November 28th, 2017
Extra Life 2017 is Almost Upon Us 
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Welcome Back, Extra Life!

It's that time of the year again - and we're not talking about Christmas - it's time for Codename Entertainment Extra Life 2017!

For those who may not know, Extra Life is a wonderful program set up to raise donations for Children's Miracle Network hospitals. The money raised is donated as unrestricted funds for hospitals to use as needed. But the best part? We can help by doing what we love to do: gaming!

For more information about the Extra Life program, check out their FAQ.

What's the Plan for 2017!?

We're glad you asked! Like last year, Codename team donations will be going to the BC Children's Hospital Foundation. In previous years we have managed to raise upwards of $5000 and dress Clive up like a princess. This year we want to do even better!

For starters, we're stepping up our streaming game this year. Some of you may have noticed that we now stream weekly on the Official Dungeons & Dragons Twitch. The side effect of taking that on is that we have an all-new streaming studio, handcrafted, hand-painted and painstakingly assembled by our very own cofounder, David Whittaker. On top of the Codename Streaming Studio we are aiming to have several camera feeds this year, focused on:
  • Tabletop — all things boardgames and a three-part epic Dungeons & Dragons adventure crafted by Lead Artist Adam Kosh, in which he intends to put our characters through the ringer. Seriously, it sounds nasty, and he never stops cackling about it when we ask him.

  • Multiplayer — the best way to play games is against your friends and in earshot so they can hear your cries of victory and so they are close enough for you to curse them out in defeat. What's it going to be this year? Mercenary Kings? Hellriders? Overcooked? Whatever it is, challenge accepted.

  • Singleplayer — We have some pretty hardcore gamers among our ranks, so from time to time they'll take the spotlight away from the rest of the stream to show us how it's done (or earn our mockery forever). Time to put our money where our mouths are.

We are here for your entertainment, and more importantly, to raise money for kids. There will also be some fun and special donation rewards/perks, like rewards in Codename Entertainment games for all players and the ability to troll our D&D game.

You can find the Codename Entertainment Team Page here.

When do you Start?

We have time-shifted our stream to this coming weekend, starting on Saturday December 2nd at 9am PST until Sunday December 3rd at 9am PST. It has been a hectic couple months dealing with the release of our newest game, Idle Champions, and various other engagements (TwitchCon, Blizzcon, PAX, etc) preventing the gathering of the studio as a whole.

You'll be able to watch the event in all its glory over on the Codename Entertainment Twitch.

Once again, you can find all our info and more over on the Codename Entertainment Extra Life Team Page.

Wish us luck!
October 14th, 2016
Codename Extra Life 2016 Is Coming! 
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What is Extra Life?

Extra Life is a fun program set up to raise donations for Children's Miracle Network hospitals. Money raised gets donated as unrestricted funds, for the hospitals to use as needed. What's awesome is that you can help by doing what you normally do: game! For more information from the Extra Life program itself, click here.

What's the Plan for 2016?

The Codename team donations will be going to the BC Children's Hospital Foundation. Last year, we managed to raise just over $5000, beating our modest goal of $1000, mostly due to Clive rocking the Princess gear and Justin's Bush Whacker 2 in-game avatars!

Princess Clive

Custom Bush Whacker 2 NPC

This year, we're starting with a team goal of $3,500. To donate to our team, you can visit here. To find a staff member with a reward you'd like, you can click on the "Roster" button.

We've set aside time on the weekend of Saturday October 22nd from 9am PDT through Sunday October 23rd at 9am PDT for our 24 hours of gaming fun. We'll be taking turns in shifts to play games and chat with our viewers and you can watch it all on our Twitch! We hope to make our fundraising goal while the live broadcast is happening, but you can donate before and after!

For those staff members whose goals require doing things live on the Stream, as we get closer to the date, we'll have a rough idea of when you can see them! Will there be more Pirate Goats?

Pirate Goat!

Extra Life: Gaming for the kids!
December 3rd, 2015
Extra Life 2015 Wrap Up 
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Our goal this year was a modest $1000, but we blasted that out of the park to raise almost $4100 by the time the stream finished!

We could not have achieved that goal within a week and a half without the help of our generous community, and those with the desire to see Clive in a princess dress! And thank you to everyone who supported our efforts to game and stay up all night!

The first shift arrived at the office and got the stream live on Twitch without too much technical difficulties, thanks to last year's experience and staying late to set up the night before. Plus, there were piles of sugary treats to snack on for focus. Cory led the charge, with his ambitious playing of an Idiot Savant build in Fallout 4 while the rest of the day crew trickled in to start their gaming. We were joined briefly by Kyle from Indochino, who played Ghost Blitz and Anomia with some of us.

Brownies, peanut butter cookies and chocolate chip cookies were just some of the treats available to snack on. The cookies were all gone by the end of stream.

Letting Justin leave the stream command so he could go play the "Get Me Out of Here" objective in Crusaders, Eric manned the chat room and played Meta Game with those in chat and asking those in the office their opinions as well. It's always interesting to talk about what games we have in common and what we think about them.

Justin wearing Clive's alternate princess hat choice, thanks to Erika's silliness, while he beats "Get Me Out of Here" and eats lunch with Dave playing Fallout 4 beside him.

We were joined later in the day by a bevy of teenagers, who helped keep us awake all night, and Princess Clive. Clive really was a good sport about following up on stretch goal and staying in the princess gown all night, even doing some curtsies and waves on camera for the people chatting with us on stream.

