October 17th, 2014
Change Log: Changes released October 17, 2014 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

New Content:
ADDED - Fungal Forest Area Expansion (Blog here!)

General Updates:
-Typo in Nate's Mountain Adventure (Solar Panels Collected).

- Altered text in the Farmer's new Big Gold/Energy quests to stress that the crop must take MORE THAN 8 hours to grow. Peas and Pineapples (which both take exactly 8 hours) don't count!

- Issue with Fishing where you could get a "Nothing" sometimes if you had both Fishing Trophy Items in your inventory. This "Nothing" case will now be replaced by a random junk item. (To avoid this, make sure you take those trophy items back to Natalie right away!)

- Glitch which caused Puzzle Piece odds to show up in your list of odds modifiers in your inventory even if you had no Puzzle Piece items/pets/etc. equipped.

- Glitch where the first 7 ranks of the "Find Secret Areas" achievements weren't counting the Volcano secret areas towards their progress.

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