December 13th, 2017
BW2: Change Log Dec 13 2017 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Christmas Event (December 13th, 2017)

- Updated the Christmas Event
- Added 3 new daily quests
- Added new customization and ranch items
- Added new ribbons and 100% reward
- Added 3 new pets
- Added ice fishing with 2 fishable custom items
- New Christmas Tree and Snowman quest rewards

- Added Christmas Kangaroo Mount promo (free with BB purchase over $10; 30% more BBs over $5)

- Fixed companions with animated transitions causing delays on the last whack of a Quick Whack (eg. Groundhog, Gargoyle, Sandworm)

- Added a missing achievement for Kaine’s Spine of the World mystery

- Fixed various reported typos and quest descriptions. Keep the reports coming!