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April 25th, 2015
Mounts in BW2 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Hi Whackers!

Have you ever been whacking bushes and thought to yourself "Golly, it must be so tiring running everywhere"? Or had a burning desire to play polo with bushes and critters? Never fear Whackers, your days of walking are over!

Drum roll please! Mounts are now available in Bush Whacker 2!

As long as you've unlocked PAGAS, you can go on a quest to find an NPC that tames and raises mounts! After you meet him, he'll move to beside the well in the Commons. He'll teach you the secrets of mount whispering and gives you the know-how to tame one! Now you'll be able to whack in style while riding on your new mount!

Every mount starts with a speed bonus and a fixed odds bonus of some sort. As you level it up, it'll get a new random bonus! You can try to affect which random bonus your mount gets by feeding it special mount feed that you can find while whacking!

To celebrate this fantastic new feature, we have a premium mount on sale! Over the weekend, you can buy the unique Llama mount until Monday April 27th at Noon PDT.

Talk about the addition on the forums!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a mount?
    A mount is a new companion for you to ride and level up. It provides whacking bonuses for you that stack with your Pet, Trinkets and Runes.

  • How do I get a mount?
    First you'll need to find Clint and convince him to come to the Commons. You can get this quest as long as you've already brought PAGAS to the Commons. Once Clint has moved in, you can do a quest for him approximately every two weeks (13 days) to randomly tame one of three horse varieties. There will also be numerous premium mounts available to buy, starting with the Llama mount this weekend.

  • How do I equip my mount?
    You can find the mount selector in your inventory near your equipped hat, cape, and pet. Click on it and select your mount. You can also click the empty circle to unequip your mount.

  • How do I ride my mount?
    When you equip your mount, you will automatically be riding it. You will dismount for some interactions with NPCs and objects. At all other times, you can click the new Mount/Dismount button found beside the crop timer. Note that you will still receive all the bonuses from your equipped mount even if you choose to dismount.

  • How do mount bonuses work?
    Mounts provide bonuses to your whacking just like Pets, Trinkets, and Runes. Mounts have four potential bonuses they might earn when they level up. These are chosen randomly when the mount is tamed or purchased and again each time it levels up. When a mount levels up it picks one of the bonuses and adds that it its permanent bonuses. You can affect the odds of a potential bonus being chosen with Mount Feed.

  • What is the Mount Feed?
    There are 55 types of feed, which affect the 18 bonuses that can be obtained by your mount. There is a small version, which adds a little bit of chance that your mount gets that bonus; a large version which adds a much larger chance (approximately 4x small feed); and a pristine version which guarantees that bonus on level up. There is also a feed that lets you reroll all the potential bonuses the random generator will choose from when your pet levels up. There is no limit to the amount you can feed your mount, though without Pristine food you can never 100% guarantee a specific bonus will be rolled.

  • Where do I get Mount Feed?
    They will come randomly from satchel drops, bush whacks and harvesting crops. We may also include feed in premium packs in the future.

  • How do I feed my mount?
    You can feed your equipped mount directly from your inventory. Once you have some feed, simply load up your inventory and click the Mount Feed tab. Note that you can only feed your mount feeds that will affect the four potential level-up bonuses your mount has. For example, if your mount doesn't already have a chance to get a Mana Odds bonus when it levels up, you can't feed it something that would increase it's chance to roll the Mana Odds bonus.

  • How does my mount level up?
    Just like pets, they level up from whacking bushes, but they require more experience than pets per level.

  • Can I put my mount on my ranch when I'm not using it?
    Yes, Mounts can be placed on your ranch and will wander around exactly like pets.

  • Will I change mounts if I click on one that is on my ranch?
    In the future, yes, but not yet.

  • Can I have companions and mounts equipped at the same time?
    Yes! They are separate things!

  • Do I need to be riding my mount for it to gain experience?
    No, you just need to have it equipped.