May 22nd, 2015
Signed Bush Whacker 2 Poster Promotion 
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Hi Whackers!

We're having a sale! This weekend, get 30% MORE Bush Bucks on purchases of 50 Bush Bucks or higher!

To make it even sweeter, if you purchase 500 Bush Bucks in one purchase on participating game sites*, you get a signed Bush Whacker 2 poster free! That's right, we'll mail you the above poster with signatures from the whole Codename Entertainment team**! Limit 1 per character!

The sale runs until Monday May 25th at Noon PDT!

* In order to run this promotion, we contacted the sites our games run on and only received permission from select ones.

** In order to mail you this poster we will need you to provide a valid address. A form for submitting your address will appear above the game on your first refresh after a valid purchase.
May 21st, 2015
Elephant Mount 
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Hi Whackers!

We're having a sale! It's an all-new unique Elephant mount! It comes with a starting bonus of +5% Odds to Double Mana wins!

But it's not just any type of mount. It's one that made a player very happy! Because Danni loves elephants so much, she'd asked daily for one as a mount option. When we told her it was finally available for purchase, she exuberantly expressed her thanks in the chat for over 10 minutes. And not just because of the mount, but because the Elephant pets were available for Bush Bucks from the Danni character -based on her in-game avatar- in the Commons.

The Bush Bucks items from Danni and the Elephant will be on sale until tomorrow, Friday, May 22 @ Noon PDT.