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Fight waves of bad guys as your team marches through an endless world.
Help out by completing quests and defeating terrible bosses. The NPCs need you!
Unlock chests to find awesome loot and equip your Crusaders with epic gear.
Arrange your Crusaders in the optimal form- ation to max your gold, DPS or click damage.
Recent News
April 28th
COTLI: Mini Talent Update 

Greetings Crusaders!

Just in time for the end of April, we've got a mini Talent update for you to enjoy!

New Tier 6 Active Talent

  • Power Saws Ablaze
    Increases Global DPS when at least 3 DPS buff cards of different rarities are active. Max levels: 50.

New Tier 8 Active Talent

  • Backline Defensive
    Increase the DPS of Crusaders in the back column of the formation. Max levels: 200.

New Tier 8 Passive Talent

  • Legendary Hoards
    Increase Global DPS for every 5 Legendary levels. Max levels: 150.

Also, the Flash Sale Frenzy event makes its return today and runs until Noon Pacific Time on Friday, April 30th, 2021.

Check out the in-game change log for a list of some other changes made with this update. Enjoy!
February 25th
COTLI: More Tier 4 11th Objectives! 

Ready for some new challenges that will test your formation building skills all over again? Craving some more power? Then read on to learn more about the latest Tier 4 11th objectives!

The Stars of the Show: New Tier 4 11th Objectives

  • The Cursed Child - On the Mischief at Mugwarts campaign.

    Ilsa, the Insane Wizard takes up a spot in the formation, cannot be moved and is the only one who does DPS. A child takes up a spot in the formation. Special curse monsters spawn. The child either buffs or debuffs Ilsa when the curse is killed. Areas become difficult much quicker. Beat area 1500.

    Rewards: A new slot for a Golden Item in the Challenge Token Store.

  • The Machine Stops - On the Ready Player Two! campaign.

    Only Human Crusaders are allowed. Mechanical debris rains from the sky, damaging two random Crusaders for 95% of their health. Every 20 seconds, a Crusader will pontificate, boring their adjacent Crusaders and causing them to stop providing abilities for 15 seconds. Areas become difficult much quicker. Beat area 1600.

    Rewards: Extra Rubies. Objectives now provide another additional 10% Rubies on completion. Also awards rubies retroactively for all the completed objectives you've done previously on completing this objective.

  • Moon - On the Idols Through Time campaign.

    Jim takes up a spot in the formation and cannot be moved. Only the Crusader adjacent to Jim in his column can do DPS. Jim clones spawn randomly and when defeated they spawn additional clones. Every boss is now a moon. Areas become difficult much quicker. Beat area 1700.

    Rewards: Unlocks the Tier 8 Talent, Olympian Training

  • Hall of Mirrors - On the Amusement Park of Doom campaign.

    Rolling Mirrors spawn randomly and live at least 5 seconds. While a mirror is alive, the whole formation takes damage. When a mirror is killed, a random Crusader gets bad luck and is disabled for 20 seconds. Areas become difficult much quicker. Beat area 1800.

    Rewards: Awards an e200 maximum number cap increase.

  • Evil Scheme - On the Mme. Finklebottom's Revenge campaign.

    Arenvarr takes up a spot in the formation and can't be moved. Other than Arenvarr, only Evil or Demon Crusaders can be used. An Evil Clown escort takes up a spot in the formation. If the clown dies, the objective fails instantly. The Thing monster spawns randomly and can only be hurt by click damage. When the thing is killed, the clown grants a buff to Crusaders, stacking additively for each monster killed. Areas become difficult much quicker. Beat area 2000.

    Rewards: Unlocks the Tier 8 Talent Arithmagician Newts.

New Tier 8 Utility Tree Talents

These two new talents will be available after completing the objectives Moon and Evil Scheme respectively.
  • Olympian Training - Increases the maximum Crusader level by 25 for each level of the talent. Max level 200.

