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Fight waves of bad guys as your team marches through an endless world.
Help out by completing quests and defeating terrible bosses. The NPCs need you!
Unlock chests to find awesome loot and equip your Crusaders with epic gear.
Arrange your Crusaders in the optimal form- ation to max your gold, DPS or click damage.
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March 7th
COTLI: Hermit's Premature Party 4 

There's no such thing as a party starting too early — at least, that's what The Washed Up Hermit believes. Why celebrate St. Patrick's day for just one day? Why not instead celebrate for a whole two weeks!?

Perhaps Hermit is excited because his latest guest, Ana Guinness, an internationally-renowned bartender, has really cranked the party up to 11. She's here to make sure every Crusader has the time of their lives, and with her millennia of experience to back up her skills, lets just say she knows how to keep a Tier 4 party going until the sun comes up a dozen times over.

Welcome to Hermit's Premature Party 4! Hermit's Premature Party 4 introduces Ana Guinness, and brings back Kyle the Party Bro, Larry the Leprechaun, Snickette the Sneaky, Squiggles the Clown, and Saint Patroika! The party ends on Tuesday, March 19, 2019 at 12:00PM PDT!

New Tier 4 Crusader: Ana Guinness

News of your exploits has spread far and wide, from the crowded cities to the hidden taverns of fae kind. Ana Guinness, bartender extraordinaire, is ready to have some adventures of her own again, after millenia serving drinks to her fellow leprechauns.

Of course, she wouldn't be a leprechaun without an affinity for treasure, and if you follow the rainbow she guards, bosses you encounter will drop silver chests more often. Plus, gold will just rain from the monsters as they die before you from her gold find abilities.

Crusaders Return

If you haven't collected them already, you can unlock previous Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 Crusaders by completing their respective objectives. Kyle the Party Bro, Larry the Leprechaun, Snickette the Sneaky, Squiggles the Clown, and Saint Patroika are all once again available to unlock!

New Tier 4 Objectives

  • Recruit Ana Guinness | Ana Guinness takes up a slot in the formation If a boss drops a chest, you lose DPS for 30 seconds. Reach area 600.

  • Leprechaun Party | Leprechauns and Elf Crusaders only. Invisible leprechaun enemies spawn randomly and are invisible, only appearing once they reach your formation. Reach area 700.

  • My Girl Likes Treasure All The Time | A Greedy Coin takes up a slot in the formation. Whenever you pick up gold, the Greedy Coin disables DPS for several seconds. The Greedy Coin also deals damage over time to Clicker Crusaders. Reach area 750.

  • Beers to You | Area quest requirements are tripled. Additionally, special Beer Monsters spawn on occasion, which increase area quest progress by 10 upon death. Reach area 800.

  • The Emerald Isle | An emerald island takes up the center slot in the formation. For every 100 monsters you kill, one Crusader gets disabled for 30 seconds. Reach area 850.

Help! Where’s the Loot?

Equipment for event Crusaders can be found in Silver and Jeweled St. Patrick's Chests, which you can earn from objectives and the free play or buy in the shop. Each non-recruitment objective will drop a chest for its given tier of Crusaders, and free play will drop all-tier chests. Gear for Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4 Crusaders will only appear in all-tier chests once you've unlocked the respective Crusaders. You can select the tier of chest you buy in the shop.

You'll have until Tuesday, March 19, 2019 at 12:00PM PDT to complete Hermit's Premature Party 4!
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