Strix has been received a minor rework with the intention of fleshing out her support abilities while maintaining her DPS role.

Strix has two abilities that increase the damage of her and her allies. Aura of Unclean increases the damage of all Champions that are not adjacent to Strix, while Poor Hygiene increases the damage taken by enemies when they get close to the formation. Death Ward triggers if an ally near Strix takes fatal damage, temporarily preventing their death. Haunted is an ability that increases the party's damage based on the number of times Champions have died on the current run. Finally, The Power of Friendship increases the range of her Poor Hygiene debuff based on the number of affiliated Champions in the formation. Strix's ultimate ability, Polymorphing Staff, temporarily changes her base attack when used. Strix's placement in your formation isn't very important, aside from ensuring she's not next to your main DPS if you're using Strix primarily for her support abilities.

Specializations: Strix's specializations have you choose to either buff Aura of Unclean, Poor Hygiene, or The Power of Friendship.

Vi (Seat 12)

Vi has received a moderate rework with a focus on streamlining her design and giving her a new and unique speed ability.

Vi buffs neutral-aligned (on the good/evil axis) Champions with her A Good Example ability. Her Catch and Release ability polymorphs enemies into crystal spheres which you can kill for bonus good. I'm Too Old For This #*&! causes enemy waves to spawn more quickly, and interacts with I Can't Get No Sass-isfaction to increase the buff provided by A Good Example. Vi's Arcane Cannon ultimate is special - when triggered it starts dealing damage to the nearest enemy for 30 seconds. When triggered a second time during this phase it deals massive damage to all enemies in an area of effect. To maximize its effectiveness, try to trigger the second phase just before the first phase expires.. Use Vi to make your runs go faster, and remember to always choose the right specialization to target your formation's main damage dealer(s) with A Good Example.

Specializations: Vi's specializations are all based around A Good Example, with each one either increasing its effect or altering who it can affect.

Season 5: Acquisitions Incorporated

Adjacent Champion Overview

We have made a light balance pass on these additional Acquisitions Incorporated / "C"-Team Champions. They are not receiving full rebalances, but we are still interested in potentially revisiting these Champions in a future season! Note: We've left Rosie alone for now as we'd like to completely revisit her kit in the future.

K'thriss (Seat 1)

- Added an uncommon Gold Find feat.

- Added uncommon and rare feats for K'thriss' Hoardsperson ability.

Donaar (Seat 2)

- Added the Gold Find role.

- Added uncommon and rare Gold Find feats.

Walnut (Seat 8)

- Added an Epic Taunt feat for Walnut, which will be available for logging in during the Anniversary Celebration starting on Sept 4th!

Season 5: Acquisitions Incorporated

Key Season Rewards

As we continue to iterate on Season rewards, we've updated the bonus reward track this season. As with last season, the marquee rewards are at level 60. After that, you begin to earn Bonus tokens for every level (two tokens per level for Season Pass purchasers). Each token can be redeemed for one of the 15 unique bonus rewards.

Once a reward has been earned, it cannot be earned again until each type of reward has been earned. Once all rewards are earned, your odds reset. Your odds of a specific type of reward when none have been earned are approximately as follows:

  • Champion iLevels: 33%
  • Gems: 13%
  • Modron Component Chest: 13%
  • Season Chest: 13%
  • Blacksmithing Contracts: 6.5%
  • Bounty Contracts: 6.5%
  • Supply Chest: 6.5%
  • Support Pigment: 6.5%

  • Rewards:

    Available to All Players

    • Golden Epic: Vi Slot 2
    • Click Skin: Golden Sparks
    • Rare Feats: Omin, Evelyn, Jim, Strix, Vi
    • Item Level Boosts
    • Chests
    • Epic Potions and Scrolls
    • Gems

    Available to Passholders

    • Familiar: Clone Jim
    • Tanking Pigments
    • Week-long Potions
    • Epic Feats: Omin, Evelyn, Jim, Strix, Vi
    • Venture Casual Skins: Omin, Evelyn, Jim, Strix, Vi

    Season 5: Acquisition Incorporated

    Keywords and Key Abilities

    Throughout the season, various quests may reference certain keywords and abilities. Here is a quick reminder on some of those!

