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August 22nd, 2014
VIP Program and a Summertime Bush Buck Sale! 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Attention Dedicated Bush Whackers:

We're adding a new VIP Program to Bush Whacker 2, starting today! Purchase a membership by clicking the VIP icon near the options menu; once your membership is active, every subsequent Bush Buck purchase will award you VIP Tokens, which you can use to activate awesome VIP Powers!

Not sure if the membership is right for you? You will occasionally find VIP Vouchers in Quester's Satchels that will let you activate a limited selection of VIP Powers to try the system out. We're also running a Summer Bush Buck SALE until Tues., August 26th at Noon PST!

VIP at a glance:

  • Redeem VIP Tokens and activate cool buffs
  • Use Tokens to buy luxury items/pets from an exclusive VIP store or spin the "Wheel of Fun!"
  • VIP exclusive Leaderboards
  • Not sure if the Membership is for you? Find a VIP Voucher in a Quester's Satchel and try one of several buffs for free!

VIP Membership Details:

  • Premium purchased membership for 30 consecutive days; each 30 day membership earns you 3 VIP tokens
  • When a Membership is active:
    • Purchases of Bush Bucks will award VIP Tokens which can be used to enable super cool buffs (minimum $5 purchase).
    • Number of Tokens received scales up with the size of larger Bush Buck packages
    • Successive purchase of Bush Bucks earns the player progress on towards greater awards.
  • Bush Buck purchases made without a membership will not earn VIP tokens
  • Players who made purchases before the VIP Program was added to the game will receive a number of free VIP Tokens, based on the number of previous purchases; players will receive these tokens the first time they open the "VIP" dialogue - they do not have to have an active membership to earn these tokens, but a membership must be activated to redeem the tokens
  • VIP Tokens may very rarely be found in Quester's Satchels

VIP Powers

  • Redeemable for VIP Tokens
  • Multiple powers can be active at any given time, but a VIP membership MUST be active for a power to have effect (except when activated by a VIP Voucher).
    • If membership runs out while power is still active, power will continue to run down to its stated expiry. Membership will need to be renewed in order to regain the buff. Renewing your membership will not regain lost time.
    • If a player's membership is about to expire and they attempt to redeem a Token, a prompt will appear to indicate the Membership's expiry date, and prompt for renewal.
    • Powers can only be activated if a Membership is valid (except when activated with a VIP Voucher).
  • Buff Powers cost 1 VIP Token and unless otherwise noted, last for 14 days:

    VIP PowerPower DescriptionDuration
    Leveller's Boon(Receive full bar's worth of energy when you level-up, regardless of current energy.Lasts 14 Days.
    Quester's BoonHigher chance of receiving uncommon or rare items in Quester's Satchels.Lasts 14 Days.
    Perpetual MotionAwards a free bonus 25% energy pack every day.Lasts 14 Days.
    Maxed OutAdds +10 max mana/power, +20 max energy.Lasts 14 Days.
    Furious FisherDecreases time before fishing bobs by 2 seconds.Lasts 14 Days.
    Fishing QuesterQuest items from fishing will be fished up at a much higher rateLasts 14 Days.
    Farming NutFarm crops ripen 5% faster and provide 5% more energy/gold.Lasts 14 Days.
    Eventer's Boon20% bonus to holiday item drops.Lasts 14 Days.
    Daily Quest ResetInstantly reset daily quest cooldowns.One time use.
    Speedy BootsIncreases player speed by 100%Lasts 14 Days
    Can be toggled on and off.

How VIP Works:

  • Each time the player receives VIP Tokens, they earn points towards leveling up their VIP level
  • When a player levels up, they receive a one-time reward of VIP Token/Bush Buck rewards
  • All VIP members start at Level 1. At:
    • ...Level 2 = 10 Tokens; Rewards 1 extra token.
    • ...Level 3 = 20 Tokens; Rewards 2 extra tokens and 50 Bush Bucks.
    • ...Level 4 = 40 Tokens; Rewards 4 extra tokens and 100 Bush Bucks.
    • ...Level 5 = 60 Tokens; Rewards 6 extra tokens and 200 Bush Bucks.
    • ...Level 6 = 80 Tokens; Rewards 8 extra tokens and 300 Bush Bucks.
    • ...Level 7 = 100 Tokens; Rewards 10 extra tokens and 400 Bush Bucks.
    • ...Level 8 = 200 Tokens; Rewards 20 extra tokens and 800 Bush Bucks.
    • ...Level 9 = 400 Tokens; Rewards 40 extra tokens and 1200 Bush Bucks.
    • ...Level 10 = 800 Tokens; Rewards 100 extra tokens and 2000 Bush Bucks.

VIP Exclusive Store:

  • Custom luxury items for player and ranch including Mini golf piece and a new farming item, the Seed Spreader: can be used to instantly plant all available plots with a selected seed
  • 4 unique pets
  • Each item costs 5 VIP Tokens

The "Wheel of Fun" (1 Token per spin)

  • Win Bush Bucks, gold, energy, mana, power, or gems.
  • A large Bush Buck jackpot can also be won.
  • Jackpot grows as players spin the wheel.
  • Each spin awards points on the "Wheel of Fun" leaderboard.

VIP Vouchers:

  • Can be won uncommonly in Quester's Satchels.
  • Does not contribute toward VIP levels.
  • Can be used to activate certain VIP Powers:
    • Leveller's Boon for 5 days
    • Quester's Boon for 5 days
    • Perpetual Motion for 5 days
    • Maxed Out for 5 days
    • Farming Nut for 5 days
    • Eventer's Boon for 5 days
  • Can be used to activate Powers even if a membership is not active. Powers activated with a Voucher are not affected by memberships expiring.

VIP Leaderboards

  • VIPs with an active membership will gain access to unique leaderboards, which track:
    • ...getting to max level after new content is released (Membership must be active prior to reaching cap to be included)
    • completion percentage
    • ...Wheel of Fun wins (each spin is worth a certain number of points based on what you won)
  • People who become VIP are placed on the leaderboards at that time (in the case of the max level board, their "time" that they reached their current level is set to the time they became VIP)
  • If membership expires, a player will be removed from the leaderboard until their membership is reactivated. When the membership is reactivated, they will once again appear on the appropriate leaderboards.

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