Game Features
Expansive world to explore and help all sorts of cool people. You're their hero.
Hundreds and hundreds of custom items to decorate your character and house with
Bushes never die. They just keep respawning. Why won't they just go away?
Events. Tons and tons of events for you to do. Collect all the rewards before time runs out!
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October 15th, 2021
BW2: October 15th, 2021 Release Notes 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Miscellaneous (October 15th, 2021)

- Added new Haunted Ranch Style and Maize Wall ranch items in new premium package deal

- Added a work-around for players who’s push-block puzzle in the Mountain Passage gets stuck despite having entered the Fractal Forest. Click the pedestal to complete it if you’re in this state!

- Hid the “Level 40 & 4 Level 20 Pet Treats” inventory item, which is a hidden purchase token

- Added massive mana potion (+5 Mana) to bush drops

- Added massive power potion (+5 Power) to bush drops

- Fixed various reported typos and quest descriptions. Keep the reports coming!

- Worked on the endless flux dungeon update!

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