Andrew took over stream command for part of the evening, and really enjoyed the chance to interact with the players in our community and get to know them better. And he even learned more about himself, like that he is able to get a cookie from his forehead to his mouth by scrunching his face. He also got a donation from doing it, which is awesome!

Katherine made her goal while on stream, and followed up on her donation goal bonus as well. She started out by roughing in the headbutting dinosaur poster that her main donator asked for, then moved on to her "derpy doodles" of doing anything suggested by people in our twitch chat. You can check out all her drawings, like the pirate goat or wizard orca, here. Thank you for sharing them and being here for the stream, Katherine!

In the wee hours of the night, with the need to resist sleep setting in, the teenagers volunteered to man the twitch chat. They decided to do whatever anyone in chat asked for, and ended up raising $30 for drawing on each other's faces! Plus, they showed off their exercise skills with push ups and sit ups.

The sunrise in the morning brought sleeping teenagers but also the siren call of breakfast. (Next year, we'll make it earlier in the morning, because it helped us wake up!) Once Cory had his coffee in him, he whipped up the pancake batter and Erika had charge of cooking the batches of bacon pancakes! We had prevailed through the night!

For interested Bush Whacker players: You can still donate if you're interested and be immortalized in our next area expansion. This option remains open until the end of the 2015 calendar, when the 2015 Extra Life drive closes. Please comment on Justin's page with how you'd like your character to appear.

Thank you for supporting all of us!!

November 7th, 2014
Achivement Unlocked: Extra Life is Wrapped! 

Our goal was 25 hours, and $3000.

We survived the first and SMASHED through our initial fundraising goal to earn just shy of $7000 by days end!

Without a doubt, we could not have achieved these goals in just three short weeks without the incredible support of our friends, family and you, our unfailing community.

October 25 dawned early (for a weekend), and saw most of the "morning crew" in by 9 am. With some minor technical issues since this was our first time steaming in the office, we started our morning with a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity. We ran through our schedule of games/events over the next 25 hours and wrapped up on Sunday at 10 am - thanks Daylight Savings for adding an additional hour! Extra Life is incredible in its ability to bring together seemingly unconnected communities; we had people participate through donations, encouragement via our various game chats and Twitch stream, and dropping by our office. We even got a special delivery of Alexander Keith's all the way from Halifax - Thanks JPL! ;)

Our marathon's caffine count:

Our efforts have placed us within the top fundraisers for BC Children's Hospital for this year, and ViATEC named us Tectorian(s) of the Week!

For interested Bush Whacker players: You can still donate if you're interested and be immortalized in our next area expansion. This option remains open until the end of the 2014 calendar, when the 2014 Extra Life drive closes. For any players who donated on other CNE member's profiles: Justin will honour your donation as well, so please comment on Justin's page with how you'd like your character to appear. Thank you for supporting all of us!!

Our CEO, Eric Jordan shared these thoughts:

Not only was this a great experience for us as a company (and for me personally), but we learned a lot and have a bunch of ideas for how we can do even better next year!

Some of my personal highlights:

- Having both of my sons in attendance for much of the event; my youngest even managed to stay up most of the night! Not only was this a bonding experience for us, but it was great way to introduce them to helping charities (especially a children's hospital).

- Dancing to "Mickey" on the live stream - Shards of Titan has a funny reference to the 80s song "Mickey." Our players wanted to watch us dance and so we said that we would if our team donations went over $6K. The players got together and we very quickly exceeded $6K.

- Connecting so many different communities together for a great cause - It was a tremendously rewarding experience that I honestly have some trouble putting into words.

- Games, games and more games - Playing so many games was great, even if my abilities dropped dramatically as I got more and more tired. As a side note, I found it very cruel to play a game called The Long Dark and to see my character get to sleep in the game, but I needed to stay awake in real life. At least when I played our new game, Shards of Titan, I didn't have to watch my character sleep. Evidently, characters in our game never get sleepy.

Thank you so much everyone for supporting us. With all the fun we were having it could have been easy to forget that it was all for the kids, but your generous donations kept us on track and helped as far surpass our original fundraising goal! Thank you!

October 16th, 2014
Codename Supports Extra Life - Will You Help Us? 

Codename Entertainment is proud to join fellow gamers and get ready to kick some serious gaming butt in support of our most local Children's Miracle Network Hospital, BC Children's Hospital.

Because scheduling anything for a group is always complex and we are in the middle of an alpha, we're timeshifting our event slightly and have chosen Saturday November 1, 2014 as our day dedicated to helping these incredible children.

We truly hope you'll join us in supporting these kids, it's as easy as making a monthly pledge or one-time gift that will go directly to that team member's chosen hospital. Your donation is tax-deductible and ALL PROCEEDS go to help kids.

You can do this in two ways, either by donating on the Codename Team Page (Click on Roster and pick one of us to support!) or by joining the team, raising your own donations and playing along with us for the 24 hours!

On November 1st, you'll be able to watch the silliness live on the Codename Entertainment Twitch Channel.

Schedule of Events:
As we get a bit closer to November, we'll have a more formalized schedule of what's happening when, so please check back to the CNE Team Page to see what we've got planned for the entire day!

Thank you so much for your support - we'll see you Nov 1!

So what is Extra Life exactly?
Extra Life was founded in 2008 in memorial of a young member of the Sarcastic Gamer community, as a way to raise support for children who are struggling with tragic childhood diseases. Since then, yearly participation and support have increased exponentially and in 2013, more than $4 million dollars were raised in support of Children's Miracle Network hospitals. CNE is pround to be participating in the 2014 event. Check out the official video for Extra Life below:

Got more questions? Check the Extra Life FAQ!