Game Features
Fight waves of bad guys as your team marches through an endless world.
Help out by completing quests and defeating terrible bosses. The NPCs need you!
Unlock chests to find awesome loot and equip your Crusaders with epic gear.
Arrange your Crusaders in the optimal form- ation to max your gold, DPS or click damage.
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February 17th, 2021
COTLI: Season 3, The Waterways, Arrives! 

There be treasure in these walls...lots of water, but also treasure! If you're ready to take up the task, read on for what changes come with season 3: The Waterways!

Season 3: The Waterways

The Dungeons are open again with season 3: The Waterways!

We've changed up the following formation this season:

Dark Dwellers

Other Changes for Season 3

  • Dungeon Points, Dungeon Coins and Idol Bonus limit Extended - The cap on the Dungeon rewards has been increased from area 14,000 to area 15,000.

  • Changes to the Idol Bonus - We've adjusted the Idol bonus from the lower areas of a dungeon objective to be a bit more generous for players new to the dungeons.

  • More Awesome Rewards! - Both the free and the Benefactor's pass route have had their reward amounts tweaked considerably, with more crafting materials, cooler buffs and drops for the Rune System to help your progress and start using those 5th slot runes!

  • Quality of Life Changes! - We've added some much-requested quality of life changes to the Dungeons, including seeing how many weekly objectives you have left on the objective selection screen!

  • Season 2 Skins Now Available! - If you missed getting these skins during the previous season, you can now purchase them for Dungeon Coins!

  • 5th Slot Runes Debut

    Season 3 also marks the debut of the 5th slot runes. Throughout the season, we'll be releasing the 5th slot runes in batches, starting with the base 20 Crusaders.

    The 5th slot runes unlock awesome power for the Crusaders, with most of them buffing existing upgrades. The higher the level, the better the bonus!

    The 5th slot on a Crusader is unlocked using the Arcane Geode, found from Dungeon rewards and through a weekly mission in the mission system.

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