    BUD-setting: BUD stands for Base Ultimate Damage. Your 'BUD' is based on the DPS of the highest hit that any Champion has recently achieved against a single enemy. Bud-setting Champion, means the Champion who has most recently done the most damage.
    • On PC UI, this is visible by mousing over the lightning bolt banner to the left of your Ultimate Attack buttons.
    • On Console UI, this is visible by looking to the right of your ultimate bar, on the graphic labeled with 'Ult DPS'.
    Event Adventures: Event Adventures are only available in two ways: When the corresponding event is active, or when a time gate for a Champion that was originally available in that event is opened. Event Adventures are home to many unique bosses and creatures, however, some of them can be found outside of their original events in permanent adventures.

    Patron Challenges: The Patron system allows you to re-play adventures and variants with additional restrictions, resulting in influence and currency that you can spend in a Patron's given shop. Once you have unlocked a Patron, they will provide you with ten challenges that refresh every Monday at Noon Pacific Time.
    • On PC UI, Patrons are accessible through a button on the upper left UI.
    • On Console UI, Patrons are accessible in the UI buttons above the Champion seats.
    Positional Formation Abilities: Positional Formation Abilities are abilities that trigger based on where a target is in the formation.

    Polymorphs/Transformations: Polymorphs and Transformations are anything that changes the physical form of a creature or item via magical means. This does not include skin changes. For the Acquisitions Incorporated/"C"-Team affiliated Champions, this includes:
    • Strix: Each time her Polymorphing Staff Ultimate is used and ended.
    • Walnut: Each time she turns into a wolf/back into elf form.
    • Jim: Each time the Wand of Wonder polymorphs an enemy.
    • Vi: When an enemy is transformed by Catch and Release.
    Note that there are dozens of other Champions in the game that have polymorphs or transformations. Try out your favorites to see if they trigger Jim's Magical Mystery Tour ability.

    Time Gate Adventures: A Time Gate allows you to unlock Champions from previous events you may have missed and/or gear them up for free. You need 6 Time Gate Pieces to open a Time Gate for a Champion, though they open naturally every 2-3 weekends.
    • On PC UI, Time Gates are accessible through a button on the upper left UI.
    • On Console UI, Time Gates are accessible in the UI buttons above the Champion seats.
    Season 5: Acquisitions Incorporated

    Key Enemies

    Throughout the season, various quests may reference certain types of enemies. Here is a quick reminder on where to find some of those!

    Aberrations: Aberrations can be found in various adventures throughout the forgotten realms, but the earliest place to find them en-masse is The Mad Wizard, one of the first few adventures available in the Grand Tour of the Sword Coast campaign.

    Angry Flumph: The Angry Flumph is the area 45 boss of Brightswords event adventures, but if you're looking for it outside of Brightswords you can find it in the Alterdeep adventure in the Waterdeep: Dragon Heist campaign, or the Heatwave adventure in the Grand Tour of the Sword Coast campaign.

    Armor Chunks: Bosses with armored health (segmented chunks that will flash a shield over the health chunk when a Champion doesn't deal enough damage to it) are available on many different adventures. In Weeks 9 & 10, you can encounter an armor-based monster in area 50 of The Running adventure: The Grandfather Acorn and its variants. When The Running isn't active, you can access The Grandfather Acorn by opening a Time Gate to Catti-brie, Spurt, Krydle, Shaka, or Dungeon Master. Note: Armor-based monsters are also available on various other adventures; this is just an example.

    Beasts: Beast monsters can be encountered in most adventures. If you are looking for a good target to encounter beasts, try The Cursed Farmer - the first (non-tutorial) adventure in the Grand Tour of the Sword Coast campaign.

    Crazed Owlbear: Crazed Owlbear bosses can be found in many places. If the Liar's Night event is active, you can find one in area 45 of the event adventure (The Trickster's Delight). If the event isn't active or you're out of tokens, check out the Nimble Escape or Hopelessly Lost adventures in Waterdeep: Dragon Heist.

    Fey: Fey are fairly common in the Witchlight Carnival campaign, but if you haven't unlocked it yet you can find several groups of Satyrs early on in the Grand Tour of the Sword Coast campaign in the Beast Intentions and The Mad Wizard adventures.

