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Fight waves of bad guys as your team marches through an endless world.
Help out by completing quests and defeating terrible bosses. The NPCs need you!
Unlock chests to find awesome loot and equip your Crusaders with epic gear.
Arrange your Crusaders in the optimal form- ation to max your gold, DPS or click damage.
Recent News
June 2nd
COTLI: Season 4, The Abyssal Chasm 

We've been down, we've gone up, we've gotten wet and now it's time to get toasty!

Season 4 debuts the Abyssal Chasm theme and some new rewards from the reward tracks! Mind the lava and take a peak at these scorching updates!

Changes for Season 4

We've changed up the following formation this season:

Fun and Games

  • Dungeon Points, Dungeon Coins and Idol Bonus limit Extended - The cap on the Dungeon rewards has been increased from area 15,000 to area 17,500.

  • Changes to the base Dungeon Points and Coins drops - We've adjusted the base points and coins that drop from completing areas on the dungeon objectives, in order to encourage choosing the points or coins buff if you want to stock up on your currencies.

  • Changes to the Dungeon Points and Coins Buffs - The buffs that increase the Points or Coins that you'll get from your current dungeon objective have been increased to 300%.

  • More Awesome Rewards! - Both the free and the Mysterious Benefactor's pass route have had their rewards tweaked again for season 4, including a new Crusader reward and more Rune-related items! See the "Introducing Torakichi, the Greedy Tengu" section for more information on the new Crusader!

  • Updated Dungeon FAQ - The Dungeon FAQ has been updated with questions and answers about how the Dungeon Crusaders and difficulty scaling work.

  • Difficulty Scaling - This season we're trying out the difficulty scaling mechanic, to test your levels of power but keep the time spent on a reset in a manageable range. See the "Dungeon Scaling" section for more information.

  • Season 3 Skins Now Available! - If you missed getting these skins during the previous season, you can now purchase them for Dungeon Coins!

  • Dungeon Scaling

    In addition to the normal difficulty level of the Dungeons, which is the same as the difficulty of the World's Wake campaign, there are two additional difficulty levels for the Dungeon objectives this season.

    Sample Start Objective Screen

    You can see the new Difficulty Level section under the flavour text for the objective. When you've cleared area 10,000 on difficulty 1 and reset the world, then the objective will default to difficulty 2. Clearing area 10,000 on difficulty 2 will unlock difficulty 3. Don't worry: if it's too hard to make progress on a higher difficulty, you can toggle it back to a lower difficulty level.

    By getting past area 10,000 on difficulty level 2, you'll start earning more rewards for your efforts. And if you get high enough you can earn up to 4% bonus idols. By getting past area 7,500 on difficulty level 3, your rewards will start going up, and you can earn up to 4.5% bonus idols if you have the power. The dungeon points and coins drops also increase up to area 17,500 on both higher difficulty levels.

    Don't forget to check what difficulty you're using before you start the objective!

    Introducing Torakichi, the Greedy Tengu

    For reaching level 8 on the free rewards track this season, or from the Dungeon Depot in future seasons, you can welcome your new clever friend Torakichi, the Greedy Tengu. Blending tengu with a myna bird, Torakichi is the Mindy contender you've been waiting for, with his Serial Copycat ability allowing you to copy most abilities of Crusaders in two random formation spots. The chosen formation spots change on every reset of the world.

    When you want to use him, you can find him in seat 4 on the bench.

    Torakichi, The Greedy Tengu - Normal look

    Tags: Support, Animal, Male, Evil, Gold, Demon

    Crusaders in formation spots Torakichi is copying will sport a random speech bubble icon near the top of their sprites.

    Hover the Serial Copycat icon from Torakichi's bench information to see what spots in formation he's marked.

    If Torakichi is in one of the randomly marked spots, then there will only be 1 green arrow leaving him.

    Torakichi, The Greedy Tengu - Traditional Tengu skin

    Effect: The Tradition effect removes the Animal tag and adds the Supernatural tag.

    You can unlock Torakichi's skin from reaching level 18 on the rewards track and having the Mysterious Benefactor's pass purchased, or after season 4 is over by spending Dungeon Coins in the Dungeon Depot.

