April 10th, 2015
The Secondary Caldera Conundrum 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Investigator Kaine is back in an all-new mystery! And he's inviting you along for the fun!

If you have surfaced from the watery depths after finding the Mer-booty, you can dry off in the Volcano! Investigator Kaine has been tasked with trying to stop another caldera from forming and blowing away the poor people of Pompeii. Talk to the Town Crier to get started if you've completed the primary quest in the Volcano area ("The Ring").

Plus, to mark the 12th Kaine mystery, we're having a sale! From now until Monday, April 13th at Noon PDT you can pick up Kaine's clothes, his trusty detective badge trinket (+10% Quest Item Odds), and an awesome brain in a jar for your ranch! These items can also be gifted by talking to friendly Sasha in the Commons.

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