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December 11th, 2019
COTLI: Holiday Grab Bag Update, Dec 2019 

Come one, come all and gather round to hear some highlights of what this latest update for Crusaders brings!

Saved Formation Changes

You asked, we've answered! We've made some improvements to the Saved Formations system.

  • More Saved Formations - Now you can have up to 5 saved formations on every campaign!

  • Challenge Saved Formations - Now each Challenge has its own set of saved formations, so you won't have to worry about affecting your normal formation for each campaign!

  • Saved Formations on Tricky Objectives - Now you can save formations on objectives with alterations to the normal formations, to help you clear the objective. These saved formations will be cleared on changing objectives.

  • Guidebook Page - We've added a Saved Formations entry to the in-game Guidebook, so you can access information about how they work at any time.

Talent Changes

We've made the following changes to the Talents mentioned below, plus topped everyone back up to 3 respecs!

  • Sprint - We've extended the timer on boss areas to 10 seconds, and clarified how the Talent works on the Talent dialog.

  • 10K Training - We've reduced the cost of the Talent to be more manageable.

  • Montage Training - We've also reduced the cost of this Talent to be more manageable as well.

  • Phase Skip - In this new version of the Talent, each level increases the chance that you will skip an area entirely and it works on any objective.

  • Idolatry - We've increased the bonus each level of the talent gives you.

Improvements to Nargulg Granitehand

With this update, we took the time to revisit Nargulg's design, so he's a more competitive clicker.
  • Trickses - The old version increased Nargulg's personal click damage by 400%.

    The new version increases your click damage by 10% of your DPS.

  • Fellowses - The old version increased Nargulg's personal click damage for each Orc and Dwarf crusader in formation, multiplicatively.

    The new version increases the DPS of all Crusaders for each Orc or Dwarf in formation.

  • Yes, I Cheatses - Still increases Nargulg's personal click damage for every 25 levels.

  • Boo Magicses - The old version increased Nargulg's personal click damage by 50% for every Animal Crusader in formation, and decreased it for every Magical Crusader in formation.

    The new version increases the effect of Trickses by 10% for each non-magical Crusader in formation.

  • Smashdown! - Previously named All the Yardses, the old version increased Nargulg's personal click damage for every 50 areas unlocked.

    The new Smashdown upgrade increases your Critical Chance by 100% on monsters with less than 20% health.

  • Speedy Feetses - The old version increased Nargulg's personal click damage by 50% for every 50% of bonus spawn speed you had.

    The new version increases your global click damage by 50% for every 50% of bonus spawn speed you have.

  • Club Smasheses - The old version increased your global click damage by 10% of your DPS for each Orc Crusader in formation.

    The new version causes Critical Clicks to also deal 25% of their damage to nearby monsters.

We also changed Nargulg's gear, to match his new kit.
  • The Kilts - Previously it had the legendary effect of increasing the DPS of Crusaders adjacent to Nargulg.

    It now increases the DPS of Crusaders who are adjacent to at least one Orc or Dwarf.

  • The Clubs - They previously increased the personal click damage of Nargulg and had a legendary effect of increasing Naruglg's old All the Yardses upgrade.

    They now increase the effect of Nargulg's Club Smashes upgrade and have a legendary effect of increasing your global click damage.

  • The Shields - They previously increased your global DPS and had a legendary effect of increasing your global DPS per Dwarf or Orc in the formation.

    They now buff Nargulg's Smashdown upgrade and have a legendary effect of increasing your critical click damage multiplier.

Other Highlights of Today's Update

We've also done a handful of other cool things today! This is a just a brief list. For full details, check out the in-game change log!
  • New Skins! - We've added 3 new skins to the skin store! One each for Mindy, Eiralon and Baenarall!

  • New Taskmasters! We've added 2 new taskmasters to the in-game stores!

  • Crafting Screen Improvements! Crusaders who have gear that can be upgraded now display an arrow on the crafting screen. You can also filter the list of Crusaders by those with Upgrades available or those just in your formation!

  • Active Ability Improvement! Magnify and Storm Rider can now be cast during area transitions, by you or your taskmasters!

We hope you enjoy this little grab bag of holiday fun!