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Expansive world to explore and help all sorts of cool people. You're their hero.
Hundreds and hundreds of custom items to decorate your character and house with
Bushes never die. They just keep respawning. Why won't they just go away?
Events. Tons and tons of events for you to do. Collect all the rewards before time runs out!
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September 24th, 2021
BW2: September 24th, 2021 Release Notes 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Stores Update & VIP Sale! (September 24th, 2021)

- Added a new VIP Boon! The Quest Whacks boon lets you hit quest spawns with Quick Whacks and Mana Whacks. Can be activated using VIP Vouchers or VIP Tokens.

- 50% off 30 days VIP Membership! Once per player, you can start a 30 day VIP Membership or add 30 days to your existing membership for half price!

- Updated the various in-game stores:
  • Added items to the VIP store:
    • Thundercloud Mount,
    • Laser Shark Companion,
    • Modern Circles Rug,
    • Tiger Print Rug,
    • Pterodactyl Skeleton,
    • T-Rex Skeleton,
    • Putting Green,
    • Smelting Furnace,
    • White Ninja Gloves,
    • White Ninja Mask,
    • Nunchucks

  • Added items to the Ye Olde Island Exchange (Amicus Island Tokens store):
    • Honey Badger,
    • Stone Well,
    • Luau Bar Stool,
    • Brown Flower Rug,
    • Beach Towel,
    • Fruit Pile,
    • Glossy Folders,
    • Ginger Ale 6-Pack,
    • Fish Trophy,
    • Blue Butterfly Cape,
    • Googly Eyes

  • Added items to the Ye Gaming House Prize Shoppe (Casino store):
    • Red Striped Rug,
    • Albino Squirrel Companion,
    • Cabana Tent,
    • Relox Watch,
    • Pink Panda Tail,
    • Pink Panda Mask,
    • Pink Panda Gloves

  • Added items to the Burglary Boutique:
    • Red Balloon Companion,
    • Un-magic Carpet,
    • B-Man Towel,
    • Hourglass,
    • Dragon Bones,
    • Diamond Display Case,
    • Artifact Dig Area,
    • Empty Archaeological Dig Site,
    • Big Dig Site,
    • Black Wing Cape,
    • Bleach Blonde Hair

  • Added hair colors to the Stylist wandering merchant:
    • White Hair,
    • Hot Pink Hair,
    • Aqua Hair,
    • Lavender Hair,
    • Sky Blue Hair,
    • Lime Green Hair,
    • Forest Green Hair

  • Added items to the Furniture Salesman wandering merchant:
    • Shop Carpet,
    • Clinic Carpet,
    • White-Blue Rug,
    • Wooden Horse,
    • Barber Pole,
    • Short Bookcase

  • Added items to the Pawn Stars wandering merchant:
    • 9-Bit Pickaxe,
    • Burlap Doll,
    • Umbrella Sword (closed),
    • Umbrella Sword (open)

  • Added items to the Tailor wandering merchant:
    • Black Blind Fold,
    • Zebra Gloves,
    • Black Hood

  • Added pet to the Pet Saleswoman wandering merchant:
    • Calico Kitty
- Changed the price of the Highland Cow in the Pet Saleswoman store from 250 to 300 Bush Bucks, to be in-line with other mount costs

- Rotated the Ghost and Robot pets into the Amicus Island Tokens store, and rotated the Poot and Gelatinous Cube pets out

- After buying 28 Quester’s Satchels from event stores (number of event days x2), you no longer can earn rare rewards from the event satchels for that event, resetting the next event. This is to balance the acquisition of the more rare rewards for veteran players, playing more than expected than when the Quester's Satchel option was first added to event stores, back before 2016.

- Fixed generation 13 pet eggs dropping from Quester’s Satchels when you already had 2 of them

- Added a surface to Tree Platform ranch item
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