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January 1st, 2020
Idle Champion Spotlight: Dragonbait 
Posted in Idle Champions.

Happy new year! Would you like to learn about your first new Champion of 2020?

It's time to dive in to the wondrous world of Saurial scents and see what we can find...

A truly rare creature...

    Dragonbait is a champion of good and a saurial—a race that originated on a distant world and whose members have long lives. Very few saurials dwell in the Forgotten Realms, and no saurial communities are believed to exist anywhere in the world. The saurial's language is a combination of clicks and whistles beyond the human range of hearing, so Dragonbait relies on 'shouting' scents to communicate emotions. Dragonbait's known scents include: brimstone (confusion), roses (sadness), lemon (pleasure or joy), baked bread (anger), violets (danger or fear), honeysuckle (tenderness or concern), wood smoke (devotion or piety), tar (victory or celebration), and ham (nervousness or worry).

Dragonbait is a Tank and Support Champion. His Shen-state formation ability offers a variety of scent-based positional formation buffs. When you wish to add Dragonbait to the formation, you can swap him with Jamilah (Slot 11).

II. Dragonbait's Stats

Race: Saurial Alignment: Lawful Good
Class: Paladin Gender: Male
Age: 242 Affiliation: none

STR: 15 DEX: 13 CON: 17
INT: 14 WIS: 16 CHA: 18

Eligible for Patrons: Mirt, Vajra

III. Dragonbait's Design

Bringing an old character with a lot of history to life is always a unique challenge -- even more so when said character is as unique and quirky as Dragonbait. Saurials are rare, after all, and not originally native to Toril. Yet here is Dragonbait, co-starring in The Finder's Stone Trilogy of novels by Kate Novak and Jeff Grub, starting with Azure Bonds in 1988, and then popping up again decades later in 2017's Tomb of Annihilation where he has since become the traveling companion of Artus Cimber. This little sauriel gets around!

Luckily for us, Dragonbait's unique quirks made for a rich opportunity with his design. Since Dragonbait is unable to speak common, he communicates his emotions primarily with scents, so we used those scents as the base for his design with Shen-state. Everything builds off Shen-state, from the range of Dragonbait's formation buff with Scent: Pie Crust to the effective power of the buff with Scent: Roasted Vegetables and Scent: Meat Sauce.

We hope you like him!

IV. Dragonbait's Abilities

Basic Attack

  • Slice Through — Dragonbait attacks the closest enemy with his sword, hitting all nearby enemies with a small cleave.

Formation Abilities

  • Shen-state — Dragonbait increases the damage of Champions within one slot of himself by 100%. This ability is buffed by Dragonbait's various Scents.
  • Scent: Pie Crust — The range of Shen-state is increased by 1 for each Healer Champion in the formation, stacking additively.
  • Scent: Roasted Vegetables — The effect of Shen-state is increased by 100% for each enemy attacking Dragonbait and each enemy enrage stack, stacking additively. This effect is increased by 100% for each other Tanking Champion in the formation (multiplicatively).
  • Scent: Meat Sauce — The effect of Shen-state is increased for each Support Champion in the formation. The increase amount is based on how close the Support Champion is to Dragonbait. The following values are used:
    • 1 slot away: 50%
    • 2 slots away: 150%
    • 3 slots away: 100%
    • 4 slots away: 50%
    • 5+ slots away: 25%
  • Fast Friends — Dragonbait increases the health of all other Champions by 25% of his max health.


  • Scent: Roasted Chicken — The effect of Scent: Meat Sauce now uses the following values for each Support Champion in the formation:
    • 1 slot away: 75%
    • 2 slots away: 100%
    • 3 slots away: 125%
    • 4 slots away: 150%
    • 5+ slots away: 200%
  • Scent: Herbs and Spices — The effect of Scent: Roasted Vegetables is increased by an additional 50% for each Tanking Champion in the formation (multiplicatively).

Ultimate Ability

  • Holy Avenger — Dragonbait jumps out and strikes with his Holy Avenger, dealing damage to all enemies on screen and immediately clearing any stun/charm effects on Champions. Any Fiends or Undead left alive are marked with an overlay of the Holy Avenger, causing Champions who attack them to take 400% additional damage.

V. Dragonbait's Equipment

Slot 1: Global DPS
Slot 2: Max Health
Slot 3: Roasted Vegetables
Slot 4: Meat Sauce
Slot 5: Ultimate Damage
Slot 6: Ultimate Cooldown

VI. Conclusion

Your latest Evergreen Champion has arrived — complete those Tomb of Annihilation variants, unlock Dragonbait, and then let us know what you think!

Feel free to send us feedback on via the Idle Champions Subreddit, Steam forum, or the Idle Champions Discord!
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