    Fiends: Fiend monsters are available in many different adventures. If you are looking for a good target to encounter Fiends, you can find Imps in The Mad Wizard - the second adventure in the Grand Tour of the Sword Coast campaign. Turiel's March of the Rakshasa ability also can add the fiend tag to non-boss enemies. Have Turiel in your formation if you are hunting fiends!

    Humanoids: Humanoid monsters can be encountered in many adventures. If you are looking for a good target to encounter humanoids, try A Mysterious Summons - the first adventure in the Waterdeep: Dragon Heist campaign.

    Heroine of Longsaddle: The Heroine of Longsaddle can be found in the Brightswords event adventures in area 30, however if the event has ended and you still need a few kills, you can open any time gate for Wulfgar, Turiel, Lazaapz, Corazon, or Dob and do the Brightswords adventure that way. Alternatively, you could wait for the Feast of the Moon event, where she can be found in area 35. That might be cutting it a little close, though.

    Masked Man: The Masked Man can be found multiple times in the Liar's Night event adventure and variants, but if you miss him there you can catch up to him in The Dead Three adventure in the Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus campaign. Alternatively, a time gate for Krond, Donaar, Avren, Brig, or Kent should pave the way to victory.

    Plant Bosses: Plant bosses are rare, but not impossible to find. If you're looking for easy prey, you can find a Shambling Mound in The Mad Wizard adventure early on in the Grand Tour of the Sword Coast campaign, as well as in many other adventures throughout the game.

    Resurrected Hero of the Vale: If you are looking for a good target to encounter the Resurrected Hero of the Vale, try the Highharvestide adventure: The Bandit's Harvest or the Feast of the Moon adventure: The Crypt of Legends. You can access The Bandit's Harvest by opening a Time Gate to Stoki, Farideh, Pwent, Torogar, D'hani, or Egbert. You can access The Crypt of Legends by opening a Time Gate to Gromma, Sentry, Penelope, Widdle, or Virgil.

    Segmented Health: Bosses with segmented health are available on many different adventures. Bosses with hit-based or armor-based health will count towards this quest. The Tyrannosaurus Zombie on area 50 of Running of the Saurs in the Tomb of Annihilation campaign is a great early-game example of a segmented health boss!

    Undead: Undead monsters are available in many different adventures. If you are looking for a good target to encounter undead, you can find Zombies in Terror in the Dark - the fourth adventure in the Grand Tour of the Sword Coast Campaign.

    August 25th, 2023
    BW2: Bubble Buddies Mini-Event! 
    Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

    A Visitor From the Far Far Ranch

    The Far Far Ranch is far far away, but there's a visitor that's brought a piece of it to the Commons!

    Bea's visiting from the Far Far Ranch and has brought three Bubble Buddies to see if they'll thrive in Bushwhackia.

    Bubble Buddies

    Bubble Buddies are cute bouncy critters that come in an array of looks and abilities! Let's see the three Bea's brought with her:

    Buddies eat Bushy Carrots and output Blorts, which Bea will trade you for in her Ye Bouncy Buddy Boutique store. Watch the buddies get bigger and bigger as you feed them!

    Buddies will also eat the more rare Spicy Tofu to output Blorts AND a resource unique to that buddy. Here are the buddies and their unique yields:

    Cockatiel Buddy - Gold
    Red Tabby Buddy - Gems
    Corgi Buddy - Mana/Power

    During Bea's visit, Bushy Carrots and Spicy Tofu can be found in bushes all over Bushwhackia.

    Help feed their bouncy bodies, earn Blorts, and redeem prizes! The saying goes, 'Big Buddies have bottomless bellies!'

    Instant Egg Incubation!

    Bea's brought a machine that can instantly hatch a basic pet egg! You'll need to whack up a lot of fuel to get it working, via a challenging collection quest. Should you manage it quickly, you can even attempt it a couple more times at the cost of some Bush Bucks to repair the egg machine.

    A Feeding Frenzy!

    Bea and her buddies leave on Wednesday August 30th, so make the most of the opportunity while you can!

    Discuss this mini-event on the forums!

