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Horrible monsters to defeat. Hack, shoot, and burn your way through them. It's fun.
Tons of loot to make your character stronger! Look at that sword. That's a nice sword.
Meet a bunch of companions, each with their own strengths and stories to explore.
Dozens and dozens of missions to complete with a complex, ever expanding storyline.
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July 17th, 2015
Shards' Littlest Pet Shop 
Posted in Shards of Titan.

Greetings Shards fans!

Introducing the Pet Shop! Build it to use eggs and growth supplies to start growing a pet of your own!

Growth supplies and eggs will drop from chests and battles from running missions. The different types of Purified Waters will only drop from the area they belong to. Or if you have Pet Tokens, you can buy supplies and eggs!

Mix the egg with crystals and water to start the growing process. Wait and see what pet grows!

Have some extra gold or lumber burning a hole in your pocket? Donate to the Pet Store every 20 hours to get some extra Pet Tokens! Plus complete other tasks!

Too many pets? You can sell them to the NPC in the pens to get Pet Tokens!

Talk about your breeding on the forums!

To get a head start, pick up a Pet Shop Starter Pack! It comes with an Epic Pet Egg, a Rare Pet Egg, 20 Regular Growth Crystals, 10 Forest Purified Waters, 10 Jungle Purified Waters, 20 48-hour Growth Tank Power Crystals and 500 Pet Tokens for only $20! The sale will run until Wednesday July 22 at Noon PDT!
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