  • Arithmagician Newts - Increases the maximum number cap by e10 for each level of the talent. Max level 100.

Note: Since this update includes an increase to the maximum number cap, we've changed the drop rates for bonus boss Idols starting at area 5900.

You can check out the change log in the game for additional information about this update.
December 16th, 2020
COTLI: More Tier 7 Talents Update! 

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth - strike that, reverse it. All I want for Christmas is some more Talents!

And that's what this update brings: 8 new Talents to start leveling up!

New Tier 7 Talent Additions

These talents require clearing area 2700 to unlock.

4 New Active Talents

  • Flush With Materials - Increase the amount of materials earned from completing the crafting material missions, excluding the legendary catalyst missions. Max levels: 100.

  • Formation Full Up - Increases Gold Find bonus when the formation is full. Max levels: 50.

  • Must Be Magic - Increases the Global DPS while the Alchemy ability is active. Max levels: 200.

  • Front Line Fire - Increases the DPS of the Crusaders in the front column of the formation. Max levels: 200.

1 New Passive Talent

  • Dressing for Success - Increases the DPS of all Crusaders for each Skin owned, stacking multiplicatively. Max levels: 50.

2 New Utility Talents

  • Trinket Hoarder - Increases the DPS of all Crusaders for every 20 sets of unique Epic Trinkets owned, up to 3000 sets. Max levels: 500.

  • Bounty of Idols - Increases all Idols earned (before Bonus Idols are applied) for every slot on the bench for which you own at least one Crusader. Max levels: 200.

Additional New Talent

New Tier 8 Talent

This talent requires clearing area 3000 to unlock.

  • Hustle Master - Increases your maximum Sprint area. Max levels: 30.
    Note: If you purchase all levels of all the Sprint talents and complete From the Ashes, then you can now sprint to area 5000.

March 20th, 2020
COTLI: New Tier 7 Talents and More! 

Welcome, Crusaders!

We thought that now might be a great time to introduce some additional Talents. Then we thought, "why not introduce Tier 7 Talents?"

Without further ado, here is what you can expect from the New Tier 7 Talents update...

New Tier 7 Talents

These talents require clearing area 2700 to unlock.

3x Passive Tree Talents

  • Legendary Friendship - Increases the DPS of Crusaders for each piece of Legendary gear belonging to Crusaders in the same bench slot, stacking multiplicatively. Max levels: 25
  • Golden Friendship - Increases the DPS of Crusaders for each piece of Golden gear belonging to other Crusaders in the same bench slot, stacking multiplicatively. Max levels: 25
  • Friendly Helpers - Increase the Global DPS for each Taskmaster owned, stacking multiplicatively. Max levels: 50

2 Utility Tree Talents

  • Sprint for the Finish - Increases your maximum level of Sprint. (Must have purchased all levels of the Marathon Sprint Talent to start buying) Max levels: 30.
  • Magical Training - Increases the maximum level of Crusaders by 25 for each level purchased. No maximum level.

Additional Updates

New Tier 1 Talents:

  • Golden Benefits - Increases Global DPS for each Golden item owned. No maximum level.
  • Apprentice Crafter - Increases Global DPS for each Common and Uncommon recipe owned. No maximum level.
  • Level All the Way - Increases Global DPS for each talent level purchased (including levels of this Talent.) Max levels: 50
  • Mission Accomplished - Increases Global DPS for each mission you've completed. No maximum level.

New Tier 4 Talents:

  • Extra Healthy - Increases the health of all Crusaders. Max levels: 50
  • Journeyman Crafter - Increases Global DPS for each Rare recipe owned. No maximum level.

