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Expansive world to explore and help all sorts of cool people. You're their hero.
Hundreds and hundreds of custom items to decorate your character and house with
Bushes never die. They just keep respawning. Why won't they just go away?
Events. Tons and tons of events for you to do. Collect all the rewards before time runs out!
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October 22nd, 2021
BW2: October 22nd, 2021 Release Notes 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Halloween Event 2021 Update (October 22nd, 2021)

- Updated Halloween Event
- Added new customization and ranch items, and buy all achievement
- Added new ribbons and 100% reward
- Added new event mounts in Bush Bucks sale and mount packs, available the first weekend of the event
- Added 3 new Haunted House items, one is crafted in a quest
- Added 3 new pets available the second weekend of the event
- Can now prevent/allow friends from visiting your haunted mansion and spring gardens by talking to the contest NPC and selecting the corresponding chat option
- Added a “vote X times” achievement
- Added trick-or-treater to Prismatic Passage
- Changed normal event quester’s satchel threshold from 28 to 56 for event stores before they become Common Quester’s Satchels, which contain no Epic satchel drops and have a reduced chance of Rare satchel drops. The satchel store item will change its name so it’s obvious.
- Fixed haunted house item owned counts not showing on haunted mansion store item tooltips
- Can now choose which animatronic mansion items you want to build in any order after building the staffable ones. That’s the Werewolf Duty, Hydra Duty, Imp Duty, and Cerberus Duty quests.
- Can reset the cooldown on the trick-or-treaters for 350 Pumpkins or 12 Bush Bucks if they’re all on cooldown and you have 100% or more completion of the event, by talking to the first trick-or-treater on the left and choosing the “Hurry it up!” chat option.

- Fixed owned counts for pets and mounts and other items not showing on store item tooltips in certain stores (like for hubs)

- Added surface to Rocksmasher Stone Chest ranch item

- Fixed the energy bar updating strangely when quick whacking energy

- Fixed various reported typos and quest descriptions. Keep the reports coming!

- Worked on the endless flux dungeon update!
October 15th, 2021
BW2: October 15th, 2021 Release Notes 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Miscellaneous (October 15th, 2021)

- Added new Haunted Ranch Style and Maize Wall ranch items in new premium package deal

- Added a work-around for players who’s push-block puzzle in the Mountain Passage gets stuck despite having entered the Fractal Forest. Click the pedestal to complete it if you’re in this state!

- Hid the “Level 40 & 4 Level 20 Pet Treats” inventory item, which is a hidden purchase token

- Added massive mana potion (+5 Mana) to bush drops

- Added massive power potion (+5 Power) to bush drops

- Fixed various reported typos and quest descriptions. Keep the reports coming!

- Worked on the endless flux dungeon update!

October 8th, 2021
BW2: Creature Collector - Cerberus Pup Pets! 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Coppers of the Creature Collector

The eccentric Creature Collector has returned to the Commons, this time with a trio of cerberus pup pets!

Head to the event area and choose one to train. You have until noon on Wednesday October 13th to complete the collector's four daily quests, level up your chosen creature, earn Creature Coppers to spend in their store, and get another page to your Creature Collector's Compendium!

The Compendium Page will be given after the event ends. If you don't have the Creature Collector's Compendium ranch item, you'll get it when you get your first page.

After the event, the collector will be taking their creature back unless you adopt it by purchasing its corresponding mount pack, available starting Monday October 11th.

Train hard, Bush Whackers!

The training quests unlock at noon on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Those busy on the weekends can still catch up!

- The VIP "Quest Reset" power does not reset these mini event quests, and they are not affected by the Time Turner and Timey Whimey Watch.
- These three pets earn double the experience compared to other pets for the duration of this mini-event!

Ye Olde Creature Collector's Galleria - Pets

When you speak to Tanela Tiva in the event area, you can select the "What past pets are for sale?" chat option.

This will open a new store, which will contain 3 non-event premium pets you have never owned! They cost Bush Bucks, like in event stores. The selection will change next time Tanela Tiva visits to event area.

We've done this in response to players asking to see old premium pets they've missed out on, to help you fill out your pet collection. Snag those old-school pets you're missing out on!

Read the Release Notes!

October 8th, 2021
BW2: October 8th, 2021 Release Notes 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Creature Collector - Cerberus Pup Pets! (October 8th, 2021)

- Rerunning Coppers of the Creature Collector mini event with 3 new pets and custom items

- Can now toggle the Quest Whacks VIP Boon on and off, like the Speedy Boots boon

- Fixed various reported typos and quest descriptions. Keep the reports coming!

- Worked on the endless flux dungeon update!
October 1st, 2021
BW2: October 1st, 2021 Release Notes 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Firefly Community Sale (October 1st, 2021)

- Selling a new Firefly pet whose bonus increases the more Fireflies are bought during this weekend

- Fixed players who haven’t unlocked the Commons getting stuck after closing the game while visiting a friend’s Lake Island

- Changed the Endless Advent Calendar Energy, Gold, and Gem gifts to scale with your level

- Fixed the Endless Advent Calendar occasionally gifting nothing

- The Endless Advent Calendar will no longer drop energy, mana, or power if you're already maxed out

- Fixed the max level energy cost of bushes in dynamic fields, like Flux 20.0, showing 46 instead of 47, causing the “...You must be tired!” error message to occasionally pop up

- Changed Clint's response to “Can I undo a level up if I didn't like the bonus?” to: "Certainly can. You can SPEND some Mount Bucks to remove any bonus but the mount's base one."

- Fixed various reported typos and quest descriptions. Keep the reports coming!

- Worked on the endless flux dungeon update!
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