June 5th, 2015
Mini Golf is 1 Year Old! 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Hi Whackers!

You've been whacking balls for over a year now! Mini golf pieces were introduced with last year's Summer Sports event!

But even though it's awesome and fun, we realize that it's a bit big for your ranch, which is why we're unveiling the all-new Mini Golf Zone!

To gain access to your zone, talk to Gilmore in the Commons if you have unlocked your Ranch and built the Lumber Mill. In this zone, you can make as many holes as you can fit, set the pars, decorate it with ranch items to make it look pretty and of course, play golf!

While you're building it, it's set to private, so visitors can't come and set a score on or rate an unfinished zone. Once you're ready you can open to your friends, players looking at the top rated courses, or players who visit random courses!

Ready to play ball yourself? You can visit from your friend bar or by clicking someone on Amicus Isle!

Share your course design thoughts on the forums!

To go along with this awesome new feature, we're having a sale!

Get 30% more Bush Bucks on purchases of 50 Bush Bucks or higher! Plus, with your first purchase of the weekend you get the smashingly fun Gorilla mini golf piece!

The Bush Bucks+ sale will run until Monday June 8th at Noon PDT!