June 13th
New Bush Whacker 2 Player Council! 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Hi Whackers!

Here are your Bush Whacker 2 Player Council members! Over the next little while, they will participate in quarterly meetings with us at Codename Entertainment to give us meaningful feedback on different areas of the game and their thoughts on potential upcoming features.

From Facebook:
  • Deana Shultz Lowe
  • Dalton Stodgel
From Kongregate
  • Phagras
  • 00Nem
From Armor Games
  • unoroberto
  • Oglethorpe1983 (returning)
CNE Games
  • SmudgieSmum
  • WendyInWV
  • ArcticDweller
  • lilbit0219
  • DragonPoker
We appreciate their willingness to join and their passion and knowledge of Bush Whacker 2.

Congratulate them on the forums!