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September 26th, 2014
Train the next generation of Whackers Today! 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Welcome to the most educational Event you'll ever see in Bush Whacker 2!

Help three aspiring young gals and guys learn the ropes over the course of the event by helping them learn how to whack bushes, mana whack, and power whack! Bring the Jr. Whackers cardboard swords found in bushes throughout the world, and they'll share the spoils of their training with you. As you help them, they gain experience, "levelling up" and will award more items with each turn-in*. Each of the determined young padawans will have a daily quest after they unlock, which will double their drops for the next turn-in.

Several ambitious wannabes have returned for another year of training, and the most enthusiastic of them has a series of quests which will unlock over the course of the event.

*This event does *not* contain a "turn-in all" option, due to the nature of the turn-in activity itself. Sorry!

We have added two new quests for this year, so make sure you keep an eye out for them!


There are an incredible THIRTEEN possible Achievements to earn in the Jr. Bush Whacker 2014 event:

Achievements Returning in 2014:

  • Working Harder - You've helped a Jr. Bush Whacker level up.
  • Power to the People - You've helped each Jr. Bush Whacker power up.
    • Working Better - You've helped each Jr. Bush Whacker level up to 5.
    • Working Faster - You've helped each Jr. Bush Whacker level up to 10.
    • Working Stronger - You've helped each Jr. Bush Whacker level up to 15.
  • Honorary Jr. Whacker - You completed all 8 enthusiastic Jr. Whacker quests!
  • Won a 'Diamond!' - You got a cardboard diamond. Isn't that awesome? No? (Large Energy Pack)

Added/Changed for 2014:
  • Fashion Badge - Help the Jr. Whacker earn their Fashion badge.
  • Capitalism Badge - Help the Jr. Whacker earn their Capitalism badge. (cookies quest-line)
  • Supporting the Cause - Buy all the 2014 Jr. BW Event items.*

We have 3 achievements from previous year's events, which may be earned by spending some Bush Bucks, if a player was not present during the initial years:
  • Putting on the Uniform - You got all the player items from the Jr. Bush Whacker Event
  • Junior Decorating Award - You got all the house items from the Jr. Bush Whacker Event
  • Jr. Merchandiser - You bought all 11 items from the 2013 Jr. BW Event!

* The Jr. Bush Whacker Mini Golf piece is NOT included in the Supporting the Cause achievement, and therefore it is not required to purchase it.

2014 Pet Packs:

Looking for a new pet to provide your whacker with some companionship? Check out our newest selection, drawn by our artist Cory!

Toy Crocodile - 20% chance to double non-multiplied Mana wins

Cardboard Kitty - Turns up to 25% of your wins to Mana

Guinea Pig - Increases your odds to win Mana by up to 25%

2013 Event Pets available for Bush Bucks:

Jason Beaver - Increases Puzzle Odds by 15% at max level

Are you ready to be come a Bush Whackin' Mentor? Tell us here!