    You can gear up Torakichi from earning the various rewards on the reward tracks, and from spending Dungeon Coins on his chests in the Dungeon Depot. Torakichi's recipes are also available from the rewards track or the Dungeon Depot as well.

    We hope you enjoy Season 4 of the Dungeons! Good luck!
    February 17th
    COTLI: Season 3, The Waterways, Arrives! 

    There be treasure in these walls...lots of water, but also treasure! If you're ready to take up the task, read on for what changes come with season 3: The Waterways!

    Season 3: The Waterways

    The Dungeons are open again with season 3: The Waterways!

    We've changed up the following formation this season:

    Dark Dwellers

    Other Changes for Season 3

  • Dungeon Points, Dungeon Coins and Idol Bonus limit Extended - The cap on the Dungeon rewards has been increased from area 14,000 to area 15,000.

  • Changes to the Idol Bonus - We've adjusted the Idol bonus from the lower areas of a dungeon objective to be a bit more generous for players new to the dungeons.

  • More Awesome Rewards! - Both the free and the Benefactor's pass route have had their reward amounts tweaked considerably, with more crafting materials, cooler buffs and drops for the Rune System to help your progress and start using those 5th slot runes!

  • Quality of Life Changes! - We've added some much-requested quality of life changes to the Dungeons, including seeing how many weekly objectives you have left on the objective selection screen!

  • Season 2 Skins Now Available! - If you missed getting these skins during the previous season, you can now purchase them for Dungeon Coins!

  • 5th Slot Runes Debut

    Season 3 also marks the debut of the 5th slot runes. Throughout the season, we'll be releasing the 5th slot runes in batches, starting with the base 20 Crusaders.

    The 5th slot runes unlock awesome power for the Crusaders, with most of them buffing existing upgrades. The higher the level, the better the bonus!

    The 5th slot on a Crusader is unlocked using the Arcane Geode, found from Dungeon rewards and through a weekly mission in the mission system.

    October 21st, 2020
    COTLI: Rune System and Season 2 Launch! 

    Get ready to tackle the Clocktower and power up your Crusaders with the all-new Rune System! What's the Rune System you ask? Keep reading to find out!

    Season 2: The Clocktower

    The Dungeons are open again with season 2: The Clocktower!

    We've changed up the following 3 formations:

    Playing It Old School

    Free For All

    Sunday Stroll

    Other Changes for Season 2

  • Rotating Dungeon Points and Dungeon Coin Bonuses Improved - They've been increased up from 10% to a 125% bonus.

  • Dungeon Points, Dungeon Coins and Idol Bonus limit Extended - The cap on the Dungeon rewards has been increased from area 10,000 to area 14,000.

  • Changes to the Dungeon Points and Dungeon Coin drops - The drop formulas have been tweaked a bit, due to the changes in the bonuses, but they also start earlier now.

  • More Awesome Rewards! - Both the free and the Benefactor's pass route have had their reward amounts tweaked considerably, with more crafting materials, cooler buffs and drops for the Rune System to help your progress!

  • More Achievements - We've added more achievements for going deep on the Dungeon objectives, plus the Season 2 completion achievement!

  • Lil' Reaper Now Available! - If you missed getting this cutie during the previous season, you can now purchase it for Dungeon Coins!

  • Extra Levels Beyond Level 25! - The season itself still ends at level 25, but you've got some extra levels to chase for even more crafting materials!

  • Introducing the Rune System

    Epic gear being elusive? Or Legendary gear taking a while to level up again? Runes are here to give you a power kick and make some changes to your play!

    The Runes

    There are five types of Runes available to slot on your Crusaders: Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Soul. What power each unlocks depends on the Crusader you're assigning the rune to, otherwise each type of rune is identical.

    You can level up runes by dragging a rune to the Merge box in the rune inventory, or by dragging a rune of the same level and shape onto a rune slot on the Crusader that already has a rune assigned to it. Merging runes to reach level 6 and higher will cost 1 Legendary Catalyst each time in addition to the two runes of the same level and shape.

    Rune Screen

    The Rune screen is where all the magic happens. You can choose between viewing the list of Crusaders in the Formation, Crusaders who have Runes Slotted, and All Crusaders. Clicking on a Crusader from the list will bring up their personal slots and the list of their rune bonuses.

