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July 21st
Idle Champions: Midsummer 4 
Posted in Idle Champions.

It's the day before Shieldmeet and the Open Lord of Waterdeep has gone missing. Nobody has seen Laeral Silverhand in days and it is imperative that she be found before the meeting with the Masked Lords begins.

At the behest of the Blackstaff, the Champions are sent to discover what happened...

Midsummer 4 introduces Ellywick Tumblestrum, Gnome Bard, legendary Planeswalker, and the Greatest Bard in the Multiverse, and brings back, Beadle & Grimm, the purveyors of the Pandemonium Warehouse and owners of the Giant's Bane Tavern, and the speedy hero of Baldur's Gate, Shandie Freefoot. Players have until Monday, August 2nd at 12PM PDT to complete their event unlocks and objectives.

For more information about Year 4 Events and how they work, please check out our Year 4 Events Dev Blog.

I. New Champion: Ellywick Tumblestrum

Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter Sergeant Knox

    Thanks to a lucky draw from the notorious Deck of Many Things, Ellywick Tumblestrum is now the Greatest Bard in the Multiverse! Her magnificent music has dazzled beings across many planes, including royalty from the Feywild. The Summer Queen and the Queen of Air and Darkness were so moved by her performance that they gifted the bard her exquisite instrument, the beautiful lute Morningmist. She tells tales of her amazing adventures at the Witchlight Carnival, aided by her frog companion Groak.

Ellywick is a Support, Gold Find, and Healing Champion who uses the Deck of Many Things to augment her abilities. When you want to add her to your formation you can swap her with Tyril (Slot 10).

II. Ellywick's Stats

Race: Gnome Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class: Bard Gender: Female
Age: 125

STR: 12 DEX: 17 CON: 14
INT: 13 WIS: 12 CHA: 20

Role: Support, Gold Find, Healing
Eligible for Patrons: Vajra, Strahd, Zariel
Slot: 10 (Tyril)

III. Ellywick's Design

Ellywick Tumblestrum is not only a featured Planeswalker in the latest Magic: The Gathering release: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, she is also a character you may encounter in the upcoming D&D TRPG Adventure: The Wild Beyond The Witchlight. We are so excited to continue the fun that Magic started with Ellywick's debut, and get everyone up to speed on her before you run into her on your next D&D campaign!

When we started to design Ellywick, we had the benefit of learning her backstory from The Wild Beyond Witchlight, but also what her Planeswalker Card would bring to the table. It allowed us to take inspiration from both brands' representations of Ellywick to create our own!

Ellywick is a Support, Gold Find, and Healing Champion who you'll find in Slot 10 (Tyril). Ellywick Tumblestrum is a Gnome Bard, legendary Planeswalker, and the Greatest Bard in the Multiverse. She won that title of 'Greatest Bard in the Multiverse' from a lucky pull from the Deck of Many Things, and her interaction with that iconic Dungeons & Dragons magic item is integral to her Idle Champions design.

Her Specializations allow you to increase the power of one of her abilities and increase the chance of drawing more beneficial cards, while her Ultimate Call Of The Feywild takes direct inspiration from her Planeswalker card, bringing 6 fey creatures forth to heal her allies and harm her enemies.

For more information on Ellywick and her abilities, check out her Champion Spotlight!

Year Four Variants

  • Pixie Trickery - One slot is taken up in the formation by a Pixie riding an intellect devourer, who is along to watch Ellywick do her thing.Each time a boss arrives on screen, all Champions are stunned for 5 seconds. If Ellywick is in the formation, the stun does not take effect.
    Reach Area 75.

  • Fey Harmonies — Ellywick starts in your formation. She can be moved. Every area, two Satyrs arrive to harmonize. While any Satyrs are on screen, all enemies can only be damaged by bards. Only Champions with CHA 14 or higher can be used.
    Reach Area 125.

  • Draconic Dissonance — Every area five chromatic Dragon Wyrmlings spawn with the second wave. Each type of Dragon buffs the Dragons on screen in a unique way:
    • White - When a Dragon attacks, it heals 20% of its health.
    • Blue - Increase the normal attack cooldown of Champions by .5 seconds.
    • Black - When a non-boss Dragon dies, there's a 25% chance that it immediately respawns.
    • Red - Dragons move 100% faster.
    • Green - Dragons deal 100% additional damage.

  • If Ellywick is in the formation, one fewer Wyrmling spawns in each area.
    Reach Area 175.

See the in-game FAQ for more information!

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