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March 11th
Idle Champions Presents: The Unfair Seas Synopsis 
Posted in Idle Champions.

Find the full synopsis and links to each episode below! Warning, here be spoilers!

Our Champions have concluded their Idle Champions Presents: The Unfair Seas adventure in Echo Bay. If you're looking for a quick recap of the adventure, check out Dungeon Master B Dave Walters' recap here:

Idle Champions Presents: The Unfair Seas starring B Dave Walters as the Dungeon Master and Freely, Krystina Arielle as Orisha, Erin M Evans as Havilar , Mark Meer as Baeloth Barrityl Vivid Vivka as The Black Viper, and Luke Gygax as Melf. Our first adventure saw the Champions in a seaside town along the Sword Coast, where they investigated the mysterious disappearance of a merchant vessel.

We are proud to present The Unfair Seas encounter, written by Scott Fitzgerald Grey for you to download and play here.

Find the full synopsis and links to each episode below! Warning, here be spoilers!

Idle Champions Presents: The Unfair Seas B Dave Walters Erin M Evans Krystina Arielle Mark Meer Vivid Vivka

Episode 1

In the seaside port town of Echo Bay, five epic heroes arrive with invitations to a party. Orisha, Havilar, Baeloth, Melf, and the Black Viper have traveled to enjoy the Fleetswake festivities with their friend Freely. However, the party is put on hold as Freely has agreed to help a local merchant whose ship, the Muskrat, has gone missing. A local fisher confirms the ship was seen five days ago heading for the docks, but never arrived. Despite the festival, the locals are nervous and are avoiding the water.

Before they can do any more a loud bell rings out, and the whole town heads to one of the main events of the festival, a crab battle between Pumpkinhead versus Walnut! Orisha’s eyes suddenly glow and a strange voice emanates from her throat as an announcement is made that something has gone wrong. But the voice tells the heroes if they will fix what is wrong they will “forget their names”. Just as quickly as the voice came it is gone, as is their memories of it.

Suddenly a swarm of demonic geese attack the crowd, but before they can harm any innocents the heroes dispatch them with relative ease. These creatures were not actually from the abyss but had been poisoned and transformed. Asking around the town to find out more about these strange developments, our Champions discover a number of disturbing incidents over the past two months have many people on edge; fishing boats have been attacked by sharks, and many capable swimmers and dock workers have been injured or nearly drowned. Many are suspicious of the new mage high priest to Umberlee named Mistress Hoistsail. After Orisha crafts and sings a song to Umberlee to magically open the door to the one-room shrine, they head inside to question a group of worshippers, but the leader of the cultists transforms into a wereshark and attacks! While it gets a bite out of Baeloth, it’s shocked and stabbed to death!

Link to the full episode here

Episode 2

As the fight with the cultists comes to a close a chaotic attack from Baeloth destroys the altar, and our Champions notice it was funneling magic from somewhere else in the caves. As they loot the bodies they find a journal and a magic key on the late cultist turned wereshark, learning these are fanatics who have come to Echo Bay to serve the will of Mistress Hoistsail. Heading back outside they discover both Freely and Havilar’s hound Zoonie are missing, but Bubbles the Hollyphant and Freely’s parrot TreAvor are there. Bubbles offers to help the group, first healing Baeloth and Black Viper and then giving Havilar the ability to speak to animals. TreAvor relays that eight pirates kidnapped Freely as he defended Zoonie and told her to run. Havilar summons her Imps and sends them off to look for Zoonie, and inspired by the idea Baeloth summons his Djinn servant Najim to create pirate outfits for the entire party.

Back in town, the party matches the key they looted to a warehouse marked by the same flying frog symbol. It’s been empty since its owner, Galid Tanter, drowned two months ago. Her death was the first of the strange incidents that have the townsfolk on edge. As they take a moment to catch up with Iris, Melf hears a whispered voice from the shadows trying to warn him of danger, but the voice is gone before he can make out the whole message. They find the warehouse on the edge of town, and while it’s supposed to be abandoned Black Viper notices that the lock has been recently oiled, indicating there’s been recent activity. Inside is mostly empty but a suspicious tapestry hides a secret passage to a back area with a massive chest, and Melf notices a magical aura coming from it. Stacks of bloodstained paperwork nearby are ships manifest including one for The Muskrat, and all the vessels were carrying spell components for very heavy conjuration magic.

Opening the chest they discover a pair of disgusting gibbering mouthers! Their horrific noises and gnashing teeth stun and disorient the heroes, and one almost manages to eat Melf! But eventually, they destroy the creatures and discover a practically brand new ladder leading deep into darkness. But having taken a lot of damage and being exhausted from the day, Havilar leaves one of her imps to guard the ladder and the group takes a well-deserved long rest.

Link to the full episode here

Episode 3

The next morning while the group discusses how they want to proceed, Orisha is suddenly overtaken with a spirit. The creepy voice of the ethereal being gives much valuable advice, including a warning that time is of the essence but that there is no reasoning with the fanatics. Bubbles the holyphant reappears and promises to help, but instead curses the team to speak only in rhyme! Before the issue can be fixed Bubbles disappears again, leaving the team speaking in verse as they head down into the cave where they hope to find Zoonie, Freely, and answers.

After a perilous slide and past a dual trap, they are greeted by an acquaintance of Baeloth’s who also happens to be a member of the Bregan D’aerthe. Our Champions continue on their path and arrive at a broad sea cave with an ancient dock where wrecks of the missing ships are found. The dock and ships are covered with ghostly forms, and the deck of the ship has strong conjuration magic that is increasing in intensity.

Knowing they are short on time the team rush in. Orisha is snatched on the shore and yanked into the water by a furious sahuagin. As more sahuagin and sharks join the fight, Baeloth summons Najim to rescue Orisha. Not only does the Djinn save the aasimar but he removes the rhyming curse, but now they must speak like pirates! Fortunately, the Bregan D’aerthe shows up and destroys the underwater enemies with torpedoes, but the ghost ship suddenly disembarks and heads for the mouth of the sea cave.

Everyone scrambles onto the ship, and as they get into the hold they can hear chanting coming deep in the ship. A gruesome scene is discovered, and Mistress Hoistsail has Freely and Zoonie in a conjuring circle, in order to call forth a monstrous semi-translucent kraken!

Orisha sets the bodies on fire as Havilar pulls her unconscious friends out of the ritual circle. All of this disrupts the magic, weakening and delaying the full appearance of the kraken. Orisha, Havilar, and Black Viper engage the kraken on the deck while Baeloth attacks Mistress Hoistsail, and Melf casts dispel magic several times to get rid of the magic on the ship. Hoistsail is defeated, and after an epic battle, Baeloth is able to banish the kraken back to its plane. The Bregan D’aerthe show up to rescue the heroes from the sinking ship, and once again the Sword Coast is saved!

Link to the full episode here

Join us for the next arc in our story, Idle Champions Presents: A Fool’s Errand running March 15, March 22, and March 29 featuring special guests Adam Bradford (Beyond Heroes), and [REDACTED], broadcasting from 4PM until 7PM Pacific Time on Learn more about Idle Champions Presents on our previous blog post.
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