    You can unlock the slots on a Crusader in any order. The first slot is free, and the rest will cost Legendary Catalysts, increasing in cost as you unlock more slots. Once a slot is unlocked, you can slot in a Rune and start seeing the benefits of the bonus.

    Crusaders' Runes provide different effects based on their role, such as Gold Find for Gold Finders Crusaders. That applies to the first 3 slots.

    Slot 4 on every Crusader provides them with a mission system boost. There are 4 possible effects that slot will unlock:
    • Increase the Gold won from Gold Missions.
    • Increase the EP won from EP Missions.
    • Chance that the rewards from the mission can be doubled.
    • Reduce the duration of missions longer than 2 hours in original duration.
    Slot 5 on every Crusader will have a buff unique to them, which we will be adding over time.

    Once assigned to a slot on a Crusader, you normally cannot remove a Rune, just upgrade it. There is a rare item, Rune Solvent, that will allow you to remove all slotted Runes from a particular Crusader. You can find Rune Solvents from a mission in the mission system.

    How to Acquire Runes

    You'll be able to get Runes by opening Runic chests, and specific Rune types of certain levels as rewards from some season milestones. You can also get the Runic chests from the following locations:
    • The real money Chest Store, from the Runic chest tab.
    • Up to 2 chests per week from the Ruby Exchange.
    • Up to 3 chests per week from the Challenge Token store.
    • Up to 3 chests per week from the Dungeon Depot.
    • Up to 2 chests per week from the Mission System.
    • Season reward milestones.

    Have fun with the new season and the new Rune System!
    October 15th, 2020
    COTLI: Season 2 And Rune System Teaser! 

    Get ready to collect those season rewards! Here's a sneak peek at Season 2 of the Dungeons, and the all-new power system, Runes!

    Season 2: The Clocktower

    Season 2 is coming and with it we've made some changes to the season and the Dungeons!

    First, we've changed up some of the formations. Here's a sneak peek at the new formation for Playing it Old School.

    Plus we've got a whole slew of new rewards from both passes, including a chance to get some Runes to help you out with the all-new Rune System!

    Rune System

    Looking to power up your Crusaders even more? Runes are here to help you out!

    Each Crusader has room to slot 5 runes, on the all-new Rune screen. The first slot on a Crusader is unlocked for free, and the additional slots will cost Legendary Catalysts to unlock. Crusaders' runes provide different effects based on their role, such as Gold Find for Gold Finders Crusaders. Each Crusader also has a rune that will effect the outcome of missions, from extra EP to doubling the rewards of the mission they're sent on and more!

    But that's not all: every Crusader will have a unique effect that can be unlocked by slotting the appropriately shaped Rune in their fifth slot! We'll be debuting with unique powers for a handful of Crusaders and update the other Crusaders in chunks every so often.

    Every rune can also be leveled up, to get more power, with a max level of 15. You need to combine two runes of the same shape and level to get the next level of rune, so combining two level 2 runes would produce a level 3 rune. Higher levels of runes will also take Legendary Catalysts to craft in addition to the runes.

    How to Acquire Runes

    As noted above, Runes will be rewarded from both the free and the paid pass of the Season 2 rewards. You'll also be able to get them from weekly purchases of Rune Chests from the Ruby Store, Challenge Token Store, and Dungeon Shop, in addition to real money purchases in the Chest Shop.

    We'll also be adding a few missions to the mission system that can award Runes.

    So... release date?

    We anticipate season 2 and the Rune System being released sometime in the next week or so, but as always we want to note that things could change unexpectedly, even the design itself. We'll keep you updated!

    To celebrate the release being so soon, from now until Tuesday, October 20th, 2020 @ Noon Pacific Time, everyone gets a Wonderful Weekend of Idols buff! Reload the game to get the buff!
    June 25th, 2020
    COTLI: Introducing The Dungeons & The Crypt 

    Hail Crusaders!

    You may have heard whispers about "uncapped objectives" swirling around this year and wondered what they were. Well, wonder no more! It's time to descend into The Dungeons!