    Check out the Release Notes here!
    August 25th, 2023
    BW2: August 25th, 2023 Release Notes 
    Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

    Bubble Buddies Mini-Event (August 25th, 2023)

    - Added new mini-event: Bubble Buddies
    - Gather items to feed one of 3 buddies in the Commons' event area to earn Blorts
    - Spend Blorts on unique items and a limited Bush Buck Bundle
    - Complete daily quests to earn more buddy food
    - Bubble Buddies will yield additional resources when fed Spicy Tofu, depending on the buddy. Eg. Gold, Gems, Power/Mana
    - During the mini-event, you can complete a challenging quest to instantly hatch a basic pet egg. It has a 20 hour cooldown that cannot be shortened and can only be done a maximum of 3 times. The first is free, the 2 others require Bush Bucks to unlock.

    - Added minor, major, and ultra doubling bonuses (double gold, mana, power) to PAGAS augmentation store. Requires 90, 120, and 180 unique pets respectively, as well as to have owned a pet that has that bonus.

    - Can combine some lower level Pet Treats into higher level Pet Treats. Talk to Hank the Farmhand in the Commons, choose "I'd like to use a Pet Treat!" then "Combine Pet Treats". 9 level 5 treats get you 2 level 10, and 7 level 10 get you 3 level 15.

    - Added Pet Feeding Table ranch item to VIP store

    - Added a Holiday Duck Pond ranch item to event stores for the 2023 holiday duck ranch items to go on - 2023 holiday duck ranch items now must go on water

    - Added a pool surface to the 2023 Dog Days Pool ranch item

    - Added a pool surface to part of the lake on the Your House zone so you can easily place water ranch items on it

    - Mount is now hidden when in Build Mode so it doesn't obscure anything while decorating

    - Ranch critters (pets/mounts) stop moving while in Build Mode

    - Standardized the cost of event mannequins in event stores to 25 Bush Bucks
    August 18th, 2023
    Idle Champions: Mind Flayer Emergence  
    Posted in Idle Champions.

    Mind Flayers are descending on Faerûn and are spreading across the realms! Protect the Forgotten Realms and unlock exclusive rewards in the Thayan Enclave Shop during the Mind Flayer Emergence Event, which runs from August 23rd at noon Pacific until September 1st at noon Pacific!

    What is an Emergence Event?

    Emergence Events are limited-time events where specific monsters begin to appear in all Free Play adventures. These additional monsters (and any previous use of them) will drop Corrupted Gems during the Emergence Event.

    What are Corrupted Gems?

    Corrupted Gems are a new currency collected only during Emergence Events. You can spend them in the new Thayan Enclave gem shop.

    Season Pass
    A Corrupted Gem

    How do I collect Corrupted Gems?

    During Emergence Events, Corrupted Gems can be collected from the designated monsters, and by completing a daily quest visible in the Emergence Event dialog. Additionally, some variants can reward Corrupted Gems.

    How many Corrupted Gems can I collect through the Emergence Event?

    The number of Corrupted Gems available in each Emergence Event varies. For the current Emergence Event, you can collect 63,000 Corrupted Gems: 31,500 Corrupted Gems by defeating Mind Flayers during the event, and an additional 31,500 by completing all 9 of the daily quests during the Emergence Event.

    The drop rate of Corrupted Gems is controlled at a rate of 1 Corrupted Gem every 30-40 seconds from the start to approximately 3 hours before the end of the event. A catch-up mechanic is built into the event, so if you have a bunch of Corrupted Gems you haven't collected yet, the designated enemies will drop more than 1 for each you destroy until you reach your threshold. Here are two scenarios as an example: 1. You've collected all the available Corrupted Gems from drops. You will see about one drop every 30-40 seconds or so, assuming you are regularly destroying the designated enemies. 2. You've collected 500 Corrupted Gems from drops, but a total of 3000 have been available since the event started. You will receive accelerated drops (more frequent drops and multiple drops per kill) until you have caught up to the maximum available number of drops.

    Where can I find Mind Flayers?

    The designated enemies for the Emergence Event can be found by playing any Free Play adventures.

    What can I purchase with Corrupted Gems?

    The specific items will vary by Emergence, but include Golden Epic Equipment cards, Feat cards, Skins, Chests, and Marvelous Pigments!

    Thayan Enclave Screen
    Thayan Enclave

    What are Marvelous Pigments?

