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September 21st, 2023
Idle Champion Spotlight: Certainty Dran 
Posted in Idle Champions.

"I'm kind of an expert on the temporal thing now."

Certainty Dran has spent her whole life preparing to take over Acquisitions Incorporated. Years of study and training has honed her business acumen as well as made her an adept and creative wielder of magic. Her charismatic presence and unwavering belief that failure is never an option make people want to help her. And when all that isn't enough, Certainty has the tools necessary to get what she wants with ruthless efficiency.

I. Certainty

    Certainty Dran, the heiress apparent of Acquisitions Incorporated, is endowed with knowledge surpassing even her father, Omin Dran, and privileged with access to the finest schools and resources. With a fusion of martial skill, clever magic, and unwavering self-belief, Certainty is certainly an unstoppable force.

Certainty is a support and gold find champion that increases the damage of Champions in the column in front of her. As an expert at rebooting timelines, her support abilities increase the more she completes long adventures. She can be found in slot Slot 5 opposite Calliope once you've hired her services.

II. Certainty's Stats

Race: Half-Elf, Aasimar Alignment: Neutral Good
Gender: Female Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 19 Affiliation: Acquisitions Incorporated Class: Wizard, Bard

STR: 14 DEX: 12 CON: 12
INT: 16 WIS: 13 CHA: 16

Role: Support, Gold Find

Eligible for Patrons: Mirt, Strahd, Zariel

Slot: 5 (Calliope)

Dungeons & Dragons Certainty Dran Marketing Gif

III. Certainty's Design

Idle Champions fans will remember the wonderful Jasmine Bhullar as the creator of our March charity familiar, Isra the Infernal Horned Toad. Now we have the pleasure of working with her again on a full Champion! She's an accomplished actress, content creator, Twitch livestreamer, TTRPG performer and Game Master. The most recent PAX West showcased her skills performing for Acquisitions Incorporated and Seattle By Night, and she passes along TTRPG tips and musings in her new show Bronze Dragon Inn.

The Secretarian fills an important interpersonal role in any Acquisitions Incorporated franchise. They are a master of assessing the strengths and weaknesses of others, and then using that information to gain the most value out of them for the company. No one is better at convincing others to do what they want than Certainty Dran. The expert Secretarian's Advice she offers gives Champions in front of her the confidence to do more damage, and if she's working with other Acq Inc or "C" Team Champions then that damage as well as their gold find will be even bigger. Keep her around as she'll increase her effectiveness as you thoroughly finish adventures with her, and when she completes her Employee Evaluations she'll give bonuses if your team has high marks!

Certainty has an obvious soft spot for her father Omin Dran, so she'll help him recruit more Champions of Tymora in the formation. She also loves to support her "Uncle" Jim Darkmagic, and will use the royalty payments from using Jim's Magic Missile as her basic attack to help boost his damage. People who collaborate with Certainty are inspired by her to work smarter and harder, and her Specialization choice will focus that development time into either Intelligence or Charisma. Finally it's not uncommon to need to deal with angry customers, which is why her toy airship is always ready to enlarge and strafe across the battlefield with a barrage of canon fire!

With the force of personality to convince anyone to follow her brilliant tactical advice, Certainty is the ideal employee in any franchise!

IV. Certainty's Abilities

Basic Attack

  • Jim's Magic Missile - Certainty fires two magic missiles at random targets.

Formation Abilities

  • Secretarian's Advice - Certainty increases the damage of Champions in the row in front of her by 100%.
  • Reboot Expert - Certainty increases the effect of Secretarian's Advice by 100% each time she has been in an adventure for at least 250 areas when it is reset. This stacks additively and persists through resets.
  • Financing Rounds - Certainty increases the effect of Secretarian's Advice and your Gold Find by 1% for each level on Acquisitions Incorporated or "C" Team Champions in the formation, stacking additively. Each Champion's contribution caps at 1000 levels after their last available upgrade.
  • Dad and Uncle Jim - Certainty helps her father Omin by increasing the damage of Champions of Tymora adjacent to her by 200%, and she helps her "uncle" Jim Darkmagic by increasing his damage by 200% due to royalty payments for using his spell.
  • Employee Evaluations - Certainty assesses the average score of her preferred ability (INT or CHA) of the Champions in the column in front of her and increases the damage effect of Secretarian's Advice by 200% for each full point over 13, stacking multiplicatively.


  • Best And The Brightest - Certainty's preferred ability is Intelligence and she grants a +1 INT bonus to all Champions in the column in front of her.
  • Smooth Negotiators - Certainty's preferred ability is Charisma and she grants a +1 CHA bonus to all Champions in the column in front of her.

Ultimate Ability

  • Airship Attack - Certainty manifests a toy Airship which launches into the air and transforms into a larger version. The airship strafes the enemies with multiple shots from a big cannon sticking out the bottom, dealing a massive hit to all the enemies and blasting up to 10 random non-boss non-static enemies off the screen. These monsters don't count towards quest progress or drop gold.

V. Certainty's Epic Equipment

Slot 1: Global DPS
Slot 2: Secretarian's Advice
Slot 3: Reboot Expert
Slot 4: Financing Rounds
Slot 5: Employee Evaluations
Slot 6: Ultimate Cooldown

VI. Conclusion

You certainly need Certainty in your formation! Share your thoughts on her acquisition in several places:
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