September 23rd, 2014
Autumn Has Arrived in the Egg Breaker Adventure! 

Fall has arrived in the North American Hemisphere! The air is crisp, leaves are changing colours and the Special Event Fairy Monkey wants to celebrate the beginning of the harvest season with a celebration of an Autumn themed Mini Event!

New to Mini Challenge Events? Here's a TL:DR summary:
- Find red challenge eggs with a "!" - break them and start a new challenge.
- Break eggs to find the required number of McGuffins within the allotted time period.
- Trade Mini Event Challenge tokens to the Challenge Mini Event Monkey for prizes & Event Progress!

Got more questions? Check our handy FAQ here!

There are three excellent rare prizes for this mini event:

Rare Challenge Hat: The Squirrel Hat is fuzzy and warm and gives 50% more MB Tokens.

Rare Challenge Hammer: The Autumn Hammer has a small chance to increase Multiplier wins.

Rare Challenge Trophy Room Item: Autumn Tree perpetually sheds crisp, colourful leaves for you to crunch through, build leaf piles from, and picnic under!

Looking for a snazzy new chapeau? Mr. Monkey has two stylish offerings for you to consider!*

The Acorn Hat is a jaunty little cap which perfectly sits on your monkey's shapely head, granting 5 more Buff charges per Buff, and 10% More Crates.

The Autumn Wreath is a celebration of the rich colours and bounty of nature in the fall, and showers you with 10% More Gold Eggs and a small chance of a Bonus Multiplier!

* Hat Packs available for purchase on ArmorGames, Facebook, and Kongregate only, at this time.

This mini event will run until Tuesday September 30, 2014 - Noon PDT.

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September 18th, 2014
Introducing the Zookeeper Monkey! 

The Egg Breaker islands are home to a variety of eclectic individuals who run amok with delight - it's enough to drive Mr. Monkey MAD! He's been looking for someone to help - who better to instill some order into this chaos other than a Zookeeper!

He brings nine fantastic new stages for you to smash your way through and can be unlocked for 9 Crystal bananas.

Trophy Room, Hammer and 100% Completion Trophy!

The Zookeeper Monkey has a brand new unlock a new Trophy Room (for a mere 5000 Gold earned within his stages), which of course you'll want to unlock so you can display the fantastic completion trophy!

Want to grab the Giraffe Hammer? Start saving all your coins - it'll cost you a cool 1,000,000,000 Gold from the Zookeeper coffers! It will provide you with a small chance for more multipliers.

Looking for a new Hat?*

The Safari Hat (left monkey): Increases your buffs by 7 More Buff Charges Per Buff and grants 10% more Gold Eggs.

The Panda Hat (right Monkey): Grants a small chance of a bonus star, and gives 10% More Gold.

* Hat Packs only available for purchase on ArmorGames, Facebook, and Kongregate at this time.

Go get those monkeys in line and let us know what you think of the Zookeeper Monkey!
September 2nd, 2014
Teacher Monkey Heads Back to School! 

The Teacher Monkey enjoyed her staycation, relaxing after the pressures of last year's school year and is ready to edumacate the eager little monkeys who will soon begin filtering into her class room. She's just got to get her supplies first!

We have heard your feedback over the last few holiday events, and will be making some changes to the event gameplay. Check out all the details below!

General Event details:

  • Buy supplies with gold earned in the Teacher Monkey's stage to advance between the bronze, silver and gold levels.
  • You'll need to buy…
    • …6 groups of supplies to advance to the Silver stage,
    • …6 groups of supplies to advance to the Gold stage,
    • …12 groups of supplies at the Gold stage.
  • Once all the supplies have been purchased at the gold level, you can purchase Golden Laptops.

And Now for the Changes:

  • The Back-to-School buff has been removed entirely, in its place is a permanent multiplier buff which increases each time you feed the Teacher Monkey, up to a buff of 8x:
    • Feed the monkey once, increase the buff to 2x,
    • Feed the monkey twice, increase the buff to 4x,
    • Feed the monkey three times, the buff increases to 8x - additional feedings past this will not increase the multiplier any further, it will remain capped at 8x
    • If you merely activate the monkey, but do not feed her, the buff will not increase. You must feed the Teacher monkey for the buff to increase.
  • The permanent Base x2 buff only applies to gold wins.
    • The graphic for the buff will not change, by placing your cursor over the buff icon on the right side of the breaking screen, you can see your buff has leveled up to.
    • All normal buffs are available.
  • The base multiplier will reset every day at Midnight PDT.

Let's break down the Teacher Monkey's special event stage:

From the Teacher Monkey's Special Event Screen, you can:

  • Track how much time is left until the event ends,
  • See how much gold you have in your current stash,
  • See the current cost of the supplies which you are working towards,
  • Visually track your progress towards Supplies bought, Prizes collected (Click the Prize button to see which ones you've earned/are missing), Progression Ribbons and the Back-to-School Trophy!

Rewards and Extras!:

Ribbons: 3 successive ribbons for progression, which permanently add additional +5, +10 or +15 hammers respectively.

Trophy: can be displayed in the trophy room.

Ribbon and Trophy (if earned) are awarded after the event finishes on September 16. The highest ribbon earned will be awarded.

Available in the Teacher Monkey's Store:

Back-to-School Crate
  • 250 School Tokens
  • Contains a random selection of hammers, multipliers and star pieces
  • Must be used by 11:59:59 PM PDT on 2014-09-17; (We encourage you to use them by the end of the event on September 16, just in case!)

Extras tab:

From 2013:
Back to School Hammer
- 5000 School Tokens
Small increased chance to win multipliers when equipped.

New for 2014:
Apple Hat
- 5000 School Tokens
10% Less Nothings

Hat Packs:

School Supplies Hat:
- Chance your last Star Break was Free
- 10% More Event Tokens

Gold Star Crown:
- 10% More Gold
- 10% More Stars

The Back-To-School Event will run until Tuesday, September 16, 2014 - Noon PDT.

Tell us what you think of the update here!