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October 24th, 2014
Hallowe'en Event & Haunted Mansion Photo Contest! 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Happy Hallowe'en Bushwhackia!

Similar to the Spring Grow-A-Thon Event (and the Gorgeous Gardens Photo Contest), Hallowe'en in Bush Whacker is primarily focused around designing a wickedly haunted mansion with which to scare the children of Bushwhackia. It's super easy to get started: Whack Bushes! Find Pumpkins! Trade for Decorations! Once you feel you've got enough, start laying out your design inside. (You can also purchase the same decorations for Bush Bucks from "The Cop").

You do not have to place all your collected decorations on display in the Mansion in order for them to count towards "Hallowe'en Completionist," they will count so long as they are within your inventory!

The goal is to scare the pants off 8 children, all of varying levels of bravery. The more you scare them, the more candy you'll earn in return. And you're going to want that candy so you can trade it for items at the event store!

It's a doubly good thing the Haunted Mansion missed Glenda the Witch by inches; not only do you trade your pumpkins with Glenda for basic Haunted House decorations, you'll be getting several quests from her throughout the event for special "interactive" decorations. You will need all four to complete the "Hallowe'en Completionist" achievement. As you complete each of her four quests, you can request help from your friends* to increase the decoration's scariness. Each of them will start at 50 "scariness"; talk to "The Construction Worker" to ask for help from your friends to increase each of the decorations effectiveness!

*Platforms which do not support Friend Lists will have an adjusted static scariness.

Gotta Collect them all!

Want some crazy creatures to add "life" to your House's experience? Every few days, a new creature will become available which you can request from friends* from "The Cop". You'll need one of each creature to complete the "Hallowe'en Completionist" achievement; if you miss a creature, you can still purchase one from "The Cop" for Bush Bucks.

Creatures are available on the following schedule:
Black Cats - AVAILABLE at Event launch, UNTIL Sun Oct 26, 11:59:59 AM PDT
Witches - AVAILABLE Sun Oct 26, Noon PDT UNTIL Tues Oct 28, 11:59:59 AM PDT
Zombies - AVAILABLE Tues Oct 28, Noon PDT UNTIL Thurs Oct 30, 11:59:59 AM PDT
Bats - AVAILABLE Thurs Oct 30, Noon PDT UNTIL Sat Nov 1, 11:59:59 AM PDT
Spiders - AVAILABLE Sat Nov 1, Noon PDT UNTIL Mon Nov 3, 11:59:59 AM PST
Vampires - AVAILABLE Mon Nov 3, Noon PST UNTIL Wed Nov 5, 11:59:59 AM PST
Franken-Dogs - AVAILABLE Wed Nov 5, Noon PST UNTIL Event End

*Platforms which do not support Friends Lists can receive a single creature as they become available, by speaking to "The Cop."

Of course, Hallowe'en is more than decorating and scaring...

...It's also about the CANDY! And there is *plenty* of that to be found in Bush Whacker. Not will you earn it by scaring the snot out of children, but the myriad of quests you'll complete through the event will net you some significant goodies as well. And of course, starting on October 31st you'll be able to wander through out the lands of Bushwhackia to Trick or Treat in every major area! Each area (ie, "The Castle" will have an NPC standing in front of a large pile of candy. Talk to them starting October 31st, and you can earn some of their stash - 4 new NCPs have been added for the Castle, Underwater, Volcano and Mushroom areas!

New for 2014:
We've added two additional quests to the event, so be sure to keep an eye out for them, as they will unlock over the course of the event!

Event Achievements - POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT!!!

There are a total of ELEVEN possible Achievements to earn in the Hallowe'en 2014 event:

Achievements Returning in 2014:
  • Mansion Maniac - Get 50 decorations for your Haunted Mansion!
  • Hallowe'en Completionist - Have at least one of each decoration in your H. M.!
  • Little Kid Spooker - Scare 4 kids in you Haunted Mansion
    • Scarred for Life - Scare all the kids in your Haunted Mansion!
  • Trick or Treat - Go Trick or Treating on or after Hallowe'en!

Added for 2014:
  • Spooky Purchases* - Purchases all the 2014 Halloween Event items.
  • Costume Quest - Complete the Costume Quests
  • Year Round Scares - Completed the Moulder Most Foul

We have 3 achievements from previous year's events, which may be earnable by spending some Bush Bucks, if a player was not present during the initial years:
  • Spooky Home Decorator - get all house items from the 2012 Hallowe'en Event!
  • Year-round Cosplayer - Get all player items from the 2012 Hallowe'en Event!
  • Candy Spender - Purchase all the Hallowe'en 2013 items!

*The Hallowe'en Mini Golf piece is NOT included in the Spooky Purchases achievement, and therefore it is not required to purchase it.

Find a New Bush Whacking Companion!

Vacuum Kitten - 25% of Nothing Wins transform into Sweets at Max Level
Sad Mummy - 25% of Nothing Wins transform into Sweets at Max Level
Beholder - 25% of Nothing Wins transform into Sweets at Max Level

All Pet Packs include a level 15 Pet Treat, a Holiday Rune, VIP Vouchers and Tokens! (Tokens included only if VIP Membership is active at time of pet purchase)

2013 Event Pets available for Bush Bucks:

Kitten Witch - 25% of Nothing Wins transform into Sweets at Max Level
Creepy Pumpkin - 25% of Nothing Wins transform into Sweets at Max Level
Emo Werewolf - 25% of Nothing Wins transform into Sweets at Max Level

How the Contest Works

When you're ready, talk to the photographer standing next to the House (he's got a yellow ! above his head) and have him take a picture of your creepy layout. You can submit as many times as you would like, but each time you take a new picture, any prior votes are lost and you start over again so plan carefully!

Submissions will be accepted until *Friday, November 7th, 2014, - Noon PDT*, coinciding with the end of the event.

YOU get to vote too!

The coveted "User's Choice" award is picked by the Bush Whacker Community, and has a prize of 50 bush bucks! You can vote for as many submissions as you like, and at the end of the event the top submission as voted by YOU the players will be awarded the prize.

Based on Player feedback received after the Spring Garden Contest, we've made some improvements to the voting system:
  • Asking to visit the contest or the voting page no longer takes you outside the game; it simply loads the contest/voting page over top it! Finished voting? You can easily return to the event area by clicking "Back to Game" at the bottom of the screen. Easy as (pumpkin) pie!
  • Can't decide between two layouts? That’s ok! You now have a way to say "Next Please," and two new images will be loaded up for you!
  • Tired of seeing the same layouts previously? We've improved the system, you should see the same layouts repeated far more infrequently now.
Voting is open until *Monday, November 7th, 2014 @ Noon PDT*

And the CNE Winners are...

Once the submissions are closed at the end of the event, the entire Codename Entertainment studio will review the submissions and choose their favourites for each platform; 3 lucky players from Armor Games, Big Fish Games,, Facebook and Kongregate will all be awarded prizes of 250, 200, and 150 bush bucks. We'll post also post *all* the winners on the Codename Bush Blog!

The CNE winners will be announced the week of November 10th in the in-game news and on the Bush Blog!

Ready? Go Get Your Decoration On! The Hallowe'en Event will run until Friday November 7, 2014 at Noon PST.

Tell us what you think of the update here!