New Tier 5 Talent:

  • Bossing Around - Skip a wave of monsters on a boss area. Max levels: 2

New Tier 6 Talents:

  • Weekend Warrior - Increase the effect of the weekend buffs. Max levels: 25
  • Material Goods - Increase the crafting materials gained from Missions. Max levels: 40
  • Maxed Power! - Increases Global DPS for each Talent that is at max level, stacking multiplicatively. Max levels: 50
  • Master Crafter - Increases Global DPS for each Epic recipe owned. No maximum level

New Objectives

  • Mutiny on the Ghostbeard's Greed campaign - Reach area 1500 with new leadership and increased difficulty. Awards maximum number increase of e200
  • Deadly Tales on the Grimm's Idle Tales campaign - Reach area 1400 with a pesky witch. Awards Crusaders run faster when changing areas.
July 3rd, 2019
COTLI: New Tier 6 Talents 

Greetings, Crusaders!

My, you're a talented bunch, pushing your way through endless hordes of monsters, beating all the objectives we can throw at you. But you know what? You could be even more talented than you are now! All you have to do is unlock some of these powerful new Tier 6 Talents, and the digital world is your oyster. We can't wait to see how far you'll go now...


Active Tree

Phase Skip

Free Plays start with the first 5 areas completed. Max level: 20.

Passive Tree

Big Earner

Increase the cap of the Free Play bonus by 5%. Max level: 10.


Increases Global DPS by 10% per power of 10 Idols owned, multiplicative. Eg 10 Idols 1 stack, 100 Idols 2 stacks, and so on. Max level: 20.

Utility Tree

Montage Training

Increases the max Crusader level by 25. Max level: 120

Marathon Sprint

Increases your maximum Sprint level by 25 areas. Note: If you've completed the From the Ashes objective, then each level of this Talent increases your maximum Sprint level by 50 areas instead. Max level: 20.


Increases the maximum number by a factor of 1e25. Max level: 8.

Cash in Hand

Instantly gain 5 Challenge Tokens when starting a weekly challenge. Max level: 10.


  • Increased the max level of the Synergy Talent from 15 to 20.

  • Increased the max level of the Bonus Training Talent, to accommodate the 31st bench seat.

March 1st, 2019
COTLI: Talents on Show 

Greetings, Crusaders!

Just in time for the first weekend of March, we have some new talents, tweaks, and changes that are sure to help you earn more crafting materials and make the most of your missions.

Read on to learn more...

New Talents


Increases your chances to get shorter-duration Missions.


Earn more Epic materials from Missions.

The More The Merrier

Send more Crusaders on Missions.


Increased chance to turn Silver Chests into Jeweled Chests.

Scrap Hoarder

Earn extra Common Materials from duplicate items.


  • Removed “Spend It All”, “Upgrade Them All”, and “Speed Looter”

    • Buying max Crusader levels/upgrades now unlocks for free upon clearing area 100

    • Being able to open multiple chests now unlocks for free after opening 50 chests

  • “Surplus Cooldown” is now Tier 2 and costs more

  • “Set Bonus” is now Tier 1 and costs less

December 6th, 2018
COTLI: The Newfound Talent Update 

This skill! This innate competence! Could it be... Talent? Your Crusaders have awakened a bevy of new powers that will send monsters packing - and get you the Idols you crave.

Open up the Talent window to browse 8 all-new Talents, all affordably within the existing tiers. We've also made changes to a couple of existing talents, Speed Runner and Bonus Training. Check out the Change Log for more details!

New Talents

Super Clicks

Increases base Click damage by
200% per level.

  • Costs 50 Idols for the first level.
  • Must have completed Area 150 in any Campaign.
  • Has 25 levels.

Task Mastery

Increases the Click damage of Taskmasters by 5% per level.

  • Costs 100 Idols for the first level.
  • Must have completed Area 300 in any Campaign.
  • Has 20 levels.


Increases the number of Crusader levels that Taskmasters purchase with each click.

  • Costs 1000 Idols for the first level.
  • Must have completed area 300 in any Campaign.
  • Has 20 levels.

Higher Magnification

Additively increases the effect of
Magnify by 5% per level.

  • Costs 2000 Idols for the first level.
  • Must have completed Area 600 in any Campaign.
  • Has 10 levels.