    Marvelous Pigments are specialized items you can use to upgrade certain equipment items. The Thayan Enclave is currently featuring the Marvelous Support Pigment, which can be used to upgrade any epic or better equipment items on a support Champion to provide a +200% Global Damage buff in addition to their normal effects!

    Season Pass
    Celeste Equipment with Support Pigment Applied

    What happens when the Emergence Event ends?

    When the Emergence Event ends, you will no longer be able to collect Corrupted Gems from the designated enemies and the daily quests. However, the Corrupted Gems available as variant rewards will remain available for anyone who has yet to complete them. Corrupted Gems that you have collected will remain in your inventory.

    When is the next Emergence Event?

    The next Emergence Event will begin on November 22nd, 2023.

    August 16th, 2023
    Idle Champions: Ahghairon's Day 6 
    Posted in Idle Champions.

    Each year the citizens of Waterdeep celebrate Ahghairon's Day, honoring the first Open Lord of Waterdeep and the founder of the Lords of Waterdeep. Common folk leave violets and effigies at Ahghairon's Tower and the House of Wonder, Lords toast Ahghairon and the Watchful Order, and Guildmasters offer toasts in the name of the Lords.

    For this year's festivities, the party has received an assignment from the Open Lord of Waterdeep, Laeral Silverhand and when the Open Lord calls, you must answer...

    Ahghairon's Day 6 brings Lae'zel, the Githyanki fighter from Baldur's Gate 3, and brings back Voronika, the Eladrin Druid from Black Dice Society and Prudence, the Chaotic Evil Tiefling Warlock of the Oxventurer's Guild. Players have until Monday, August 28th at 12PM PDT to complete their event unlocks and objectives.

    I. Lae'zel

      Lae'zel is a ferocious Githyanki warrior, mighty even by the standards of her mind flayer-hunting kind. Faced with transforming into the very monster she's sworn to destroy, Lae'zel must prove herself worthy of rejoining her people – if they don't execute her first.

    Lae'zel is a Support, Speed, and DPS Champion that can complete areas early when other Champions are defeating enemies. She increases the damage of Champions in her column, and her specialization choice defines what type of fighter she is. Once unlocked, you can find this Githyanki Fighter in Slot 2 opposite Celeste.

    For more information on Lae'zel and her abilities, check out her Champion Spotlight!

    Year Six Variants

    Together, We Might Survive - Help Laeral Silverhand track down a retired Open Lord with Lae'zel!
    • Lae'zel starts in the formation. She can't be moved or removed.
    • Only Champions in Lae'zel's column (including her) can deal damage.
    • Getting to know Lae'zel: Lae'zel increases the damage of all champions in her column, including herself. Place your champions to best take advantage of this!
    • Reach Area 75.

    Speed Run - Help Laeral Silverhand track down a retired Open Lord while quickly defeating your foes!
    • Lae'zel starts in the formation with her Straight to the Point ability unlocked. She can't be moved or removed.
    • You may only use Champions with a base attack cooldown of 5 seconds or faster.
    • Getting to know Lae'zel: Lae'zel is impatient when facing weak foes. She'll occasionally skip the rest of an area when the enemies aren't challenging enough!
    • Reach Area 125.

    Destroy the Ghaik! - Help Laeral Silverhand track down a retired Open Lord with the help of the tastiest brains.
    • Lae'zel starts in the formation with her Lethal Coordination and Aberration Hunter abilities unlocked. She can't be moved or removed.
    • You may only use Champions with an Intelligence of 13 or higher.
    • A Mind Flayer spawns with each wave. They don't drop gold nor do they count for quest progress.
    • Getting to know Lae'zel: Aberrations like Mind Flayers are Lae'zel's favored foe. Her main buff increases as more of them spawn!
    • Reach Area 175.

    We would love to hear about your experiences in Idle Champions on the Idle Champions Subreddit, on the Steam forums, or on the Official Idle Champions Discord!

    August 11th, 2023
    BW2: Dog Days of Summer 2023 Edition 
    Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

    Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer

    The residents of the Commons want to close out summer with a blast! That big old event field sits there empty most of the time anyways. Help them build an awesome temporary pool to chill out beside. Once you've completed all three building quests, the residents will come in and there will be 3 turn-in stations where you can bring Towels, Sunscreen and Life Rings to get event tokens for buying this year's custom items!

