September 20th, 2016
Crusaders of the Lost Idols Player Interview 

We love our fans, and some of you have been with us for a long time. It's time to celebrate your awesomeness. This week we are featuring an interview with one of our longest running fans, Dylan from Albany, NY.

Introduce yourself to your fellow Crusaders!

My name is Dylan, and I'm currently living in Albany, New York.

I started playing Crusaders before the game was released. I was part of the testing team.

A lot of changes took place and a lot of balancing. When it came time for the official launch of the game, it actually felt like a baby was being born. Everybody was so excited!

I had mainly played on Facebook at that time, though I had accounts on Kongregate, and ArmorGames. I liked going into the chat rooms and helping people out.

"...once people figured out how the game worked, they were hooked."

It seemed like once people figured out how the game worked, they were hooked. It was very fun to see the communities being born and becoming regulars in the chat rooms. Now I really enjoy the game on Steam, and check in on mobile when I'm not home.

Dylan's favourite event: Halloween.

Which is your favourite campaign, event, and Crusader?

My favorite campaign would have to be Worlds Wake, simply because it was the first. It has all that nostalgia for me. My favorite event would have to be the Halloween event. The play on Twilight was hilarious, especially because, in my family, we often made fun of my cousin who had a huge crush on Edward, and named her car Edward, though we always called it "Eddard." So, I found that hilarious.

Dylan is a big fan of pumpkins. Big fan.

My favorite Crusader of all time has to be Jack. Mainly because I have a huge thing for pumpkins. I love them. I think they are adorable, and I have a huge collection of pumpkin things. I have a problem with buying cat and dog toys that are pumpkins, and then not giving them to my pets, because I find them too cute, that I need to display them on my pumpkin shelf. It really is a problem, and I don't see myself stopping it anytime soon.

What got you hooked on Crusaders of the Lost Idols?

For me, a large part of what got me hooked on Crusaders was the ability to help test and brainstorm on it. Everyone was coming up with great new ideas that just kept making everything even more fun.

"I'm a real RPG lover."

What really gets me excited would have to be the constant upgrades. I'm a real RPG lover. So, I'm one of those people who loves to upgrade everybody, even if I don't necessarily use them. It's that constant progression where it may not feel like you've done a lot, but then you go and realize how much further you can push yourself. Then it kicks in how much stronger you have gotten. I like that a lot.

What other games do you play?

I play so many games. It's a very large part of my life. I'm a huge fan of games like Zelda, Final Fantasy, Harvest Moon, Bloodborne, Dark Souls, Soul Sacrifice, Shin Megami Tensei, MMOs' like Mabinogi, Vindictus, Neverwinter. And then on the mobile front, I've really been enjoying Mobius Final Fantasy, Pokemon Go, and the oldie but still goodie, Puzzle and Dragons.

Adventures of Mana.

What is your all-time favourite game? (other than Crusaders, of course).

My all-time favourite game ever? This could be the hardest question in the world. Well, Final Fantasy Adventure, the original Sword of Mana/Adventure of Mana game when I was young, was the first game ever to make me cry. I love it. So there is that. And then, Bloodborne, I think is a beautiful cosmic terror. So, those two.

"Try to get around at least 13 idols or so on your first run."

What tips do you have for new Crusaders players?

My biggest tip to any new Crusader is try to get around at least 13 idols or so on your first run. It'll take a bit, just be patient, though. This will be your hardest time resetting the world. After that, it will always be easier so don't worry! Stick with it! It is well worth it!

What advanced tips do you have for all Crusaders players?

I would say to never underestimate anything that increases gold. The more gold you make, and the faster you make it, the faster you are powering up your Crusaders. Gold basically IS DPS. I would also say, the Passive tree talents can be very useful, especially "Passive Criticals." Even though clicking isn't entirely used a whole lot, being able to use the power of critical click percentages as DPS makes a surprising difference. It even allows for throwing the Bush Whacker into your mix of Crusaders as a passive buff. Pretty neat!