Speed Runner

UPDATED: Decreases the duration of missions by 2% per level.

  • Costs 1000 Idols for the first level.
  • Must have completed Area 600 in any Campaign.
  • Has 10 levels.


Multiplicatively increases the DPS of all Crusaders by 3% per level for each other Crusader with whom they share at least one tag (excluding gender and event tags).

  • Costs 300 Idols for the first level.
  • Must have completed Area 600 in any Campaign.
  • Has 15 levels.

Head Start

Provides 2500 event tokens at the beginning of every special event.

  • Costs 10000 Idols for the only level.
  • Must have completed Area 600 in any Campaign.

Golden Age

Increases the DPS of all Crusaders by 1% per level of the Gold bonus provided by Crusaders.

  • Costs 7500 Idols for the first level.
  • Must have completed Area 900 in any Campaign.
  • Has 50 levels.

Kilo Leveling

Multiplies the Crusaders' damage for every 1000 levels they have.

  • Costs 500,000 Idols for the first level.
  • Must have completed Area 900 in any Campaign.
  • Has 5 levels.

Bonus Training

UPDATED: Increases the max level of Crusaders by 25, starting from the first bench seat. Each level adds another seat, while increasing the max level of previous seats by a further 25.

  • Costs 225,000 Idols for the first level.
  • Must have completed Area 1500 in any Campaign.
  • Has 29 levels.

May 23rd, 2018
COTLI: New Tier 5 Talents 

I hope you've been saving up lots of idols, because Tier 5 Talents just appeared! These new talents will cost you literally tens of billions of idols to cap out, and also unlock new and exciting formation possibilities.

Have fun!


  • Added Tier 5 Talents.

  • (PC) Talent tooltip names are now an exciting gold color.


  • Minor text fixes.

  • Level up buttons now update properly when a hero's max level increases.
June 1st, 2017
Update! Tier Four Talents Are Here! 

We are delighted to announce that Tier 4 Talents are finally in-game. Thanks for being patient as we worked on them behind the scenes. There was a lot of blood, sweat, and tears that went into making sure they are going to provide both a challenge and a benefit to you.

As a reminder for our new players, or for those who have yet to discover Talents, these are unique additional features and powers that are available in exchange for Idols. As ever, the criteria to unlocking the tier talents is dependent on you beating a specific area. For Tier 4 talents you're going to need to beat area 900 in any campaign!

You won't lose any DPS or Gold gains when you exchange your Idols. You'll always keep your total DPS and Gold bonuses in keeping with the number of Idols you've earned since you started playing.

You can read more about the first Talents we launched last year here, the Tier 2 update here, and the Tier 3 update here.

Also, we teased the new Talents earlier in the week here. All caught up? Good. Here are the details for the new Tier 4 Talents:

The eight new Tier 4 talents are:

Extended Spawns

(Active Tree)

Spawn Speed cards last 5% longer (5% per point for 40 levels, up to 200% longer).


(Active Tree)

Successive clicks increase Click Damage by 1% per click up to a cap of 10% and lasts for 30 seconds from last click (10% per point for 40 levels, up to 400% more click damage).

Instant Satisfaction

(Active Tree)

Active Abilities have a 10% chance to instantly cooldown when used (10% for first point, 2% per point after that for 21 levels, up to a 50% chance).

Idle Increases

(Passive Tree)

Increases the DPS of all Crusasders by 10% if you haven't clicked a monster in the last 30 seconds (10% per point for 40 levels, up to 400% more DPS).

Legendary Benefits

(Passive Tree)

Increases the DPS of all Crusaders by 1% for each Legendary item you own (additive) (1% per point for 50 levels, up to 50% per legendary item - i.e. 1200% if you have 24 Legendaries and the talent maxed).