    Nate's New Puppies!

    Plus, foster an adorable puppy for Nate. It seems he's accidentally ordered too many dogs (again!!) and needs your help to look after them temporarily. Choose one of the 3 to help him out! Once you equip your dog, Nate has some daily quests for you to do to keep the ball of energy that is your puppy occupied. Love the look of the dog? Permanently adopt it with a simple purchase! You can choose between the Bulgae Puppy, Barghest, and Adlet Puppy!

    Puppy and Person Training

    A professional dog trainer will help train your puppy AND you! As dog owners need to know how to care for their puppy.

    Puppy Mill Protest

    Miss Marbles is rooting out awful puppy mills this event, and could use your assistance!

    Race Track

    Check out the Companion Racing Track once it becomes available, and you'll be able to bet on pet races! You can only win the prizes once per day though.

    The Next Race Track Champion

    Later on in the event, you'll need to help an NPC train their unlikely companion to participate in the race!

    New for 2023

    This year's update includes:

    - new pet and ranch VIP rewards!
    - new costume items in the store!
    - new ranch items in the store!
    - new pet packs!
    - new mount packs!
    - new 2023 holiday 100% reward!

    Holiday Rubber Duckies

    If you can complete the event, you'll earn this awesome 100% reward: The Doggie Rubber Ducky! Collect them all to fill out the holiday duck pond, released later this year!


    There are up to TWENTY possible achievements that can be picked up during this Dog Days event, depending on your game history.

    Returning Achievements

    Pool Digger - Build the Pool for the Dog Days event.
    Safety First! - Help at each pool-side station during the event.
    Safety to the Max! - Help at each pool station 50 times - must first complete "Safety First!"
    Doggy Daycare - Complete all the doggy dailies.
    Man's Best Friend- Level your doggy pet up to level 10.
    Training Day - Complete all the puppy training quests.
    Dog Days Race Track - Successfully win 5 bets on the Companion Race Track.
    Pro Racer Assesser - Buy all the racer assessment upgrades for the Companion Race Track.
    The Plodding Blob - Help Shayla Sharker train her blobfish for the Companion Race Track.
    Cats Teaching Dogs - Help School Cat complete her thesis

    New Achievements

    Sunny Stockpile - Purchase all the custom items for 2023*

    Retired Achievements

    We have the following achievements from previous years, which may be earned by spending some Bush Bucks, if a player was not present/didn't earn it during the initial year:
    Dog Days Sale - Buy all the custom items and pool items from 2013
    Dog Days Outlet - Buy all the custom items for 2014
    Summer Supplies - Purchase all the custom items for 2015
    Summer Souvenirs - Purchase all the custom items for 2016
    Pool Party Procurer - Purchase all the custom items for 2017
    Good Dog Goods - Purchase all the custom items for 2018
    Dog Toy Takehomes - Purchase all the custom items for 2019
    Doggie Dabbler - Purchase all the custom items for 2020
    Pool Procurer - Purchase all the custom items for 2021
    Sunshine Keepsakes - Purchase all the custom items for 2022

    * The Mini Golf piece is NOT included in the achievement, and therefore it is not a required purchase.

    Mount Packs

    All new mounts are available this weekend, from August 11th to 14th!

    The Raiju mount comes free with your first purchase of 100 Bush Bucks or more!

    The Inferno Raiju and Cosmic Raiju are in packs containing 100 Bush Bucks, 10 Pristine Feed Vouchers, and a VIP Voucher! These two mounts leave a sparkling trail when you ride them!

    Get Ready!

    Post your celebration plans on the forums!

    The event will run until Friday August 25th at Noon PDT.

    Check out the Release Notes here!
    August 11th, 2023
    BW2: August 11th, 2023 Release Notes 
    Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

    Dog Days of Summer Event (August 11th, 2023)

    - Updated Dog Days of Summer Event
    - Added new customization and ranch items
    - Added new ribbons and 100% reward
    - Added new event mounts in Bush Bucks sale and mount packs, available the first weekend of the event
    - Added 3 new pets available the second weekend of the event
    - Updated VIP event rewards

    - Renamed two duplicate 'Elf Hat' costume items to 'Elf Bell Hat' and 'Mistletoe Elf Hat'

    - Added a skip for the bonus minifield in the Magic Minefield
    August 11th, 2023
    Idle Champion Spotlight: Lae'zel 
    Posted in Idle Champions.