    Welcome to The Dungeons

    What are the Dungeons you might ask? Well, it's a set of 10 new objectives for you to enjoy, with a major bonus: no maximum DPS cap! That's right, you can now see how far your formation building will take you without running into an invisible wall! The Dungeons are available to try once you've completed the From the Ashes Tier 3 Objective in the Mischief at Mugwarts campaign.

    These objectives come with all-new formations that range from 12 to 15(!) spots to place your Crusaders, challenging you ascend to new heights while expanding your creativity. And getting deeper into these objectives is good, as it will net you more rewards in the form of Dungeon Coins, an all-new currency arriving with this update. Dungeon Coins can be spent on various items in the new Dungeon Coin shop, The Dungeon Depot, helping you gain even more additional power to push your formations even further.

    10 New Formations

    We wanted to give you a brief introduction to the 10 new formations, so without further ado, here they are!

    Playing it Old School

    This formation will look familiar to most players, as it's a take on Ready Player Two with the bottom spot of the middle column removed, leaving it with 13 spots for you to build your formation with. But we have faith you can make it work!

    Free for All

    This formation features two columns of 4 Crusaders each for you to experiment with, as you build a formation that works with the 12 spots you have available.

    Fun and Games

    Two columns of 4 again, but with different adjacent spots for the center two spots and the extra front spot gives you some more variety in this formation of 13 Crusaders.

    Under Fire

    Another riff on the Ready Player Two formation, but this time with the center 2 spots having more adjacent spots than in the original.

    Sunday Stroll

    Another 13 spot formation for you to try out, starting big on the outside and going in to the lone center spot. How far can this formation take you?

    Dark Dwellers

    14 spots for you to play with in this N-shaped formation, featuring 3 columns of 4 Crusaders each and a couple Mindy friendly spots, but those two solo spot columns might prove tricky to craft around.

    Making Waves

    The first 15 spot formation of the new formations. Ride the wave as you make this formation work.

    Jungle Journey

    Another 15 spot formation, with columns of 4 and more of your Crusaders clustered together. We're excited to see how you can take advantage of this shape to push as far as you can.

    Achieve Flight

    With 14 spots and a column of 4, this evil eye formation might not be so evil after all, especially with its Mindy friendly spots.

    Dungeon Crawl

    The final new formation is also 14 spots for you to fill, with yet another column of 4, flanked by columns of two and bounded by columns of 3 Crusaders.

    We hope you enjoy busting out your formation crafting with these new formations!

    New Rotating Buff System

    But we can hear you ask, why would I do any objective other than the ones with the excellent 15 spot formations?

    Good question player! Well, the Dungeons also feature a rotating buff system. So of the 10 objectives, 3 will be assigned a buff to give you a bonus for doing that objective. The buffs will rotate to 3 different objectives every time you reset the world off of an objective in The Dungeons. So you can benefit from doing an objective with a smaller formation if you do it while it has the buff that you currently want.

    The three buffs that will rotate are:
    • Bonus Idols - Gain anywhere from 0.01% of your current total Idols at the time you reset the world, up to 3% depending on how deep you get before resetting the world on an objective when it has this buff. Ka-ching!

    • Bonus Dungeon Coins - Gain 10% more Dungeon Coins from this reset when you choose an objective that has this buff. Dungeonlicious!

    • Bonus Dungeon Points! - Gain 10% more Dungeon points from this reset when you choose an objective that has this buff. Cryptastic!
    Dungeon points, you ask? Let's continue on to the next section.

    New Season: The Crypt

    The Dungeons update will also introduce our new 'Seasons' mechanic to the game and our first season: The Crypt! Complete the whole season and in addition to the in-game achievement for beating it, you'll unlock our adorable new Crypt-themed taskmaster, Li'l Reaper.

    So what's the short and long of it?

    • If you have access to the Dungeons objectives, you can participate in the season.

    • You have 12 weeks to earn enough Dungeon Points to clear all 25 levels and earn all the prizes, including Li'l Reaper.

    • For our first season, The Crypt, Dungeon points are only earned from completing objectives in the Dungeons.

    • The deeper you go on an objective, the more points you get.

    • You can do 15 objectives for Dungeon points a week for free, letting you choose when you can invest your time in earning those points.