Idols Over Time

(Passive Tree)

Increases Idols earned on reset by 2.5% for each 2 hours since your last reset (additive) (2.5% per point for 20 levels, up to 50% more idols for each 2 hours - i.e. 600% more idols for a run that takes 24 hours).

Sprint Mode

(Utility Tree)

Sprint Mode is enabled up to area 50 on Free Play objectives. Upon entering a boss area you have 7 seconds to kill the boss; if you do, you move to the next boss area instead of the next area. (50 areas per point for 10 levels, and sprint up to area 500 when maxed).

Superior Training

(Utility Tree)

Increases the maximum Crusader level by 25 (25 levels per point for 80 points, up to a cap increase of 2000 levels)

May 30th, 2017
Sneak Peak! Tier 4 Talents and Legendary Changes! 

They've been surrounded in rumor for a while, but now we're finally ready to talk about some of the upcoming Tier 4 Talents as well as some changes to certain Legendary loot. Read on to find out more!

Tier 4 Talents

One of the most common questions about Tier 4 Talents that we've seen is what area will you have to reach to unlock them. If you'll recall, you can't buy Tier 1 talents until you reach area 150. Tier 2 require 300, and Tier 3 require 600. Tier 4 Talents will continue the climb and require that you reach area 900 in any campaign before you can buy them. They will also cost a ridiculous amount of idols.

To give you a taste for the power invested in these new talents, we've going to highlight one of the new talents from each tree in this teaser blog. Are you ready?

Active Tree: Instant Satisfaction

This talent allows you to use your active abilities in rapid succession - if you're lucky! Why use Fire Storm once when twice is double as good? Maxing out the 21 levels in this talent to get a 50% chance will cost you just shy of 10,000,000 idols.

Passive Tree: Idols Over Time

The more time you take on a run, the more Idols you will earn. The bonus stacks additively and is progressive, so if you've got it maxed out at 50% for every 2 hours, you'll get 100% more idols after just four hours, 125% after five hours, and a massive 600% more after a day of idling. Great for overnight free plays or adding value to long challenging objectives! Maxing out this talent will cost you a cool 8,400,000 idols.

Utility Tree: Sprint Mode

What is Sprint Mode? Sprint mode allows you to skip between boss areas extremely quickly, assuming you can finish off the boss fast enough! If you defeat the boss and his minions within seven seconds of entering the area, you'll skip ahead five areas directly into the next boss area. This ability is only active in free play, but is definitely the creme de la creme of the new talents. Consider taking only 10 or 15 minutes to reach area 500 on your free plays? The idols will really start to pour in now. This power won't come cheap, though. Unlocking Sprint Mode up to area 500 will cost you more than 25,000,000 idols.

These new changes should allow players to reach new heights and earn idols even faster than ever before. While there is no tier 4 objective talent in this initial release, it is planned for a future update, meaning there will eventually be a whole slew of incredibly challenging objectives available for our most dedicated and voracious players.

Other Changes

We're also making some changes to the effects of several Legendary items - mainly items that increased the effects of existing formation abilities or stacked in unintended and overly powerful ways. These items will now instead provide an additive stacking buff. A full list of affected items will be released in the change log of the update.

But what if you've invested a lot of crafting material and catalysts in these items and don't find the new items to be powerful enough for your tastes? Well, we've taken care of that. You will now be able to disenchant (DE) Legendary items to recover the materials spent on them. Each DE'd legendary will return enough Common material to level them up to whatever level they were, as well as credit a free legendary craft. Free Legendary crafts do not require any catalysts, and are used automatically when you craft your next Legendary item(s).

We've also listened to players who were unhappy that Golden Legendary items used the normal Legendary name and icon, rather than special animated icons. In this update we'll make a change to all Golden Legendaries so that they use the same icon and name as the Golden Epic items that they upgrade from.

Wrapping Up

This update will also refresh players' free Talent respecs back to three. We're hoping to get this update out in the next little while, so stay tuned to the in-game news and change log over the coming weeks! Happy idling, Crusaders!
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