    "You'd do well to observe more and question less."

    No one knows more about Mind Flayers than the Githyanki. They have trained to aggressively hunt down those horrific aberrations wherever they are found, and Lae'zel is one of their fiercest warriors; deadly, pragmatic, and focused on getting the job done. With an Illithid tadpole in her brain, Lae'zel will stop at nothing to get it removed before ceremorphosis turns her into her worst nightmare.

    I. Lae'zel

      Lae'zel is a ferocious Githyanki warrior, mighty even by the standards of her mind flayer-hunting kind. Faced with transforming into the very monster she's sworn to destroy, Lae'zel must prove herself worthy of rejoining her people – if they don't execute her first.

    Lae'zel is a Support, Speed, and DPS Champion that can complete areas early when other Champions are defeating enemies. She increases the damage of Champions in her column, and her specialization choice defines what type of fighter she is. Once unlocked, you can find this Githyanki Fighter in Slot 2 opposite Celeste.

    II. Lae'zel's Stats

    Race: Githyanki Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Gender: Female Pronouns: She/Her
    Age: 22 Affiliation: Absolute Adversaries Class: Fighter

    STR: 17 DEX: 13 CON: 14
    INT: 11 WIS: 12 CHA: 8

    Role: Support, DPS, Speed

    Eligible for Patrons: Mirt, Vajra

    Slot: 2 (Celeste)

    Dungeons & Dragons Lae'zel Marketing Gif

    III. Lae'zel's Design

    We've been very excited to gather our party and venture into Baldur's Gate 3, and it's been wonderful to work with the fine folk at Larian Studios to gather Lae'zel into our formation! As one of the first companions that you'll meet, interactions with Lae'zel can have a prominent effect on the course of the game. Adding her to your Idle Champions formation offers the opportunity to work with her deadly skills in a different way!

    Lae'zel is fierce, strong, and very goal-oriented. She focuses on completing her tasks with brutal efficiency, and increases the damage of all Champions in her column to help with that task. This restlessness makes her get Straight to the Point, gaining an Impatience stack when someone else defeats an enemy. When her Impatience is high enough she'll push the formation forward and immediately completing the current area, as long as it's not a Boss area. She's determined to remove the mind flayer tadpole from her brain, increasing her damage bonus for every Champion in the formation who are also infected. Her agitation grows if she doesn't kill her enemy right away, so she'll rush forward quickly to strike again. And nothing makes this Githyanki more vicious than seeing her Favored Foe: aberrations! Just spotting one will increase her damage bonus so they can be destroyed as quickly as possible.

    Specializing in a particular fighting style refines the tactics Lae'zel uses in battle. As a Champion she'll focuses on increasing the chance and power of her Critical Hits. She can use Battle Master maneuvers to cause enemies who survive her attack to become distracted, letting another Champion do even more damage to finish them off. Or she can alter the way her basic attack works by becoming an Eldritch Knight. Most of the time Lae'zel focuses on her Greatsword, but this specialization lets her add Magic Missiles to her attacks! Finally she can leap onto the battlefield and attack a group of enemies with a psionic shockwave, and if this Ultimate attack doesn't kill them then those that survive are left stunned!

    Lae'zel will impatiently end areas early when her allies do most of the killing, but her brutal attacks will speed up as she fights enemies that are difficult to kill!

    IV. Lae'zel's Abilities

    Basic Attack

    Lae'zel has two base attacks. She generally attacks with her Greatsword attack, but her Eldritch Knight specialization changes her base attack to War Magic.
    • Greatsword - Lae'zel moves up to the closest Monster and attacks all nearby enemies with a swing from her Greatsword.
    • War Magic - Lae'zel moves up to the closest Monster and attacks all nearby enemies with a swing from her Greatsword, then immediately casts magic missiles at 3 random targets.

    Passive Abilities

    • Critical Hit - Lae'zel's base chance to Critical Hit is 20%.

