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February 25th, 2021
COTLI: More Tier 4 11th Objectives! 

Ready for some new challenges that will test your formation building skills all over again? Craving some more power? Then read on to learn more about the latest Tier 4 11th objectives!

The Stars of the Show: New Tier 4 11th Objectives

  • The Cursed Child - On the Mischief at Mugwarts campaign.

    Ilsa, the Insane Wizard takes up a spot in the formation, cannot be moved and is the only one who does DPS. A child takes up a spot in the formation. Special curse monsters spawn. The child either buffs or debuffs Ilsa when the curse is killed. Areas become difficult much quicker. Beat area 1500.

    Rewards: A new slot for a Golden Item in the Challenge Token Store.

  • The Machine Stops - On the Ready Player Two! campaign.

    Only Human Crusaders are allowed. Mechanical debris rains from the sky, damaging two random Crusaders for 95% of their health. Every 20 seconds, a Crusader will pontificate, boring their adjacent Crusaders and causing them to stop providing abilities for 15 seconds. Areas become difficult much quicker. Beat area 1600.

    Rewards: Extra Rubies. Objectives now provide another additional 10% Rubies on completion. Also awards rubies retroactively for all the completed objectives you've done previously on completing this objective.

  • Moon - On the Idols Through Time campaign.

    Jim takes up a spot in the formation and cannot be moved. Only the Crusader adjacent to Jim in his column can do DPS. Jim clones spawn randomly and when defeated they spawn additional clones. Every boss is now a moon. Areas become difficult much quicker. Beat area 1700.

    Rewards: Unlocks the Tier 8 Talent, Olympian Training

  • Hall of Mirrors - On the Amusement Park of Doom campaign.

    Rolling Mirrors spawn randomly and live at least 5 seconds. While a mirror is alive, the whole formation takes damage. When a mirror is killed, a random Crusader gets bad luck and is disabled for 20 seconds. Areas become difficult much quicker. Beat area 1800.

    Rewards: Awards an e200 maximum number cap increase.

  • Evil Scheme - On the Mme. Finklebottom's Revenge campaign.

    Arenvarr takes up a spot in the formation and can't be moved. Other than Arenvarr, only Evil or Demon Crusaders can be used. An Evil Clown escort takes up a spot in the formation. If the clown dies, the objective fails instantly. The Thing monster spawns randomly and can only be hurt by click damage. When the thing is killed, the clown grants a buff to Crusaders, stacking additively for each monster killed. Areas become difficult much quicker. Beat area 2000.

    Rewards: Unlocks the Tier 8 Talent Arithmagician Newts.

New Tier 8 Utility Tree Talents

These two new talents will be available after completing the objectives Moon and Evil Scheme respectively.
  • Olympian Training - Increases the maximum Crusader level by 25 for each level of the talent. Max level 200.

  • Arithmagician Newts - Increases the maximum number cap by e10 for each level of the talent. Max level 100.

Note: Since this update includes an increase to the maximum number cap, we've changed the drop rates for bonus boss Idols starting at area 5900.

You can check out the change log in the game for additional information about this update.