October 8th, 2014
Snag your spot in the Fall Fashion Mini Challenge! 

It's the most fashionable event of the season! Mr. Monkey has invited the Special Event Monkey to show off her skills at fashion design - and she'll rise to the challenge with your help!

New to Mini Challenge Events? Here's a TL:DR summary:
- Find red challenge eggs with a "!" - break them and start a new challenge.
- Break eggs to find the required number of McGuffins within the allotted time period.
- Trade Mini Event Challenge tokens to the Challenge Mini Event Monkey for prizes & Event Progress!

Got more questions? Check our handy FAQ here!

There are three excellent rare prizes for this mini event:

Rare Challenge Hat: The Fedora is snazzy and smartly reduces your Nothings by 10%!

Rare Challenge Hammer: The Blow Dryer Hammer slight increases your Star wins.

Rare Challenge Trophy Room Item: The Dress Stand lets you hang up your perfect outfit, so that your clothes don't get wrinkled!

Looking for a fascinating new head adornment? Mr. Monkey has two fashionable offerings for you to consider!*

The Fascinator offers a hint of mystery, and helps intrigued Monkeys gain 10% More Hammer Wins, and 10% More Crates!

The Gastby harkens back to a time when '…men and girls came and went like moths among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars…' and shimmers with an increase of 10% More Silver Eggs and 10% More Gold.

* Hat Packs available for purchase on ArmorGames, Facebook, Games.com and Kongregate only, at this time.

This mini event will run until Wednesday October 15, 2014 - Noon PDT.

Dress to the nines and claim your spot along the runway here!