    Formation Abilities

    • Lethal Coordination - Lae'zel increases the damage of all Champions in her column by 100%, including herself.
    • Ceremorphosis - Your formation gains one Ceremorphosis stack due to the mind flayer tadpole in Lae'zel's brain. Lae'zel increases the effect of Lethal Coordination by 100% for each Ceremorphosis stack, stacking multiplicatively. Future Champions will be able to add more Ceremorphosis stacks.
    • Straight to the Point - In non-boss areas, whenever an enemy is defeated by anything other than Lae'zel, she has a 100% chance to gain an Impatience stack. When she has 17 Impatience stacks, complete the current area and reset the Impatience stacks to the current Ceremorphosis count. Stacks persist when changing areas.
    • Aberration Hunter - Aberrations are Lae'zel's favored foe. Every time an Aberration spawns, Lae'zel's Lethal Coordination is multiplicatively increased by 100%, stacking up to 4 times the Ceremorphosis stack count and resetting when changing areas. There is a 33% with each wave in a non-boss area that an extra Mind Flayer spawns.
    • Ferocious Warrior - If Lae'zel attacks and any of her targets survive, her base attack cooldown for her next attack is reduced by 4 seconds.


    • Champion - Increase Lae'zel's Critical Hit chance by +20% and Critical Hit damage by +100%.
    • Battle Master - When Lae'zel hits an enemy and they survive, the enemy is distracted and the next Champion (other than Lae'zel) that hits them deals an additional 4 seconds of BUD-based damage.
    • Eldritch Knight - Lae'zel now casts Magic Missile immediately after attacking with her Greatsword, firing a missile at 3 random targets.

    Ultimate Ability

    • Psionic Leap - Lae'zel psionically leaps into the middle of the enemies and attacks all close by enemies with a psionic shockwave attack, dealing 1 hit of ultimate damage. Enemies that are attacked and survive are Stunned for 5 seconds.

    V. Lae'zel's Epic Equipment

    Slot 1: Global DPS
    Slot 2: Lethal Coordination
    Slot 3: Ceremorphosis
    Slot 4: Aberration Hunter
    Slot 5: Ultimate Attack Damage
    Slot 6: Ultimate Cooldown

    VI. Conclusion

    Lae'zel isn't here to make friends, only for a brutal battle that she will emerge from victorious! You can tell us how her hunt for Mind Flayers is going in a few places:
    August 9th, 2023
    Idle Champions: Light of Xaryxis, Part 6 
    Posted in Idle Champions.

    A Vampirate and his crew are interested in helping the Champions fight the Xaryxian Empire - but first, they need their flagship back. The Champions must sneak into a secret hideout to find it and then make a daring escape with Farideh at the helm! After that Topolah suggests making a stop at Infinity's - a tavern of taverns - to find her friend Mordenkainen to help communicate with the kindori.

    This week's update brings two new adventures and adventure variants to our Light of Xaryxis campaign. It's time to get back into Wildspace!

    Note: you will need to complete the previous two Light of Xaryxis adventures, Flight of the Kindori Pod and Topolah's Tower, in order to access these new adventures.

    The Hunt for the Last Breath

    Assist Gargenhale in retrieving his flagship, while Farideh learns to pilot a Spelljammer!
    • Variant: The Chaotic Hunt for the Last Breath - Assist Gargenhale in retrieving his flagship with Champions that prefer unorthodox tactics.
      • An asteroid spawns with each wave. If it reaches a Champion, it explodes dealing 50% of the Champion's max health in damage to that Champion. The asteroid drops no gold nor counts toward quest progress.
      • Complete area 750

    To Infinity's and Beyond

    Travel to the tavern of Infinity's to find a solution to the lost kindori pod.
    • Variant: There's a Flying Snake in my Boot! - Travel to the tavern of Infinity's with Champions smart enough to comprehend higher mathematics.
      • Each wave spawns 1-2 flying snakes. They don't drop gold nor count toward quest progress.
      • You may only use Champions with an INT of 13+.
      • Complete area 800
    You can find all this information and even more details in-game!

    We would love to hear about your experiences in wildspace on the Idle Champions Subreddit, on the Steam forums, or on the Official Idle Champions Discord!