    • If you need additional runs to earn your Dungeon points, you can spend Dungeon Coins in the Dungeon Depot to access additional runs for the week.

    Want even more goodies than you can earn for free? You can support Crusaders by purchasing the Mysterious Benefactor's pass at any time. You'll immediately be able to claim any premium rewards you've already unlocked and you'll be able to claim the others as you meet the season goals.

    We're looking forward to your feedback on this new addition to Crusaders! Get your delving on!

    F.A.Q. for Dungeons and The Crypt Season

    • Q: What are the Dungeon objectives?

      A: They are a series of new objectives for you to test your mettle against. The maximum number cap has been removed, so you can go as far as your heart desires and see what your true DPS is in these all-new formations.

    • Q: How do I access the Dungeons objectives?

      A: Once you've completed the Tier 3 Objective From the Ashes in the Mischief at Mugwarts campaign, objectives for The Dungeons will become available from the campaign selection screen.

    • Q: Why no bonus boss Idol drops?

      A: Because the bonus boss Idols drops are based on the areas reached and the maximum number cap has been removed for these objectives.

    • Q: Will I get progress towards my Free Play Bonus by doing these objectives?

      A: No, these objectives do not count towards that bonus, as these are special types of objectives and that bonus is for rotating through the free plays on the permanent themed campaigns.

    • Q: What do I get from doing the Dungeons objectives?

      A: You get the all-new Dungeon Coins to purchase items from the new Dungeon shop; and Dungeon points for the current season. The debut season is The Crypt.

    • Q: Can I only do these objectives once?

      A: No, you can do each objective multiple times. The only limit is your weekly allowance of runs.

    • Q: How do I see my season progress?

      A: You can click on the all-new Dungeons button on the Rosette tab at the bottom of the screen, the one with your Achievements, Stats and Challenges information.

    • Q: Why is the season geared towards veterans? How can I make progress?

      A: The season is meant to be additional end game content, but we still want mid level players to have access to the dungeon objectives. You can still earn points, especially if you take advantage of the buff that gives more Dungeon Points from a reset. You do also have the twelve weeks to try and get up into the higher echelon of power, and you can purchase extra runs for Dungeon Coins in the later weeks if you've managed to raise your power levels by then.

    • Q: What happens if I can't complete the first season?

      A: The top prize for the season will become available for Dungeon Coins in the Dungeon Coin store a few weeks after the season completes.

    • Q: Do I have to claim the rewards right when I unlock them?

      A: No, you can wait to claim them until you're ready to use them. However, if the season has ended, any unclaimed rewards will automatically be claimed at the end. Rewards will be awarded if you are in the game when the season ends, or the next time you log in if your game is closed when the season ends.

    • Q: If I purchased the Mysterious Benefactor's pass during the previous season, do I get the rewards in the current season?

      A: No, but you keep all of the permanent rewards you've earned from the old season.

    • Q: How do I buy the Mysterious Benefactor's pass?

      • Launch Crusaders of the Lost Idols.
      • Navigate to the current season's dialog.
      • Click on the purchase button.
      • Benefit!

    • Q: What if I buy the Mysterious Benefactor's pass late in the season?

      A: You will receive all of the rewards up to your current level, retroactively, and you can claim them at any time after you've purchased the pass.

    • Q: What happens when the season ends?

      A: All the rewards you haven't claimed yet will be auto-claimed.

      If you are currently on a dungeon objective that would get you points for the season, those points will be applied to the new season once you reset that objective.
    December 22nd, 2017
    COTLI: Weekend Buff – 'Tis The Season 

    The holiday season is upon us again, which means a new handy-dandy buff weekend!

    The following Crusaders will get a buff this weekend starting from today until Noon PST on Monday, December 25th.
    • Emo Werewolf - Base DPS +400%
    • Baenarall, Angel of Hope - The Old Guard ability +200%
    • RoboSanta - Expensive Toys ability +200%
    • King Reginald IV - Royal Grail ability +200%
    • Frosty the Snowman - Chilling Power ability +200%

    Check out these limited-time Seasonal Jeweled Chests that contain equipment for just the five Crusaders above!

    (Only for previously-unlocked Crusaders)
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